Monday, October 3, 2016


Posted by Tim

So it turns out that the facts are even better than my speculation.

Per my first post on this matter, I found it odd that if Msgr. James intended any wrong doing by authorizing funds from the Catholic Cemeteries account to be used for the celebration of his 20th Ordination Anniversary, then he sure was not a very smart crook since the two checks clearly showed in the memo that the funds were to be used specifically for that purpose.

If there was an intended misuse of funds, as the trained lawyer claimed:

Full document here

...then it was really stupid to put on the check exactly what the funds were for:

On September 30, after the trained lawyer filed her complaint with the police and the AG, I had speculated that the funds were an advance since a receipt showing reimbursement for the full amount with interest shows up just two weeks later:

However, the fact of the matter is that the Cemeteries' Board (at the time) approved of the expenditure:

And the reimbursement with interest was an F-U statement to Apuron who removed Msgr. James on July 25.

A private corporation can choose to spend money however it likes so long as it proceeds according to its own bylaws which normally requires approval of its board of directors. Msgr. James signed the check because he was the authorized signer, but the disbursement of funds was authorized by the board. 

There is nothing criminal here at all. In fact, as we shall soon see, the Catholic Cemeteries and the Archdiocesan Development Group, which Msgr. James oversaw, paid for many events honoring Archbishop Apuron's many anniversaries. 

So now, the trained lawyer not only looks petty and vindictive, she looks STUPID. But there's more to this. Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron is her client and her job just got immeasurably harder with the restoration of Msgr. James. Expect more from the trained lawyer. 


  1. Once a stupid lawyer, always a stupid lawyer and this world can't fix the stupid that was naturally born into this world.

  2. Good to hear that ABP Hon publicly asked for the board members' resignations if they supported Jackie Terlaje's claim. Move in right direction...

  3. More than stupid. Unethical.

  4. Jackie the trained monkey, er, trained attorney.
    She forgot the first rule of lawyering. Dont ask a question if you dont already know the answer.
    Jackie threw out an allegation (question) and got burned because she didnt do her homework, to see the answer.
    What a stupid ass.
    My guess, we'll find out all kinds of stupid stuff if we look for it.

  5. Of course the Former board will approve the monies used for Monsignor's Anniversary. Rivera, Shimizu, Taitano and Calvo are all from Monsignor's inner circle. But it is still wrong to use money from the Catholic Cemeteries and use it for the purpose of Monsignor's Anniversary and then repay it back with interest after the fact. We should hold these people accountable for using the monies that are reserved for Catholic Cemeteries and not for personal use. Look at the checks given to Josh Perez. All these people are in the inner circle of Monsignor. Sad....
    AB Hon is covering up monsignor... Let the truth come out. Thanks to these people for using church money for monsignor's anniversary and maybe other things like Cardinal Tagle's visit.

    1. LOL. What a ding dong. The members of the board are appointed by the sole member, who at the time was Anthony S. Apuron. It was Apuron who appointed the board, not Msgr. James. And who are you to tell a corporation what it can and cant do with its own money? And looks like you need to hold Apuron accountable. He permitted the Cemeteries Corporation to pay for many of his parties.

    2. Guamboy at 6:00 PM - The money was repaid back in a short period of time with interest.

      So what has been happening to the monies since Jackie Terlaje and her committee took over? The monies were definitely not spent taking care of the cemeteries since the cemeteries are in awful conditions.

      Now that is what you should be asking about.

    3. Is guamboy upset, that he can't do anything but watch his neo idols self-implode, and that the neo lead status quo is being dismantled by the very priest that apuron persecuted...

      He appears equally upset that the inner circle assembled by apuron is being questioned for their audacity to lie in public…

      I think guamboy is fixated in the dark arts practiced by the ncw..

    4. hey, guamboy you are the new neo hero... all others have FAILED...

      WOW, guamboy did an excellent job in explaining his opinion...

    5. Actually Guamboy is not Neo. What he is is a sworn enemy of Msgr. James. Apparently Msgr. James did not treat him that way he felt he deserved to be treated. He expected favors because of his relation to Msgr. James. However, Msgr. James did not comply. And now Guamboy is mad.

    6. Don't waste your time responding to Guamboy because he's just a boy. He still has a lot growing up to do. lol!

    7. Parishes typically pay for their pastor's celebrations. All private institutions can do whatever they want with their money. The Church is a private institution. This is not government funds.

  6. I thought this neo crap was suppose to have helped her in life. I guess it is fu_king her up more.

  7. I think the "trained Lawyer" who doesn't appear to be at that "trained," should be referred to the Guam Bar for an ethics complaint as she clearly violated her professional ethics with this false complaint against Msgr. James. Some sort of discipinary action should be taken against her for abuse of authority.

    1. I think that the "World Wide" exposure of what she has been doing just might cause her to be sure to get her "Ducks in A Row" before she accuses anyone else. Can you imagine what people are saying about her all around the world, especially Chamorros who are not on the Island but reading Jungle Watch? And I am one of those who is not on the Island!

      Remember, Anonymous at 11:53 PM - Jackie is a NEO, and they do not know what professional and moral ethics are.

      WoW - Jackie! You are becoming just as famous as your leader Apu-run!