Sunday, September 25, 2016


Posted by Jose M.

You had one job.

It just wasn't the one you led us to believe you were here for.

And since you have thus far failed at both, it's time for you to leave.

HONestly, you don't have to go home, you just can't stay here.

Today, over 150 people wrapped around the sidewalks that border the Cathedral to display support for our brave outspoken, truth promoting, soul saving priests, and to give Abp Hon the boot.

The following are a few more photos documenting the will of these people and parishioners of the Catholic Church on Guam.

Click here for the entire album.

I'm adding the signs I carried today. . . because I can! lol.


  1. This is like a bad tv remake...same lame ass story as if the audience (faithful) doesn't understand. Starring Fathers David and Adrianas neo agents 00 & -001 IQ, with special guest AB Hon "Kill Time" Tai Fai as AB Assholeny Apuron.

    1. No respect ! You are a testimony to what your parents taught you or lack of. No need for the salty language you use. To get a point across stick to the facts. Otherwise quit your belly aching and go back to 1st grade. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. To anonymous @2:14: I agree with 7:16. Absolutely no need for salty language. You are not advancing the objectives of the protesters.

    3. It seems like anonymous 716 & 1203 are Neos. Why criticize anonymous 214? Everyone has a right to express how they feel about the situation. What facts are you two talking about? What has changed? Besides the bill being written into law? The Neos still have control of what rightfully belongs to the "Real Faithful". Not the group who follow the so called righteous one. Do you believe that the "Holy Father" the "Pope" is the one who should be leading the entire Catholic Faithful? Because it doesn't seem so! You should worry about yourself and what you believe. People are frustrated and tired of what is going on and they have the right to state their opinion...if you both can't read between the lines of what is being said then I suggest you go back to Kindergarten and learn how to comprehend how to understand common sense.

    4. @ 5:04: I'm 12:03 and definately NOT a NEO! Have been protesting for quite a long time..prayer vigils since the visitation crew came out last year, motorcade, Sunday walks at the Cathedral under the sun and in the rain. I just don't think salty language helps the cause.

    5. At 0731pm I'm with 0504...While you are outside walking in silent protest they are inside not caring. Did you read the article on When U Are Being Investigated? Do you even understand what is going on? Or are you walking in silent protest thinking you understand? While others are opening their mouths to support certain priests who have become scapegoats, you walk in silence holding a sign for what? Do you think that they care or see the sign you're walking with? I am a former altar server, I have had the honor of serving with One of priest who I know is being another scapegoat. Sometimes you have say what you feel and if it takes a certain kind of language to get some sort of attention so then be it. Silent No More should not only be for the abuse but for those who believe what is happening is wrong. People should stand up and express themselves any way they want. You have your way of saying how you feel and others have theirs. If you don't like it then tough "enter salty language here". I suggest you worry about how you think you should express yourself and not worry about how others express themselves. In the end if you say you are Not Neo then we are fighting for the same cause. And let it be, people who get offended by certain things about how people think of the so called ABs are Neo Lovers. It makes it seems you are defending the cancerous Neoricous.

  2. WOW,looking at these pictures and how many more people have come out for the protest melts my heart more than anyone can imagine.....we are so overwhelmed and extremely Happy and grateful for the outpouring LOVE and SUPPORT everyone has shown not only for our children but for what we ALL believed in...Hopefully Manny and I will be there soon to be joining everyone once again..DANKULU NA SI YU"US MA'ASE PARA TODUS HAMJU

  3. I continue praying for your complete recovery and look forward to seeing you in the picket line. In the mean time, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the many prayers, we will continue to fight the good fight. Soon the surviving victims will finally close the pass in peace and Sonny and others who have gone before us, will finally rest in peace! St. Michael, pray for us

  4. You're right, Jose M., Hon does not have to go home, Hon just has to leave Guam. So maybe our signs should read: Hon Leave Guam! or, Hon, Get Out Of Guam!
    BTW, we got the media's attention again ( (09/25/16) and Guam Daily Post (09/26/16). Hon should be so pleased, we're going to make him world-famous (or world-infamous)!

  5. Jose, good job, great turnout, and to his credit, Fr. Jeff showed support before Mass.
    More priest need to speak out against HONabuse of Fr. Mike and his "flush out" the dissenter's tactic by reading his statement against the Bill at all the Masses. Hon has a litany of titles, like HON the Terrible, Tai Fai the HUN and now we ad HON the Divider.

  6. I want to Thank Mr Joe Santos from "Silent no more " for his Heart Warming phone call this afternoon....I have to admit I was very surprised and overwhelmed with emotions to hear him on the other end...He wanted to relay a personal message to me from Governor Calvo about the signing of Bill 326 into law..Mr Santos,I sincerely appreciate the phone call and the kind words you said "".You told me I WAS YOUR INSPIRATION AFTER LISTENING TO MY TESTIMONY ON OUR 1ST LEGISLATIVE HEARING..I know that no matter how painful it may be I had to let everyone what Apuron did to my son..YOU,Joe Santos and the rest of our supporters ARE my inspiration..Without everyone's,utmost love, support and understanding I would not have come this far..We are all in this together and for that,I want to Thank each and everyone.....As for you Governor Calvo, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for signing Bill 326 into law and most especially for thinking of us Victims and what we went through..God Bless each and everyone of you especially to you Joe Santos..

  7. I couldn't help but notice how the Gospel read this past Sunday reminded me of a picture of Hon ignoring that Mr. Denton who was standing right in front of him at the Cathedral. Luke 16 spoke of a rich man (Hon) Ignoring Lazarus (Mr. Denton) was at his front door, however, when Lazarus died, he was carried away by angels. When the rich man died, he was left in the netherworld to be tormented when he saw Abraham and Lazarus from a distance. The rich man cried out, "Father Abraham, have pity on me". Do you see where I'm going with this Hon? No? Go back and read the Gospel or there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in your future. When you're done, go home and never come back.


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