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Dear Anonymous at 6:36 am

At that time in 2011, the Archbishop already saw that there were many people taking an interest in that property because of its value. Greed can make people do things at whatever cost. He may have foreseen that in the future the Archdiocese may be sued in order for these people to get the property. That prophecy came true. Not only is the Archdiocese facing a lawsuit, but the Archbishop himself is also facing one by the alleged victims.

As for the Carmelites, they were placed in a large house in Tamuning because it is closer to the hospital and their medical needs can easily be met. They left because no one is enrolling in the Carmelite order in Guam. I heard from a friend that some of our young girls in the NCW went to the Carmelites in Guam, but they were rejected. So, they left and found a carmelite monastery in New Jersey that accepted them.

There wasn't anyone taking an interest in the property, especially the much blamed Richard Untalan, president of the finance council, because Richard Untalan, who at the time was a member of Apuron's community, WORKED to procure it. In fact, in 2011, when Apuron fired him for objecting to the transfer of title to RMS, Untalan was still a member of Apuron's community. 

And further, in fact, Giuseppe Gennarini HIMSELF said that the reason the request for title to the property be transferred to RMS was not to protect it from buyers but "TO PROTECT IT FROM LAWSUITS." 

Guam - Giuseppe Gennarini disclosed on K57 with host Patti Arroyo this morning that the declaration of deed restriction signed in 2011 was done in order to protect the Redemptoris Mater Seminary from any potential lawsuit.

Actually the PNC story mis-states this. It was not to protect the seminary, but to protect the property from a lawsuit. Now which lawsuit would that be? Apuron knew full well that his past put the property in danger. 

As for young girls being rejected by the Carmelites. That's BULLSHIT. No one was rejected and they did not "find" a monastery in New Jersey to take them. The monastery in New Jersey is where Pius keeps his personal harem. Neocat girls are funneled directly there. 


  1. This Diana person is truly a work of art....Kiko art!

  2. I see that there are Carmelite monasteries of nuns in Flemington and Morristown NJ. Is one of the two of these the community that is taking the NCW vocations? Do they continue to follow the NCW spirituality even during their formation in Carmel? Finally I gotta ask this unpleasant question, when you say personal harem, does this mean what it sounds like? Thanks for any insight and clarifications.

    1. The Carmel at Morristown. I remember reading in Diana's blog, that they are sent there because the sisters her are too old to teach them the life. Instead they will be nurse aids. Funny how she stated a,so that maybe one day they would return and take over the Carmelites. Maybe now Pius will request that a NVW Carmelite monastery be opened. After all he has the blessings of the Bishop in Malta to open one. The Mendiola and Lujan girls in the convent will be part of the 5 going. The three others are from Poland and 2 from the U.S. The Carmelites just didn't have the program. Admitting these girls would only mean that they have to adhere to the NCW.

  3. Where are all the girls sent to then and why and is it a real carmelite monastery? Or just a neo camp for girls akin to the RMS yona camp for boys?

    1. 7:48 pm here is your answer as per Diana in 2014

      AnonymousFebruary 27, 2014 at 11:11 AM
      So Diana, since you are well versed with the structure of the NCW, what is wrong with the Carmelite Order here that the girls have to enter in New Jersey? Is because that is the seat of the Neocatechumenal Way?


      DianaFebruary 27, 2014 at 5:48 PM
      Dear Anonymous.

      First of all, to answer your SECOND question, New Jersey is NOT the seat of the Neocatechumenal Way. The Neocatechumenal Way doesn't have a seat or capital....not even in Spain where it begun.

      Secondly, to answer your FIRST question, the Carmelite nuns in Guam are of advanced age. In other words, they are elderly. One of the reasons they were relocated to Tamuning was due to their small numbers and their frequent visits to doctors and health services. Over the years, the number of religious sisters has been declining. This is true not only for Guam, but worldwide. Today, it's fortunate that we have at least one or two young girls in Guam who have answered God's call to join the Carmelite Order even if they are walking in the Neocatechumenal Way.

      In the Carmelite Order, the young girl would be trained in following the ideal life established by St. Teresa of Avilla. She would be trained as a nun to lead a contemplative life of prayer, spiritual readings, and manual work. Now that Guam's Carmelite nuns are so advance in their age and take frequent visits to the doctor or health clinic because some of them are ill, would they be capable of teaching an aspiring young girl this religious life, or would she be more of a caregiver? I am looking at this from a logical and reasonable perspective. Thus, I would think that it would be logical and beneficial if Guam's girls be sent off-island to a Carmelite monastary where they can be trained in living the ideal life of St. Teresa of Avilla. But I would also hope that someday, they would return to the island and take over the Carmelite Monastary here to be inspiring role models for Guam's women who hear God's calling.

