Thursday, December 1, 2016


Posted by Frenchie


Last evening, Catholics were invited to partake in the celebrations at the Cathedral Basilica, which culminated with a Mass, to both mark the official start of Archbishop Byrnes duties and the beginning of Advent, as it usually takes place here on Guam.

As I arrived early, I was able to secure a seat in the front rows where I encountered a couple of friends, who have been very active over the last three years in helping reach this point.
They marched, they testified, and got involved at many levels.

They were obviously moved, and nervous about witnessing this Special Event, hoping that it will lead to a new start for our Archdiocese. I was happy to join them in our pew to share that experience.

The Cathedral filled up fairly fast with the ushers doing a good job finding seats for single and elderly arrivals, as well as channeling the different groups that were going to attend.

Since we had arrived early, and having had time to prepare for the Mass, we started observing the comings and goings around us. It did not take us long to identify several groups of Neos who were attempting to jockey for the front pews, en masse, as to corner a piece of real estate. These moves were not surprising as we have grown accustomed to such behaviors, but still quite disturbing.
One thing that was particularly interesting to me was the presence of the seminarians, who had gathered in the little meeting area to the right side of the nave.

While everybody was mindful of the pomp and circumstance and very respectful of the environment, the attitude and the behavior, I was shocked to witness the total lack of decorum and the poor behavior of many of the seminarians. While a small group waited patiently at their assigned seats, obviously  reflecting and/or praying, the majority of them were coming and going and carrying on as if in a high school cafeteria, chatting, bantering, obviously not touched at all by the solemnity of the place, the environment, or the discomfort of people trying to pray around them.

I was astounded that after all the controversy about their "institution" and the poor publicity they have been facing, that nobody, had even prepped these young men as how to behave properly outside of their walled compound, especially in such a solemn and very public venue.

If this is an example of the quality of education dispensed at the fake seminary, the jeremiads of poor little Ricky Eusebio, about RMS being the equivalent of Harvard, are even more grotesque than one could ever imagine.

The fruits!!!
We have heard it a thousand times from the Kikos: "judge us on the fruits we produce". As they want us to believe what they churn out is a like the picture above, we know better. Last night was a perfect example of the rot that has permeated this Archdiocese.

Obviously Pius and Apuron are not on island. This is why Eusebio has apparently taken the public lead in representing the sect here.

The last few weeks, the former public representatives of the NCW locally have made themselves sparse in public, or in the media.

The trained lawyer, the useful mouth pieces, and other facilitators, have disappeared back into the cocoons of their respective communities

So last night, what did we see in the Cathedral?
Well arriving just a few minutes before the start of the celebrations, little Eusebio entered through one of the side doors, desperately scanning the crowd to look for his people. Once he identified his little cadre of responsibles in the row behind the Italian missionaries family, he started towards them.

Once some of the seminarians saw him, several rushed towards him, for some inappropriate high fives and other bear hugs. He was then retrieved by the lady that used to sit on the RMS board, who sat him next to her. As always he was dressed in his potato bag outfit. He plumped himself on the bench and started chatting with his "people".

While crossing in front of the Altar, he never once bowed, stopped, or genuflected, just strutted around as if in a movie theater.

He was then hugged again and "high fived" by some of the goons sitting there.

(Please note the unintended banner of the Sisters over his head. The Lord does work in strange ways)

This was more in line with what you see at a stadium, before a game, rather than in a holy place.
Of course, they most likely do not see the Cathedral as a holy place.

After the first set of prayers, the procession of banners, orders and priests started.

This is steeped in tradition and obviously the participants are very attached to the celebration.

Like many of the participants, I felt privileged to be there and among fellow Catholics to share Holy Communion. Well except for a few among us who were just interested in seeing the seminarians walk by at great speed as if walking a gauntlet.

This is when I noticed something difficult to ascertain at a greater distance. From the look of it, most of the poor young men, were disheveled, with hair unkept, poorly groomed beards and in an obvious state of poor hygiene.

