Monday, October 3, 2016


Posted by Tim

So it turns out that the facts are even better than my speculation.

Per my first post on this matter, I found it odd that if Msgr. James intended any wrong doing by authorizing funds from the Catholic Cemeteries account to be used for the celebration of his 20th Ordination Anniversary, then he sure was not a very smart crook since the two checks clearly showed in the memo that the funds were to be used specifically for that purpose.

If there was an intended misuse of funds, as the trained lawyer claimed:

Full document here

...then it was really stupid to put on the check exactly what the funds were for:

On September 30, after the trained lawyer filed her complaint with the police and the AG, I had speculated that the funds were an advance since a receipt showing reimbursement for the full amount with interest shows up just two weeks later:

However, the fact of the matter is that the Cemeteries' Board (at the time) approved of the expenditure:

And the reimbursement with interest was an F-U statement to Apuron who removed Msgr. James on July 25.

A private corporation can choose to spend money however it likes so long as it proceeds according to its own bylaws which normally requires approval of its board of directors. Msgr. James signed the check because he was the authorized signer, but the disbursement of funds was authorized by the board. 

There is nothing criminal here at all. In fact, as we shall soon see, the Catholic Cemeteries and the Archdiocesan Development Group, which Msgr. James oversaw, paid for many events honoring Archbishop Apuron's many anniversaries. 

So now, the trained lawyer not only looks petty and vindictive, she looks STUPID. But there's more to this. Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron is her client and her job just got immeasurably harder with the restoration of Msgr. James. Expect more from the trained lawyer. 

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