      Finally, I would appreciate if the thread of this post is not derailed too much or too far off. This post is about God's calling and deals with the letters written by Mr. Aaron Quituga and Father Adrian. As I said in my post, I don't think Mr. Quitugua is ready for the priesthood yet. The seminary is not a place to discern whether one should become a priest or not. It is a place to prepare men for the priesthood. A person doesn't enroll into law school to discern whether he wants to become a lawyer or not. The purpose of law school is to prepare students into the field of Law. In a similar manner, a Seminary is a place to prepare candidates for the priesthood. And I also believe that every candidate should be screened before entering any Seminary.

    2. Pat the not forgotten TALL WOMAN carried tales when she returned from NJ Nun Factory. There are women from Guam who are desperately troubled. Caught in a web of cult by Pius of the yellow toes and teeth. Pat? How goes it n Kiribati? Missing Pius? What did you do to get banished to the disappearing island?

  4. These are good news, it is the beginning of the collapse of many "Redemptoris Mater" seminarys. The gift we must pray for,is to receive from the Holy Spirit new Vocations.
    About this, I will write a letter to the new Bishop Mons. Byrnes

  5. Fr. Pius is the Spiritual Director of the Morristown Carmelite monastery. This is where he sent the Neo girls from Guam because he has a vested interest in that monastery.

  6. So Dick head is telling us that the mountain of lies originate from the Pope, AB Hon, AB Byrne, Mother Dawn, and that only he is telling the truth, this has got to be the biggest bull shit I have ever heard coming from the greatest bull shitter Tricky Dick head eusebio. You have no credibility Dick, Peter has spoken, and Peter is in fallible in areas of the truth, You are not. In that respect We go with the Pope and his Apostolic Administrator, and Co-adjutor.

    1. "This is just conjecture on my part" OK. Dickhead. Who needs your conjecture. ? You are the one who wants attention. All that time uhhhhm, I don't have the data! Shut up. What an ASS.

  7. Now Guam girls being sent further away to the Land of the Maltese monk. Malta. Now who would be waiting in Malta? Spiritual Papa bear, Putrid Pius. Are they anymore free to leave than ms seminarians here at RMS? Lots of traffic! Wow!

  8. An Italian neo-missionary family talks about Guam:

    «The island is civilized but lives many contradictions: in spite of a great exterior religiousness there is not an authentic life of faith. It's a country that, unlike ours, was not hit by secularism: the churches are full of faithfuls, but it's people that only adhere externally to the Christian message and that in daily life their behaviour diverges from their creed. Our duty is also to bear witness of the Christian family model that Our Lord called us to live».

    [L'isola è civilizzata - prosegue Francesca - e vive molte contraddizioni: a una grande adesione esteriore al culto non si accompagna una fede autentica. E' un paese che non vive, come invece accade qui, la secolarizzazione: le chiese sono ancora piene di fedeli, ma si tratta di persone che aderiscono solo esteriormente al messaggio cristiano e che poi nella vita quotidiana non si comportano in modo aderente al loro credo. Il nostro compito è anche quello di dare testimonianza di quel modello di famiglia cristiana che il Signore ci ha chiamati a vivere]

    The interview was published on Gente Veneta (an Italian magazine) more than ten years ago, in February 2006. I don't know if that neo-family is still in Guam.

    The family was "invited" by the Archbishop of Guam out of necessity of... duh... "Pastoral Help". Yes. Helping some Neo-community and some Neo-parish-destroyer:

    «Before all, there is the request by some neocatechumenal community in the world to be helped by some family that already is walking the Way. (...) The proposal came from the local Bishop, who asked for the intervetion of a family for pastoral help. There is a very brave parish priest who is profoundly and structurally renovating his parish. The Neocatechumenal Way started [there] only eight years ago».

    [A monte c'è la richiesta da parte di comunità neocatecumenali di tutto il mondo di avere l'aiuto di una
    famiglia che è già inserita nel Cammino. (...) La proposta è partita dal vescovo locale, che richiedeva l'intervento di una famiglia come aiuto pastorale. Lì c'è un parroco molto coraggioso che sta operando un rinnovamento profondo e strutturale nella sua parrocchia. Il cammino neocatecumenale è iniziato da appena otto anni].

    The wannabe missionary also declared he didn't speak English: «Guam is English speaking, my wife has it easier because she studied it spent some time in Ireland - I'll have to learn».

    [A Guam poi si parla inglese, mia moglie è facilitata dalla sua esperienza in Irlanda e dai suoi studi, io dovrò imparare]

  9. Interesting that this led to civil authorities (as well as ecclesiastical) having a bad conscience.

  10. Diana should refrain from comments on seminary formation, a topic she knows nothing about. A seminary has multi-pronged goals, not just an academic program. She is right though in saying that every candidate has to be screened before entering a seminary - this was something that obviously was not observed at RMS Guam.