Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Today I feel quite sad. First, by the last testimony given by Mr. De Plata as a witness of sexual abuses around Apuron in his times as a seminarian. It has reminded me Maciel's crimes again. His first known abuses were while he started studying at Seminary. Terrible. 

Second, and mainly, due to "neocatechumenal" reaction to Mr. De Plata's testimony, shown in its propagandistic blog An Insider's View. Yes, while not only Guam had breakfast with Mr. De Plata's words -many people from many places around the catholic world are looking with concern at your island-, Diana has the brilliant idea of posting about what is neocatechumenal love among brothers and sisters in a neocomunity.

Her absolute lack of empathy was known before, but today her twisted tusk makes her taking advantage of the non neocatechumenal others's suffering to show how much do they love one to another and how much that marvel should bring us to think "I want to be one of them".

They start from the base that out of the Neocatechumenal Way people are unable to love. It is, they start from the point they were unable to love before entering the NCW. And of course, if they were unable it means everybody is unable to love too. First great mistake. 

Once you enter the Way, then you will discover the real love, which supposedly is the Love. Second mistake: even when they would love among themselves as God really loves us, it does not mean that far or out of the neocatechumenal comunity nobody knows God's Love. But they really belive it. 

Why? Because Kiko tells them. Kiko and his mental disorder draws a dual world: into the Way versus out of the Way. There is only that option. It means also before the Way and after the Way. Everybody's life is divided like that. Before entering the Way you was not able to love. Of course, if you enter and you leave it, forget it. You will be unable to love again. Love is only into and within the Way.

That dualistic view of world and of life puts the absolute center around neocatechumenal reality. Kiko builds a glass burble over the comunity and the Way and it becomes the new gravitational center of the universe. It means, by his narcissistic mind, all of us -out of the Way- will look at them as the true model, because only neocatechumenals do live the only truth. 

When a parish priest or a bishop does bite the neocatechumenal trap, it means he accepts his parish or his diocese will turn into neocatechumenal faith, which is not catholic, is neocatechumenal and final point: neocatechumenal catechesis for adults, neocatechumenal catechesis for neocatechumenal idea of marriage, neocatechumenal catechesis for neocatechumenal idea of baptism, confirmation, post confirmation and so on. 

If you do not like it, just go to another parish. If your diocese is totally neocatechumenal, then change your address and look for another diocese. It ensures two things: first, neocatechumenal children an teens will not be contaminated with non-neocat influences. Second, non-neocatechumenal catholics will receive Kiko's kerygma even when they would have not attended the Initial Catechesis of the Way. 

The parish priest or the bishop just have to wait and put the hand. The Way will have the miracle: more people and more money (tenth guaranteed: periodic cash and tax free). But it sounds very ugly. It has to be wraped in a marvelous paper: fruits of love (they call it Love). 

Imagine: a sister in faith throwing a chair to her brother during a convivence, but later she is able to phone him for forgiveness. A catechist threatenig one of his neocatechumenals with his fist, but later he will apologize. At the end, those kind of things Diana and neocatechumenals have not seen anywhere in the outside real world. Because, of course, outside people never apologize nor ask for forgiveness nor pray one for each another nor accept differences, blahblahblah.

Diana can not leave her mental schemes and imagine what any person could think about the facts she uses as love's demonstration. Maybe for any common and ordinary but well formed person it is difficult to tolerate that any catechist in his/her mission could "clench his fist and yell at a brother". 

Perhaps the ability to ask for forgiveness is also a thing which should be done despite our religious ideas or beliefs. Maybe my faith should help me to avoid shouting everybody everytime, in addition of asking for forgiveness every time I shout...

Oh, wait, I had forgotten we are talking on neocatechumenals, who deny things like Grace and "state of Grace" because they belive it is impossible not to sin with God's help. We are talking about neocatechumenals, who justify that a husband can hit his wife and children because he is an inevitable sinner....

Clearly, Diana and neocatechumenals are convinced they reflect the Love through their acts and then when we look at them we of course understand their signs. They do not comprehend maybe we look at them and we do not see Love through their behaviour. Maybe we are talking about different loves and that is why we do not agree in the way of showing it and recognizing it. 

And what about those people you know that demonstrate they are able to do it without being in the Way? Kiko has the answer: just scratch the surface and you will find everything is false and putrid. Out of the Way people do not love anymore. They could seem they love, they apologize, they ask for forgiveness, they are tolerant, but it is only the nice surface. They can not do it. It is impossible.

Neocatechumenal always have the real answer. They have the real knowledge, the only discernment. Neocatechumenal formula remedies all. Neocatechumenal is the total. That is why neocatechumenal is so totalitarian. 

Remember this: the totalitarism of NCW will break the catholic Church. The NCW is not compatible with any other catholic movement or charism. The Way should have been put in the limits of a prelature or similar. In the diocesan field, there is no limit for them. The NCW is like Atila's horse. Where he has passed, grass won't ever grow.