I am sure that most people did not notice too much since, they filed by so fast and with their albs on. My whole military and professional upbringing shuddered at the display. It was obvious that the influence of the Putrid Pius is still being felt in more ways than one. What a sad display.

My first thought was: "Mens sana in corpore sano" which my old teachers had drummed into our minds from a young age. This display of poor minds in poorly kept bodies, could not have been more striking. Another rotten fruit in display.

This unfortunately was only the beginning of the demonstration of rot brought on by the NCW.

Soon the Clergy filed in to take their place in the celebration area, leading the attending Bishops who closed the entrance.

Some notable absences:
While Bibi Arroyo,  Julio, Deacon For Sure For Sure, and several other "gifts" of the NCW presbyters were in attendance and took part in both the ceremony and the following Mass, there were several notables absences: Cristobal, Msgr David (the younger), Edivaldo, and Fr Rude were among the most blatant absences.

We shall see how Archbishop Byrnes deals with these problem priests. But the slight was well noted.

The rest of the Mass went on in a good spirit for the most part.
The pageantry and the reverence of the service were beautiful throughout. The homily by the Archbishop was pastoral and reaching to all.

The body language of Eusebio, and in turn his cadre of faithful, was very telling.

During the Homily the Doctor received a back rub from one of the ladies sitting near him, the rest of the time he showed his arrogance and boredom by the way he sat, and also by not rising and applauding when after the Mass, the delegate thanked Archbishop Hon.

On that latest occasion, most of the audience rose up to applauded the departing Administrator, except for a few rows around Eusebio, as well as the seminarians.

The old adage, tells us that actions speak louder than words:
The childish attitude and lack of respect from the members of the NCW, on this day and during that occasion, which should have been an opportunity for reaching out, or at least have a cease fire of sorts, as did our new Archbishop, is once again a clear demonstration that this barrel of rotten apples has no intention to offer an olive branch to anybody. They insulted the envoy of the Pope himself, they already insulted the New Archbishop, as they have insulted the majority of this island's Catholic Community.

Instead, as Tim wrote yesterday, it is more of the same arrogance, sufficiency, and total lack of compassionate warmth .

Something will have to give, sooner than later.

So for once I shall agree with the NCW, a tree should be judged by the fruits it bears.

This is what we have inherited from the Neocatechumenates:

I felt very sad, that this blight tarnished an otherwise beautiful celebration. I am glad most people attending embrace the spirit of the Mass, and the welcome of our new Bishop.

I shall continue to pray for the conversion of these wretched souls.


  1. Tricky dick didn't seem like he was there for the mass. What a moron. So I wonder what happens to all the absent priests and dacons.

  2. Thanks Frenchie for your kind words of wisdom and your personal testimony on what took place on what should be a solom and joyful event for both Archbishop Michael and Archbishop Hon and most especially the Catholics in Guam (clergy, religious and Laity). Unfortunately we have in our midst the rotten fruits who would rather mock the occasion by their ill thoughts and attitudes. Some comments below were taken from the Dungbats latest Blog by some of these NEO Cult Zombies that show total disrespect to any clergy that is not NEO.

    AnonymousDecember 1, 2016 at 8:05 AM
    I was laughing last night when Fr. Jeff presented Hon an empty shoe box as a gift from the Archdiocese. I wonder whose idea was that? LOL!


    AnonymousDecember 1, 2016 at 4:42 PM
    Hon has done an immense and irreparable damage to the catholic church in Guam. He has abused his power. Without any just cause and with no sufficient reason he removed Fr. Pius as rector of the RMS, he has threatened the stability of the seminary, he has removed several pastors without canonical due process, he has used his office and position to unjustly call for the removal of Archbishop Apuron without a court hearing, he has incited catholics to hate other catholics in the NCW. These are not the actions of a bishop, much less a Christian. He exonerated a priest who stole money and made him in charge of the patrimony of the diocese. These are the actions of a despotic, mad, power-hungry cleric with an ideological hatred to certain segments of the catholic faithful of Guam.

    His actions are bordering on the demonic because for a priest to do these deeds is absolutely scandalous! Hon, as a priest, knows he has abused his power. He knows he has inflicted great damage to the faith of the people. For this reason he is doubly and trippley culpable for his sins. He cannot be allowed to use his title and position to do as he wishes.

