Friday, November 25, 2016


Posted by Tim

This is pretty much useless drivel, but it's worth posting for Archbishop Byrnes to see. 

Apuron, Pius, Adrian, David, Tricky Dick etc., they all use The Diana to wage their propaganda war against the truth and now they are calling the Mother Prioress of our venerated Carmelites, a liar. 

The problem for The Diana and her idiots is that Rome already has a copy of Apuron's letter and all the correspondence from Mother Dawn Marie relative to everything she publicly stated on November 15. Archbishop Hon, in his follow up statement, confirmed that he had read the communications mentioned by Mother Dawn, and Hon is sure to have seen to the transmission of those communications to Archbishop Byrnes. 

The above drivel from the The Diana, who represents all the above-named screwballs, emphasizes just exactly where the division in this diocese has always come from (their lies) and why the division will remain until Archbishop Byrnes addresses the heart of that division which is in fact "the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way," a "life and practice" which is based on a Protestant-Jewish heresy, in other words, a LIE, and because it is a LIE at its core, more LIES must be used to sustain it and cover for it. 

And to a more important point. The sex abuse allegations against Apuron may be hard to prove forty years hence, but the abuse of his office will not be. In fact, Apuron's letter asking the Carmelites to lie for him will be of much more use to the tribunal than the testimonies of Apuron's victims. 

It will be quite easy for the tribunal to confirm that Apuron sent the letter and just as easy to confirm that when confronted by Mother Dawn as to why he sent it, that Apuron blamed it on "Pius and they." 

That will be the end of the line for old Tony boy. And here's why. 

Regardless of who drafted the letter or whose idea it was, Apuron signed it. And Rome has a copy. Either way, Tony boy is sunk. If he blames it on "Pius and they," he is admitting to an abuse of his office by admitting that he has turned the authority of his office over to others (something we have long known). This is a huge super no-no for Rome. It will show that he is incapacitated and that is greater grounds for his removal than even the sex abuse allegations.

If he doesn't blame it on "Pius and they," then there is the obvious question as to why he wrote it. Apuron's letter to the St. Louis Carmelites was dated December 17, 2014. Two weeks later we would uncover the Declaration of Deed Restriction at Land Management, however the controversy over the ownership of the property had already reached a fever pitch. Apuron hoped to silence us all by showing a letter from the donor that the intention of the donation was specifically for RMS and thus justify his giving the Yona property to them. 

So why, 12 years later, did Apuron request this from the donor. If the donation was specifically for RMS from the outset, WHY DID HE NOT JUST PRODUCE THE NOTE FROM 2003 SAYING SO?

Ummmmm, because there wasn't one. 

Obviously, if there was even the slightest hint in any email or letter from the St. Louis Carmelites that the donation was for RMS, Apuron would have immediately published it in his own defense. But there wasn't a single mention of RMS in any communication with the St. Louis Carmelites. This is why it was necessary for him to try to procure such a statement 12 years later. 

As Providence would have it, Mother Dawn Marie, who sought out and procured the original donation from her sister community in St. Louis, just happened to be in the St. Louis office when Tony boy's email showed up on December 17, 2014. As Mother Dawn said, she sent it immediately to Rome, and Archbishop Hon has confirmed that he read it. And we can be assured, that Archbishop Byrnes now has a copy. 

And we can also be assured that Tony boy's tribunal also has a copy. It will be poetic justice for Apuron to be ultimately incriminated and removed from office because of a letter written by "Pius and they." 

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