Saturday, November 26, 2016


"I have like a feeling that from this little and forgotten island the destruction of the NCW begins and will like a wave, invade all the positions, that this heretic movement conquered in 50 years."

Dear Rose, thanks for your message. I live in Rome and in Switzerland, (but not being gifted by the Holy Spirit with bilocation like Father Pio ) for practical reasons and I follow every day what happens in Guam. Also because i am collecting every usefull information about the NCW for my two books against Kiko Arguello (they come out already in December. I hope to find a translater for an Englis edition).

I have like a feeling that from this little and forgotten island the destruction of the NCW begins and will like a wawe, invade all
the positions, that this heretic mouvement conquered in 50 years.
Worth then the NCW, is the support and chance our popes, cardinals, bishops and priests gave them to corrode and destroy the Catholic Church. This is also a sign that we are already in the "last historical time", the readings to the eucarist spoke about in this week. Forgive my bad english.

Daniel Lifschitz


  1. The NCW is very simply NOT CATHOLIC, so why should they be favored with support and resources of our Catholic Church, especially here in Guam, where they have taken our financial support for our Archdiocese to use for their own purposes. Those who put themselves at the head of the table will be told to go to remove themselves from this seat of prominence. This NCW is a Protestant-Jewish sect with a Catholic decoration, as Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan has said about their practices and beliefs. He should know as he spent a 2 or 3 years as the NCW's episcopal delegate. He read up on all of Kiko's writings and came to the conclusion that they are NOT Catholic. Their statutes filed with the Vatican, and directives given to them after the 5-year experimental period, by the Pope, to cease certain practices in the way they celebrate the Mass, they were given another 2 years to transition to conformity with the Magisterium of the Church, following the General Instruction of the Roman Missal--the "Liturgical Books", in the conduct of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they still are not following those directives and their own statutes which were approved by the Vatican! Ergo, the NCW is NOT Catholic. It is up to us, the Laity, to drive these foreigners who are bastardizing the term " New Evangelization" to mean teachings with a Protestant-Jewish basis, but with a Catholic decoration only!

    Join the Picket Line on Sunday! First, we remove Apuron as Archbishop of Agana; then next we remove the NCW propagandists from our land!

    1. I was just wondering why you would go for far in your criticism. Many Catholics murder, commit adultery,etc... Catholic priest through out history have been known to abuse children sexually. Yet you're critical it seems only of NCW. Does this mean then that you approve of murder, child sexual abuse, abortions, and so on? Perhaps you should look at the history of the Catholics and atrocities committed by the Catholics and the Catholic Church.

      I'm just saying that Catholics are sinful murderers and adulterers...yet God still love them as I'm sure God loves those Catholics in NCW as well as the Protestant Jews you mentioned. Why then would you hate what God love?

      So calm your self and let God do his work.

      A Catholic from Guam

    2. LOL. "Let God do his work." He is. It's just that he's using us to do it. He does stuff like that.

    3. Anonymous @ 2:08 PM has ESL written all over it. Must be a seminarian from the RMS disguising themselves as Catholic. Let me help you with English 101:
      1. People from all walks of life murder, not just Catholics.
      2. Through out is one word (i.e., throughout).
      3. I have never read any statement that sexual predators we're only from the NCW?
      4. I have never read any statement that said that Catholics accept murder, sexual abuse and abortions. Have you ever stood at the ITC intersection holding the signs?
      5. With all your Anti-Catholic rhetoric that you so write about, why do you still call yourself a Catholic from GUAM?
      6. Say "loves" and not love when describing more than one in number.
      7. The NCW is NOT CATHOLIC.
      8. Your self is one word (throughout).

      I guess English 101 is not one of the required classes at the RMS.

    4. Calm yourself, Catholic From Guam 2.08 pm! I have good news for your life! If your browser is good enough, you can see the critiques on this site of child sexual abuse and abortion!

      Now my take on what Archbishop Schneider says in his excellent critique is this. Sit still in your seat because it will be very "adult faith" for you. I speak as being from a Jewish family and with many Protestant friends of the more genuine kinds (not like televangelists) throughout my life history. I was also a very ordinary NCW member for 28 (yes 28) years!

      Some of Luther's predecessors, and Luther, and some later Calvinists, and Jansenists, Berulleans, etc, had a perverted view of the things Augustine highlighted about grace and free will. Their view was never properly Catholic and it isn't now. Henry Chadwick, Tracy Rowland, Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Bendedict) and others have written illuminatingly on this. Everyone must adopt what views they like, full or part time, but not necessarily with a Church hat on or in Church space or time.

      (The NCW itinerants are like laicised Berulleans!)

      To say "do as Apuron reputedly did" smacks of antinomianism. You wouldn't want to spread that aspersion against the NCW of all people, surely? (Or are you trolling them?)

