Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Posted by Tim
I'll still be a the picket line this Sunday.


  1. I hope you don't spoil the special day for our First Communicants.
  2. We have SAVED and ARE SAVING "the day" for our First Communicants. Until the laity you see protesting and picketing got involved those same First Communicants were the very children our predator archbishop and (now we are finding) many others like him preyed on and ravaged their innocence.

    Whether or not those First Communicants end up having to cross a picket line (that will be up to the picketers) their parents would do well to thank those brave people that their children will not be receiving their First Communion from the hands of a bishop which grabbed the genitals of children their age nor hear the words "the body of Christ" from the mouth of the same bishop who (per Ray De Plata's testimony) sucked the penis of a ten year old while being forced to suck the penis of the filthy priest, Antonio Cruz.

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