    It is for this reason that we, the lay faithful of Guam, should petition the Holy Father to have Hon removed from the Roman Curia. Hon should never be allowed to inflict further damage on the local church. Hon is a total disgrace to the pope and the church. He has misrepresented the Pope by claiming to have papal power to do whatever he wished - even if it meant going above the law. He has been a source of great scandal and division to the catholic faithful.

    Therefore, we the lay faithful MUST petition the Pope to have Hon removed from the Roman Curia once and for all! He cannot be allowed to use papal power to abuse people in the church!

    1. LOL.

      Wondering how mgr.Hon would reply to such a Diananymous comment.

    2. God bless you 4:42pm

    3. They are good at putting petitions, pretending to be the laity of a certain place, with people from all over their communities, filing false reports.
      Nothing new here.
      What is new, is that an important member of the Curia had his eyes opened by his experience on Guam, regarding this evil cult.
      There might be hope after all.
      This is why they have been so vicious and so adamant about their attack of Archbishop Hon.
      Basically it allows them to go back to their old play book.
      Deny, Deflect and Destroy.
      Nothing new...

    4. You'll need it 4:42pm

    5. Oh Dungbat, it is your heretical sect that has been a source of great scandal and division to the catholic faithful. Stop bemoaning Hon because you thought he was here to do Baloney's bidding but instead, he saw the truth behind your sect and now you are fearful he will enlighten others in Rome. The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways.

  3. There was a commenter on Diana's blog who said he laughed at the "shoebox" Fr. Jeff gave archbishop Hon. What a shame but not surprising that her followers have childish thoughts. To me, Fr. Jeff actually tried to unite everyone by saying "this is from our archdiocese and not just from me". None of the neos would've ever thought of guhing archbishoo Hon anything because he's not sympathetic to "the way". These neos are just so childish and can't even see the true meaning of giving. Sad. Just sad!!

  4. It was a beautiful mass Fenchie. There were mannerisms last night that should their disrespect when receiving communion. Some had their arms folded, while others had their hands either in their pockets or at their sides. No respect whatsoever!

  5. Because you are a better Catholic than us Frenchie, you will burn in he'll you free mason

    1. I need to build a wall but I've gone severely over budget. Can Jungle Watch help me? Rumor has it that this site is where to go for free masonry.

      I tried asking over at the "Diana" site, but they're only dropping bricks.

    2. Anon @ 8:09...Go back to school and learn how to spell properly. And please speak for yourself when referring to "hell". God will judge, not YOU!!! Ann A.

    3. LMAO!!!
      It is funny to be accused to be a free mason by a sect of judeo masonic protestant!!
      Specially with a founder like Kiko, Catechumate like Pius and his Union family, as well as Genarrini and his far-left internationalist past.
      This is really the pot calling the kettle black.
      If anything, I have always fought the Mason since my teen years....
      Good luck next time.....

    4. Frenchie, thank you for sharing your astute observations. The Neos continue to display their arrogance and total disregard for the occasion's solemnity. They continue to exhibit absolutely no class and much ignorance! Ann A.

    5. Another ESL alert! We have seen apostrophe then two letter "Ls" as contraction of "he will," but never to spell a noun that depicts the place where neos are likely to congregate. And, yes, Frenchie is a better Catholic than you neos because he proclaims his Catholic identity and practices accordingly, while neos subsume themselves under the banner of "Catholic" despite their aberrations that scream Judeo-Protestant so that they will have the recognition that real Catholics enjoy. What a bunch of liars, posers and frauds - and users!

    6. And you're a better one than the Pope 8.09 p.m!

    7. Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, who was the episcopal delegate to the NCW communities there wrote that after a couple of years working with them, and after reading Kiko Arguello's writings, he said, the Neocats are "a Jewish- Protestant sect with a Catholic decoration". LOL!!! So, you neocatechumenal followers, return to the true Catholic Church. Get out of that community you are in. The leadership are misleading you to think you are the true Catholics who will be saved because you are an NCW follower. Sorry, that ain't how salvation works. You follow Christ and his teachings, and perform good works. You don't follow Kiko Arguello.