Mr. De Plata is not a neocatechumenal. He is not one of them. Any of the victims are one of them. Apuron is a neocatechumenal member. That is enough to justify any lack of mercy and any lack of compassion. How can neocatechumenals be so hypocrites? I gave you the answer. Only in the Way is possible to love and being loved. That is the limit. Mr. De Plata is on the other side of the glass.

Their neocatechumenal mind works in a similar way as nazis'. Nazis did not feel guilty because they do not have conscience of sin. They do not understand they were killing human persons, but "jews". That was their grave moral anesthesia. They thought they weren't killers. Their moral reference system was quite different than our. 
ISIS uses the same: we, non yijadist, are just animals. We are just unfaithfuls. In their moral reference system, they do not understand they are simple killers. They do not want to see the others, the different, as persons whith dignity and rights.
Their moral system atacks all difference.

That is what Ratzinger showed in his book "To be Christian in the neo-pagan age", a great book. Now we are living a time where moral relativism has distroyed every stable moral reference. North is maybe east or south depending on how you face the coordinate axis. Spain is in the upper hemisphere only if my head is closest to north. But wrong or right are not stable points with an absolute value.

That was, by Ratzinger, the new revolution: applying theory of relativity not only to physical world but even to moral world.

Kiko shows how Ratzinger was right: by his theory of returning back to ancient sources, the Church which fits now for Kiko is exactly where Church started. He turns the line and twenty centuries ago is the new end since the moment it is also the new beginning. The only problem is anybody can not delete two millenia of human history and human evolution. History of catholic Church is within those ambits. 

In Spanish we could conclude "si todo vale, entonces nada vale". More or less in English it would be like "if everything is valid, then nothing is valid". If everything is valid, it means all options are the same. Then, any option is right because you can change one by any other. If there isn't any value better than any other value, then all values are indifferent, interchangeable. 

How to choose the best? Wrong question, there isn't "the best". Just choose the one you want and base your decision on the criteria you prefer. Kiko has decided by himself what is the best for the catholic Church now. The most of two thousand years of theology and teaching  just thrown by the window. Why? Because he likes more. Final point. This kind of "New Renaissance"by Kiko means to look back not to classic, but to "primitive". 

Remember: for Kiko, all non neocatechumenals are in the same bag. Diana can not see more further than her neocatechumenal belly bottom, that is why she looks like a non-human creature. Kiko has changed the rules. He changes language and meanings. He modifies any common reference. He brokes universality of faith. He speaks about a different faith. He speaks about an ideology. 


  1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 13, 2016 at 3:59 AM

    I love this writing! Thank you, Lapaz, you are on-point! The reasons you sight above can be summed up in that to be a Neo is to be brainwashed to an exclusively NCW form of thinking and looking at the world. Neos see the world or think only in terms of their NeoSphere which is very limited. This is why I don’t take to heart the information or the comments they put forth. Me being a non-Neo, they will not understand any of the points I make about their view because my points are outside of their NeoSphere. Our mindsets are on different wavelengths and ” the twain shall never meet.” Why waste my limited energy on getting into a sparring commentary match with them --- except I took exception with “Diana’s” comments about a 10-year-old child being a willing participant in Fr. Cruz and Seminarian Apuron’s sexual acts. I felt compelled to respond to that idiotic remark by “Diana” !!! Rather than get aggravated about majority of the things that Neos say or write about, I prefer to put my in energy and focus on getting the NCW influence and operations out of Guam! … beginning with getting rid of the NWC practitioners who are in leadership positions in the Archdiocese of Agana and those who lead some of the parishes!

  2. Brilliant, Lapaz. Your best post yet. Thank you!

  3. I've got a busy schedule today. But I had to finish reading this post to the end. It's a great one. Thank you, Lapaz!

  4. True? DIANA SAYS Victims case is going to be dismissed because it is unusual? Her breaking news. Because of the AD? What's going on???

    1. What this motion to dismiss tells us is that the defense doesn't have much to stand on. Even if the CCOG put out the ad, the CCOG is not the plaintiff. LOL. These people are funny.

  5. - Thank You Lapaz for posting a Great Article!

  6. When a person enters the Neocatechumenal way, the life-giving faith proclaimed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church is pushed aside and replaced with a heresy. Their Catholic faith is replaced with the Neocatechumenal faith which is NOT Catholic. They unknowingly throw way the “pearl of great price” (Matthew 13:45-46) and replace it with a heresy.

    1. Immense Gratitude LaPaz!! An absolute brilliant deduction for the many unfathomable comments by Neo's that continue to leave me utterly dumbfounded. Finally I now have a better understanding of their detached unscrupulous morals.

  7. Girardian memetics get people to copy what behaviour the itinerants want and Gramscite dialectics (pincer movements) are designed to always seem to come true. If some people genuinely reconcile, it is because people have brought in genuine Christian influence in despite of the movement's ideology.