Monday, November 21, 2016


Stay tuned. He's called a press conference for this afternoon to call Mother Dawn a LIAR. LOL.

So here's what Tricky Dick is going to say. 

He's going to say that the bank loan to purchase the property stated that the intent was to provide a home to RMS and that the Finance Council knew about it. Whoop di-doo. Of course they did. They approved the loan, and at the time, the president of the AFC, Richard Untalan, was in the same neocat community as Apuron. So it was all happy, happy. 

However, that has nothing to do with the donation from the Carmelites. They gave the money to pay off the loan, NOT to purchase the property for the Neocatechumenal Way. THAT was already completed several months earlier. 

In any event, in the 12 years since they gave the money, the Carmelites NEVER objected to how the donation was used. They ONLY objected when they were asked to LIE for Apuron. In fact, their lawyer said they could sue Apuron and they declined to do so. 

So Eusebio is going to attack the Carmelites. LOL.


Watching the press conference. It's actually worse than we thought. Eusebio says we created a bogey man. LOL.

His whole basis for attacking Mother Dawn is that he has an email exchange between the Mother Superior from St. Louis and Apuron in 2003. He says its proof that the Mother Superior knew the money was to be used for a neocat seminary even though those words are never used. When questioned, Eusebio says it was "common knowledge" that the Mother Superior had to know. He said Mother Dawn didn't know what was going on because she wasn't there. LOL.

Anyway, little Dick is completely coming apart in the Q and A. I think the reporters are wising up to this joker.

LOL. Eusebio says Hon LYNCHED Apuron.

EUSEBIO: "I want to be able to tell you the truth as I know it." LOL

EUSEBIO: "The coadjutor is here to help him (Apuron) so he can concentrate on his canonical trial." LOL

It really is hilarious. I'll post the whole thing later. But essentially he said Mother Dawn didn't know what she was talking about and that the Mother Superior of the St. Louis community knew full well that she was supporting the NCW. Well, the letter to Apuron saying that she did not know anything about the NCW came from the same Mother Superior. So Tricky Dick is calling the Mother Superior a liar. Mother Dawn did not make the claim that the donation was not intended for the NCW. Mother Dawn said that she saw the letter and forwarded it and the Mother Superior's response to Apuron to Rome. Hon confirmed publicly that he had read it.

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