    8. Can someone interpret what Anonymous December 1, 2016 at 8:09 PM posted? "Because you are a better Catholic than us Frenchie, you will burn in he'll you free mason"! What is "he'll you free mason"! I do not know how many times it has been requested that before you post, read your posting, and make corrections. Sometimes mistakes are made but this Anon is always in the wrong tense. I am going to be blunt but before you post anything, please be sure that you are making some sense so others can understand what you are trying to say, and posted in the correct sentence structure!

    9. Anon 8:09 Hell is spelled H E L L not he'll. What a "maroon" you are even when you tried to insult you make us laugh! Keep visiting the Jungle, we need the humor. OH BTW, he'll is a shortened version of "he will". So what country are you from?

    10. Go Fuck yourself, did I spell that right joseeph ass santos

    11. No worries, Joe. Just Rude-ee. He's mad we got rid of sugar daddy. LOL

    12. @7:14pm, aren't you a brave soul. Now where is Waldo? I forgot your one of his monkeys!

    13. No, 7:14 PM, very little you do is ever correct.
      However you are good at being predictable. Like in how predictable your next response will be.

      Go for it.

    14. There they are again, Anon @ 7:14 PM aka NCW Rotten Fruit but this one is old, very old.

    15. Rudee, u getting to be a pain in the ass, do not be too cocky, you may just get that cane kicked out from under you and might end up your ass..

  6. Many others were also witness to the dripping contempt the NCW in the pews had for Abp Hon as they refused to acknowledge him with applause. Perhaps they are forbidden to even show any semblance of charity toward Abp Hon. The disrespect was incredibly obvious.

    It's not like they don't clap. On Saturday evenings during many of Kiko's songs to the incredulous display at the entrance of the Cathedral before yesterday's prayer service, they've exhibited their ability to do so.

    1. The positive side of this disrespect, was that even though he was very tired and still jet lagged, Arch. Byrnes clearly saw what happened. I hear, he took notes.
      That should make for an interesting visit at RMS

    2. Wonder if they're planning to greet Abp. Byrnes & his entourage during their visit to RMS with "crossed arms" to show their "superiority" and contempt for authority. Keep
      up the attitude as you continue to dig your graves deeper
      and deeper!!! Ann A.

  7. The first day novena for Santa Maria Kamalim was last night too. Nextto the Mass it was an important occasion.

  8. Hon had a MISSION to do here. He was not only appointed as the apostolic administrator but also as an investigator.

    VATICAN CITY – The special investigator Pope Francis appointed to look into allegations that the Catholic archbishop of Guam abused altar boys is urging the Vatican to remove the cleric.

    His investigation is done and now we have Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes.

  9. Is it not worrisome that at Mass, some focus on the actions of others in the pew, how they are dressed, what manner they wear their hair, whether they clap or not, when someone receives a rub on the back, how they language their body? Do we actually take a checklist to Mass to monitor others? How is this reverential, or even Catholic? Why not focus on the Eucharistic sacrifice and the proclamation of the Word on this momentous occasion for our archdiocese?

    1. Guile's usual role: judging the "judgers."

    2. You make a great point Tim. It's okay for some people to come early to get a seat in the front, but not others. It's okay for some people to talk to their friends, but not others. I didn't realize that taking pictures of other people during mass is a sign of respect for the ceremony. While your observations are duly noted,it's evident that you were no more respectful than the group you are attacking.

    3. Ah of course! Tim Guile, the official devil's advocate.
      In this case, it could be literal.
      Well Timothy, I did not go to mass to Focus on the action of others.
      The issue being that, when the action of others, is becoming so disturbing that you cannot not take notice, one has a duty to put it in perspective.
      Your argument is exactly why Apuron and his minions were able to abuse the Church for almost 30 years.
      They were expecting us to remain silent.
      Guess what? Silent no more!!!
      Jesus confronted the pharisees and the merchants in the temple.

