Sunday, September 25, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Yesterday I made a mistake in my last published post. An anonymous told me and I had corrected it. It was related with the name of the Cardinal Filoni, Prefect of Congregation for New Evangelization.

I also want to say yesterday my neocatechumenal nose was right. I wrote that neocatechumenals of Guam had started to send some "messages" and today we know their first messenger pigeon has hit the target.

I do not know how do you say in English when somebody obtains high score with dart game, but in Spanish we say DIANA!

Diana wrote her note for messenger pigeon Nº1.

This time it was very easy.
Yesterday she showed her thumb down.

"Some people who would have liked to sign the petition were also denied by some priests. Father Mike Crisostomo, for example".

And then, Fr. Crisostomo failed.

Today she is selling the right model for the right new evangelization with one of Baloney's men: O'Malley. She is teaching us.
People, look at his diocese. Boston Church was ruined in 2004 because of too much compensation for victims of sexual abuses (of course not because of too much sins of too much priests).
Then, O'Malley was humble and asked Kiko for a Redemptoris Mater Seminary, opened in 2005.
And the marvel of the marvel: the Way was approved in Boston and today they do not have enough parishes for so many converted people.
They are meeeeellionaires in catholic souls.

Who is next? This second messenger pigeon is easy too.
Who has denied the gold medal for neocatechumenals of Guam, who aspired to pick up meeeeeeeeeeeeeellion of signs to stop the matter Law?
Who is the villain who has prevented that Guam could be the actual "primicia" of Kiko dreaming?

"So, Father Jeff, this is my advice to you:
Cardinal Filoni is from the Congregation of Evangelization, and he has spoken.  If you have a problem in identifying where this congregation is....then please check your Vatican Directory.  Perhaps, then you will realize that this Cardinal in the Vatican is Catholic and is in a much higher position than YOU; therefore, he is not interfering in the local church.  The Church of Guam is part of the universal Church.  Furthermore, the reason you are in tears is simply because of your pride.  Being a delegate can sometimes get to your head that you start thinking you are an authority above a Cardinal. The truth are not even a bishop".

Neocatechumenals are truly spiritual "bandidos". They are very rancorous. They maybe forgive but never forget.

I still belive they are looking for someone out of Church, from any "government" or institutional field, whose sins would have been revealed in public (I mean in front of a neo community) by a third person during a scrutiny. 

Diana and Dr. Eusebio had wroten "incest" and "family environment". Messenger Pigeon Nº 3.
I wish I won't be right this time. Because if I was true, it would demonstrate what happens in the Way with every personal information they request from each member and all third person related with them.
They have said they know cases of incest in families of Guam. Translated: there are members of the neocatechumenal comunities in Guam who have been victims of incest. 
If that man is in a public charge, he should be praying now. 

I know it is very, very grave, but consider neocatechumenal ideology on sin and the role of the assembly (the comunity) in penance. They do not understand secrecy and intimacy and internal forum in the same terms that the catholic Church teaches.

Who are the ears of the catechists when they are not present in a neo-comunity? The responsible and the priest (who walks with that comunity). 

For example, how does Gennarini know everything about every brother or sister if he is always traveling around the world? Of course because each responsible and each priest has to inform him. Kiko's "personal holy spirit" is a joker. A lot of his discernment is based in those reports given by those pawns.

Diana can sing melodies. Just ask any former member what happened with RM's priests in their communities: many people of the oldest comunities did not want to confess with them, why?
Catechists' ears are toooooo big in the Way. 
Who are any RM priest's superior? It does not start with "b".

And talking on pigeons, I prefer this one:

Que Dios reparta suerte.


  1. I know this comment is not on topic but I wanted to ask you about Dr. Ric Eusebio. Aren't the NEOS supposed to give up all early goods like trash? Why hasn't he given up that massive obnoxious boat parked in his driveway in Sinajana? Too big for the trash bag? I love how he has it right there in front of the GHURA housing. What a slap in the face of those poor struggling people. Classy Ric. Real classy.

    1. Dear anonymous: neocatechists, specially if they are black label ones, could live as Trump without moving a finger. Do you know why? Because they truly belive God gives for free, as a gift, to His friends while they do sleep.
      Now, look at a mirror and tell me what face yo see. The same I had everytime I heard that explanation. A face of a silly person.
      The most interesting thing is in the Way you learn to smile despite the silly face when you hear that kind of things. And you break your spine to put the money in the bag for Kiko and itinerants and catechists and seminarians, but with a smile on your silly face and truly thinking is for God. And yes, one day you discover the boat, the car, the hotel, the absolute lack of honesty of those people...and what more can be said? They defend God allows them living as being rich but without having to work, just for free. Because they are "evangelizators". One day I will write about the tenth and money and neocatechumenal providence, supposedly God's Providence.

  2. It boggles the mind to try and understand what the "Dianas" of the world are thinking. They claim to have compassion for survivors of abuse then lash out at them for seeking justice and compensation. They claim to want perpetrators held accountable then balk at the idea of holding the hierarchy responsible. It is true that the hierarchy did the right thing in some cases. But in the other cases, a blind eye, a deaf ear, a deliberate coverup means they are held accountable too. Like it or not, they are complicit.

    The "Dianas" say that we are destroying the church. No, we are destroying the "good old boys network" that some clergy have enjoyed for too long. We were silent for too long. Now we are SILENT NO MORE!

    The Greater Banded Catholic Hornets continue the march!

  3. Lapaz - I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and the perfect graphics that you attach to each comment! So Glad You Are On Our Side!

    1. Thank you, JDR, I am very honored to be here with all of you. Jungle Watch is close to many victims, those who have been silenced for many other people for many time. Former members of a cult are victims too. So thank all of you for your hospitality.

  4. Tell that wanna be archbishop ric eusabio to take his crutch shove it up Jonathan dias ass. I don't give a shit about his crutch, his crutch should only be enjoyed by maryann and nobody else. Not even Jonathan.

  5. The Diana does it again. Every time she says something we get a friendly ammo we can hurl back their way. Been wondering if she is really on our side, just masquerading as a homing pigeon for the neokikos. If she is their official dart along with edivaljuice, it is a sad state of affairs for the kikogod.