Monday, November 21, 2016



Dear Anonymous at 6:36 am

At that time in 2011, the Archbishop already saw that there were many people taking an interest in that property because of its value. Greed can make people do things at whatever cost. He may have foreseen that in the future the Archdiocese may be sued in order for these people to get the property. That prophecy came true. Not only is the Archdiocese facing a lawsuit, but the Archbishop himself is also facing one by the alleged victims.

As for the Carmelites, they were placed in a large house in Tamuning because it is closer to the hospital and their medical needs can easily be met. They left because no one is enrolling in the Carmelite order in Guam. I heard from a friend that some of our young girls in the NCW went to the Carmelites in Guam, but they were rejected. So, they left and found a carmelite monastery in New Jersey that accepted them.

There wasn't anyone taking an interest in the property, especially the much blamed Richard Untalan, president of the finance council, because Richard Untalan, who at the time was a member of Apuron's community, WORKED to procure it. In fact, in 2011, when Apuron fired him for objecting to the transfer of title to RMS, Untalan was still a member of Apuron's community. 

And further, in fact, Giuseppe Gennarini HIMSELF said that the reason the request for title to the property be transferred to RMS was not to protect it from buyers but "TO PROTECT IT FROM LAWSUITS." 

Guam - Giuseppe Gennarini disclosed on K57 with host Patti Arroyo this morning that the declaration of deed restriction signed in 2011 was done in order to protect the Redemptoris Mater Seminary from any potential lawsuit.

Actually the PNC story mis-states this. It was not to protect the seminary, but to protect the property from a lawsuit. Now which lawsuit would that be? Apuron knew full well that his past put the property in danger. 

As for young girls being rejected by the Carmelites. That's BULLSHIT. No one was rejected and they did not "find" a monastery in New Jersey to take them. The monastery in New Jersey is where Pius keeps his personal harem. Neocat girls are funneled directly there. 

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