      Believe me, it was extremely difficult to focus on the Eucharistic sacrifice.
      There were many groups in the Cathedral that evening, as well as many individuals. Most of them came to hear a message of hope, love and peace.
      Being confronted by the essence of evil inside God's own house should be fought with every fiber of our body and soul.
      This occasion was momentous indeed, and most of us got it, except for a few.

    4. What is worrisome is your tunnel vision.

      Perhaps this call for calibration is your projection.

    5. Dear anon @ 1056. Please see my comment back to anon @ 12.57. It does cover your remarks.
      Thank you

    6. Considering the circumstances, considering the context, I find it hilarious how Anonymous at 10:56 AM and Timothy Guile would even attempt to rationalize the flagrant and arrogant behavior of the NCW during the Mass on Wednesday.

      I was there. It was not just observed by myself and others here on JW, it was observed by the visiting clergy and others in the pews. It most certainly was the subject of conversation after the Mass ended.

      It seems that maintaining your tunnel vision seems to be the mission. God bless your tiny goal.

    7. Dear Frenchie,

      I submit. There is greater wisdom in your vigilance at that Mass than I first thought. We are, of course, not equating wearing hair during Mass in a particular way or tapping a fellow parishioner on the shoulder with the sexual abuses of the last 30 years. But we can never be too careful, so I suggest we err on the side of caution: Let’s establish pew police. Since our duties of policing would take up our attention during Mass, we would have to attend Mass twice on Sunday, once for policing, and once for adoring and receiving our Lord and hearing the Word. We could even suggest to our parish priest to suppress the ringing of the bells during the consecration so as not to interfere with our monitoring duties since bells have a higher decibel level than whispers and taps on the shoulder. For the same reason, I recommend no singing. Also, no doubt you will agree, in order to maintain a certain surreptitiousness in the conduct of our duties and to be able to catch offenders red-handedly, that we not wear an armband to identify ourselves. I have an armband I could lend you, should you need to identify yourself. Keep it hidden until such time you need to pull from out of your pocket that white armband underlying a black swastika.

    8. Dear Timothy,
      I think most of us would find your approach very Stalinist, and therefore very un-Catholic.

      I know it is very difficult for Academics to master the intricacies of the humorous approach, as you so aptly demonstrate.
      It is indeed extremely hard to chase the natural. I would suggest that you stick, to what you usually do best, which is to pontificate ad nauseum without any particular end, or reason.

      Far from me to desire any type of enforcement of arbitrary rules.
      It is obvious that on a sublimal level you have already flirted with these issues.

      One would hope that the good manners and adequate teachings from your parents and teachers, would be sufficient to self regulate.
      What we did observe, is that apparently some do not feel obligated to respect basic norms of decorum.

      As for your out of place and derogatory remark about swastika, which is apparently a common panacea of late, to slander and defame anyone not in concert with a narrow set of views; I am personally offended, (as the nephew and grandson of people who were the victims of that regime)that you would lower yourself to such vile practice.

      It is not becoming of a Catholic.
      It is not becoming of a true Academic.
      It is not becoming of a real man.

    9. @guile: pew police?? what's wrong with expecting a minimum level of respect, decorum, and manners from people who've proclaimed themselves to be the truly faithful ones? shouldn't we have the right and duty to expect a high standard from so-called "catechists," "responsibles," and "seminarians"?

      it's a sign of an immature and adolescent faith to behave the way the neocats behaved at the wednesday evening Mass, as frenchie and others have described. it also is additional evidence of the ncw's questionable amount of belief in the sacredness of a church, in the holiness of sacred space.

    10. Invoking the swastika. That card is played only when you're obviously winning the argument. Obviously.


    11. The NCW is not Catholic.

    12. This comment by TG is an irrelevance. It wasn't a routine Mass and the reason your Archbishop held it was for the congregation to be examined - ongoingly. Someone that abhorred taps on the shoulders just might abhor molestations and property theft and lies told on organisational grounds and institutionalised bad boundaries and bad dynamics! Yes? No? Would TG like to clarify, really clearly and convincingly, which of those he favours?