      Listen to Tim. God is doing stuff "like that" all the time! God has a history with all of us. Do not harden your heart today! What a great blessing for you that you crossed our paths today!

    5. My dear master,
      thank you very much for your English lesson. I already asked in my email forgiveness for my bad English. I only learned it traveling to India, then in 8 years as an Itinerant of the NCW in Texas and Illinois. So I guess I am speaking much better then writing. If I should come to Guam, give me please your adress, so, if you have time and patience, you could give me some private lessons. As I am poor in writing, speaking and thinking, Mr Kiko Arguello, who was my catechist, and is now my mortal ennemi (but remains as a person my friend), could pay you for theses lessons. He has a lot of monney at his disposition from what he gets out of the 10.000 or more NCW comunities around the world.
      I know my written English is very bad, but reading carefully your letter - I showed it to Giuseppe Gnnarini in Rome - also your English seems a bit childish. Where did you learned to write so well? In seven years of intensif English lessons for ungifted South American or Carribean Spaniards?
      So my dear and beloved Master chef, if I realy come one day to Guam - I am still young and afraid to travel so far, I am only a little boy, 80 years old - we may teach one an other: you to me to write , I to you to speak... a perfect English.

      In the Name of Mary and Jesus,

      A Catholic from Guam, Italy and Switzerland,

      Daniel Lifschitz

      If you give me your adress, I will send you, as my gift, the two books I wrote about your beloved Idol, "Kiko Arguello, saint or imposter?"
      But before I am generous, ask you Chief Comander Kiko, if he allows you to touch those dangerous and satanic books. He may be gelous, being himself stanic.

      "Pax et bonum"

      Daniel Lifschitz

    6. Correction to number 3 above: Luis Camacho, John Wadeson and Tony Apuron are from the NCW. There are countless others but only their catechists know who they are.

    7. Daniel,
      I am not a Master nor am I infallible. I am a Catholic that will defend the faith when it is being questioned and/or trampled on. Next time, post your name and understand that God puts people in positions to do His work.

    8. Daniel always uses his name so what are you talking about?

  2. Tim, you have created a voice that cannot be silenced and is heard throughout the world. Thank you

    1. Must be of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  3. Yes 10.19. Non (N) Catholic (C) worship (W).
    Be gone.

  4. the tax collector repented and returned at rights with God. Unfortunately you cannot repent if you truly believe that you are led by the Holy Spirit. Its not surprising that Pius felt edified as his little flock continued to believe him and be obedient even though his crimes had been exposed. Lets pray that repentance necessary will take place. Otherwise let his little flock see clearly what kind of spirit is at work here!


  6. @Anon 2:08 PM I can't believe how shallow and asinine your comments are. There was never a statement made that sinners are found only in the NCW, in fact everyone including the Pope, Bishops and priests are sinners, the only exception being Christ and our Blessed Mother Mary. We are critical of the NCW because, despite the fact that these NCW leaders have been proven to lie, deceive, hide, and protect sexual offenders, while members of this sect continue to defend their innocence, insulting the victims of these offenses, while you NCW missionaries and seminarians continue to leach off the local church. Then you kick us to the curb with your brainwashed claim that you NCW followers are the elect, the chosen ones, the only way, while everyone not in the way is lost. Is it not enough that you lied, deceived, insulted us, but to continue to leach off of the Guam faithful, No, the buck stops here. So pack you bags and get the hell out.

  7. To Anon @2:08pm. Our criticism (and opposition) to you NCW members is not one that is against charity. It is rather to try to convince you that until you renounce the teachings, tenets and liturgical aberrations of the NCW - you are NOT CATHOLIC, despite how strongly you profess to be.

    Like the blind man in the Gospel whose sight was restored by Christ - to Jesus' question of him "What would you have me do", answer similarly "Lord, that I might see!" Pray that you get to see the Light and the Truth, and then you will be healed. Then, you will be truly CATHOLIC. We pray for you, while we criticise and oppose you. God bless you all - as we enter the holy season of Advent, and prepare the true WAY to the Lord. (jrsa: 11/26/16)

  8. The KAKA filled NEO Cult Dungbat can't seem to shut the hell up. We always had a spiritual leader thru Archbishop Hon. Next thing you know they will throw Archbishop Byrnes under the bus if things don't go thier way.

    DianaNovember 26, 2016 at 9:40 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 9:07 pm,

    Our leader is arriving on Monday and the other is still going through a canonical trial.

  9. Hopefully, Bp. Byrnes will be able to ban the Neocats from Guam altogether. He obviously has high-octane US lawyers advising him on RMS. However, B16 and wealthy Italian Neocats are like white on rice, so excommunicating the heretics is unlikely.

    The old gnome always protected sketchy elitists. Cases in point, his pandering to the SSPX, Communion & Liberation and Legionaries of Christ as well.