Friday, November 25, 2016


It's too bad these people don't put their names on stuff. We could have such fun with them. But the fact that they don't (AND I DO) shows, all by itself, that I am willing to stand by the Truth because it is the Truth. The other side must continue to hide.


Not many people realize that there is a powerful atheist brotherhood and sisterhood operating in the dark, trying to cause grave harm and destroy the Catholic Church. This secret international organization is the free masonry and its affiliations. They are present in every single country on earth operating through a vast network of covert agents who would go into the fire in obedience to serve the orders of their mason captains. Yes, they are also present on Guam! Free masons spot vulnerable members of faith communities and try to recruit them turning them into secret free mason agents. They identify, for example, closeted gays and lesbians in the church, even among clergy, and blackmailing them they force submission. This is a very efficient way to recruit newbies and increase the power base of free masonry.

It was Joelle Casteix, a high ranking officer of SNAP, an anti-Catholic group, that spotted dissatisfaction with the local bishop on Guam. Joelle whose nick name is the Bishop-Eater, is also a high ranking sister affiliated with the free masons. Her specialty is to go after bishops and hunt them down by any pretext. She was the one who gave advice to the rebel group of a handful Guam Catholics gathering around the JungleWatch blog. The main thrust of action was a laborious plan to manufacture fake pedophilia charges. It involved training of "past victims" who will come out claiming sexual abuse by church leaders, in particular, by the bishop. Joelle also gave hints on how to fabricate evidence and how to present all fake documents on their website. Rohr's narcissism made him a target for recruiting. His exposed interest in learning about the various modes of pedophile love making made him an excellent mason candidate. And he did not disappoint!

Still, the media connection of the Bishop Eater was lacking at the local newspapers. So Joelle made some phone calls and Haidee Eugennio, another high ranking sister from Manila was dispatched as a "journalist" to come to Guam and take a seat at the favorite local newspaper, the Pacific Daily News. Of course, PDN itself is a power base of the liberal-atheist agenda by its mother organization, the masonic mainland USA Today network. Haidee's name appears at every single trash report about the diocese as its author. She is not shy to disrespect facts and bend information toward her anti-Catholic agenda. A typical masonic trait! One of her favorite lie is that Archbishop Apuron disobeyed the Pope, while it was only the Holy See whose request Apuron respectfully declined. The Holy See is not the Pope! It was explained many times that the Holy See is the Vatican administration and not the Pope. But Haidee's keen interest in fabricating the news sweeps aside any reason. while she keeps repeating her lies. PDN prints Haidee's masonic trash every single day in the paper.

If you ask me, who is responsible for the penetration of free masons into the businesses of the Catholic Church on Guam, I would place the blame squarely and fairly on the JW group. They opened up their forum and influence for the free masonic SNAP and Joelle Casteix in their blind hatred and anti-Church sentiment. They became part of the liberal agenda to flush Catholicism from the island. They act as a power base of the free masonic interest of destruction promulgated by their appointed captain who became so blinded by his own narcissistic excesses that he even thinks he is just rebuilding the church. 

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