    13. Dear Austin,

      I do not abhor a tap on the shoulder during Mass (especially if I have dropped something on the floor that one behind me has noticed), but Frenchie does. Please see the article above.

    14. Dear Rey D,
      You are making the argument for pew police even more convincing: usher out those of immature and adolescent faith to tune them up lest they go down the road to perdition: tapping on the shoulder (cf. Frenchie, above) or a brotherly embrace or holy kiss (cf. a misguided author of the New Testament).

  10. Frenchie I wish I knew who you are!

    1. Good my friend. You always have something interesting to write too just like Tim.

    2. Nothing But Shit-:)

    3. Oh! Naughty little Rudy!
      Go back to your room. Wash your mouth before you go to bed

    4. Frenchie ... the think is that you need to Wash your mouth out that's where all the shit coming out of!

    5. I knew I smelled rotting fruit when I read Anonymous @ 10:36 PM and 6:00 AM posts. The stench was overwhelming @ 4:29 PM. Really old rotten fruit smells like poop. Kiko poop.

    6. Poor Rudy and his obsession for all that is scat....deeply disturbing for any man. Highly un pastoral for any priest.
      Time to drain the swamp

  11. Thankyou Frenchie for this interesting article. from a distance I sense peace is beginning to fall.
    With a new bishop installed I doubt very much Apuron will return.Now we have to somehpw move on. But I still reflect on Apuron every night all the bad stuff he did. Then when I get mad I go to Dianas blog send her messages. Not sure that really helps. But in time we will all heal i pray.

    1. Well anon at 10.39, while venting is not the most pastoral approach you could find, at least it has the advantage, of letting the steam off. Which is what the psychologist call dealing with the anger.
      Best of luck to you and God bless

  12. the neocats greeted byrnes with their noise on wednesday morning. we'll see if they'll also turn on him and give him the same treatment as they did hon on wednesday night, if and when byrnes asserts control over their interests.

  13. I hear tell that not only do the RMS seminarians clap to Kiko songs, some of them actually have it.

  14. Seems like they weren't there for mass either. Too busy taking pictures of those they hate.

    1. Sorry anon at 12.37, but it took me a little while to translate the intent of your post.
      Most of the people taking pix during the mass were your neo friends. If you watch carefully and honestly you will note that my pix, were taken during the procession, or slightly before.
      As for hating the Neos, obviously you do not read well. I pray for their conversion. I don't hate them, I pity them, for being blind and deaf.
      Confronting modern times pharisees is not hate, it is a duty.

    2. I just love it when the NEOcats get schooled by Frenchie! lol...
      BTW, kudos to all those responsible for advancing the concerns of the majority of Catholics on Guam. Time is on "our" side now. Let's all embrace each other and move on to enriching our faith and promoting God's love throughout our Island. Biba Katoliku! Bendisi ham Saina Jesukristo

  15. That's the product of the gigantic problem that is called the Neo Way. NeoCancers causing so much division and hate, real Catholics have to revert to covert shots and secret recordings to ensure that their deviant and diabolical ways are recorded. So all may see the fruits of these NeoRoaches.

    School these fools on body language. As we instruct young children to remove their hats inside the Church, understand that our culture doesn't take well to their folded arms, high-chinned stance. It's offensive!

    And if they wish to remain in Guam, do as we do, practice respect, especially inside our Churches!

    Those Fake priests in the making, no wonder they act that way, just look at what their leaders and cathecists exemplify.

  16. Fenchie, you have the backing massage of Eusebio all wrong. It was a comforting rub due to his depression. At that point during the homily, he realized that he wasn't invited to wear his alb and tennis shoes to do his moonwalk and fancy turns in the sanctuary.

    1. Lol, Thank you anon at 8.05 for this moment of levity.

  17. Oh Diana will you just stop? Don't preach to us. Have you've forgotten how your beloved Archbishop Anthony Apuron treated other's especially the victims at the moment they came forward?
    Protesters, if you really want to stop your suffering and heal, then listen to the homily of Archbishop Byrnes and stop your protest against Pope Francis' decision.
    Follow Christ and all the things He taught. As Archbishop Byrnes pointed out, it starts with each individual. Each individual protester must make the decision to cease their protest against Pope Francis ' decision and allow the canonical trial to take place just as Pope Francis wanted it. The man who made the following statement below is the one whom you should follow. Pope Francis followed this man and every Catholic are called to follow Him as well:
    Luke 6:36-37 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.
    Once you have made the choice to follow the Pope's decision instead of protesting against it, then you will find healing taking place.
    Posted by Diana at 9:45 PM

    1. LOL. There is no protest against Byrnes. The protest remains against Apuron. APURON OUT.

    2. Funny how Diana says stop the protest. Better to protest and pray outside the Cathedral, than to have a silent protest in church they way they did against Hon. I'm sure Santa Marian Kamalen was watching this from her niche.

    3. They are really in bind. I am sure Abp Byrnes knows the Neo leadership doesn't think highly of him. Imagine them saying that Abp Byrnes was forced by Abp Hon to sign those documents. As if he doesn't think for himself. When they tried to put down Abp Hon, they put down in the process Abp Byrnes. I am sure they heard it loud and clear how the people in Church applauded with approval Abp Hon. Even giving him a standing ovation.

    4. The fact that Judy Mae, has the chutzpah to quote Luke with a round face and not realize the irony of it all, tells us a lot about the level of dilusion the poor woman is suffering from.
      Then again, hanging around the likes of Pius, Eusebio and Lirch, nothing is surprising anymore.

  18. I was at Cathedral today for my sons first communion practice. I haven't been to the Cathedral in years due to all the happening of AAA and the NCW...Today I felt a different vibe in the air while there and hope it stays that way!

    1. Dear Anon at 1.30, I think I can safely say, that most Catholics share your feelings of hope. Lets pray that it continues in that path.

  19. There is no protest against Archbishop Byrnes. No one would protest against a good bishop.
    we all rejoice Apuron left but we have to keep working until the title of Archbishop of Agana is removed.
    Last wednesday I was so happy to watch new Archbishop.
    But last night I woke up 4am thinking of Apuron and I was then sick took my medications.rushing back to my mind was all the bad stuff he did.
    so today Im in bed and its lunchtime. Apuron may have gone but his smell still hovers over all of us.
    Evey time i think of abuse I get really sick and I don't allow anyone to access me . yes he has gone but the pain he left behind is to much at times. He destroyed many lives.
    Many remain silent about him still out of fear. And yet he has gone. But the sulphur still smelt. Not easy really. And while I like Archbishop Byrnes we hope he can be trusted. hard to trust a catholic bishop today. But I do believe there are common grounds being discovered as we blog.

  20. Anything on Archbishop's Byrnes visit to the seminary yet?

  21. Frenchie,
    What you have written here make you sound like the pharisees I read about in the bible.

    Your too good for God, your to good for most people, remind me of "a member of an ancient Jewish sect, distinguished by strict observance of the traditional and written law, and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity."

    How is this post of yours going to help anyone. In reading these comments, you've actually caused these commenters to fall.

    Would you have God condemn these people for their behavior or would you condemn them yourself.


    1. "and they love the place of honor at feasts and the best seats in the synagogues." --matthew 23:6

      so anon 311, given what Jesus says in matthew 23:6, who are the pharisees here? it surely isn't frenchie.

      i suggest you review the entire 23rd chapter of matthew 23 before you label someone a pharisee again.

    2. Well dear Anon at 3.11, for the same price, you are authorized to take another spin....

      Obviously you have not paid attention during the ESL class, or during your theology lessons either.

      Shooting the messenger, never changed the fundamental issue.
      Deflecting the issue, with false flags, also never changed the fundamentals.

      You my friend, obviously have a very warped view of the world in general. Most of all you are very delusional.

      Please go sing with your friends, play some tambourine, you shall feel better very soon.

      If case that does not work, go to Pius stash of Italian wines, it should do the trick.


    3. Anon @ 3:11 PM: "Your" is spelled "You're" like "You're post reminds me of a NEO seminaian". LOL!

  22. can we expect to see the snake abandoning its injures tail in order to survive? if that happens we can look out for the irresponsible leaders to abandon the pawns and further neglect their duty of care for their subjects. poor little seminarians. who will have to pay to repatriate them and buy them toiletries

  23. So observant... were you 'present' at the Mass?

    1. @5:56pm, I was at the mass and did see the grand entrance of Eusebio and his wife. What Frenchje said was all true. As a matter of fact, a NEO member tried to explain to me why she didn't stand during the clapping for Hon. I merely told her politely, I didnt need to hear her explanation, because I already knew why.

    2. Great job at teaching her the correct way of Confession.. One down, seven hundred ninety-nine to go!

  24. I was present at both the morning prayer service and Archbishop Byrnes' first Mass and came early to both to pray. The Neos behaved like they were at a party, moving around and talking, saving each other seats, even through the services. Very distracting and disrespectful. You can tell who they are because they are with other Neos who have been in the media over these many painful months like Dr. Eusebio and Mr. Atienza. The little children are excused, but the older ones and the adults should be more reverent inside the church before and during Mass. They can stay with their organization if they want, but their practices if not in concert with the traditions of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, should be done elsewhere. Inside the Church, we are all one and the same as the new Archbishop said. We are all sinners, so let's kneel and be quiet.

  25. Well, thanks to God for a good night rest.
    Writting in the Jungle can be challenging.
    You owe it to your lectors to stay on message and focus on the issues.
    Here it was about a failure to reach out for the olive branch sent to us from Rome, and the manner it was publicly done.
    What is always telling is the type and number of reactions you get from your post.
    This one got quite a few reactions, which is a testimony to the engagement of the readers.
    As for the type, beside the usual neanderthal reactions of a misguided few, we got quite a lot of "deny, Deflect and destroy pieces.
    While these types of nasty, below the belt, hypocritical reactions are never pleasant, they are a good measure of the desperation of our foes.
    This usually means that we pretty much hit very close to their comfort zone.

    So for all the distortions, the pretended confusions, and gross misrepresentations, they are as many vindications that we are advancing on the right track, in our challenge.
    Keep praying

    1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)December 4, 2016 at 12:05 AM

      Like you, Frenchie, not simply in this recent piece that you wrote above, but in many of the recent pieces in JungleWatch, I noticed more traffic in JungleWatch from those who, I assume, are NCW folks. Those comments contain their trademark “deny, deflect and destroy” (many written in grammar in the level of a 3rd grader --- which leads my imagination to think they have further digressed to using their children to respond to the JungleWatchers as they did with their bongos and tambourines welcome troupe at this week’s welcome prayer service!) I don’t visit The Diana/Pius blog (propaganda is a waste of my time), but most, if not all, of the recent commentaries cut-and-pasted by JungleWatchers from The Diana/Pius blog definitely show a heightened frequency and heightened tone of their “deny, deflect and destroy.” Our truths are driving them to desperation and they are making more mistakes in the form of accelerated production of more lies). Their lies and heresies will trap them in the end. As you said, the Katolikus are on the right track with exposing the NCW on the island (and world-wide) for what it is.

    2. The children are the future.

  26. The NCW “itinerary” is a worldwide Cult where Evil lives, moves, and has its being.

    “NCW Cult OUT!”

  27. That slogan is perfect for a banner, CNMI Lawyer: "NCW CULT OUT!"!!!!!

  28. I came across a huge anti-Neocat website in 5 languages. It includes a link to Jungle Watch: "The Way of Despair" It's worth seeing.

    1. Correct anon at 7.27, this is a fairly well documented site. I believe the main contributor, lost a best friend to suicide, after an experience in the NCW, but don't quote me on this.

      Actually more and more people are waking up to the smear tactics, the false messages, and the heretical preaching of the NCW.
      If you add to this the slow unraveling of Kiko himself, who has lost all bearing since Carmen prolonged illness, we have some hope that the more light is shined on this cult, the faster the truth will be revealed to the majority of Catholics.