Thursday, December 1, 2016


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Last evening, Catholics were invited to partake in the celebrations at the Cathedral Basilica, which culminated with a Mass, to both mark the official start of Archbishop Byrnes duties and the beginning of Advent, as it usually takes place here on Guam.

As I arrived early, I was able to secure a seat in the front rows where I encountered a couple of friends, who have been very active over the last three years in helping reach this point.
They marched, they testified, and got involved at many levels.

They were obviously moved, and nervous about witnessing this Special Event, hoping that it will lead to a new start for our Archdiocese. I was happy to join them in our pew to share that experience.

The Cathedral filled up fairly fast with the ushers doing a good job finding seats for single and elderly arrivals, as well as channeling the different groups that were going to attend.

Since we had arrived early, and having had time to prepare for the Mass, we started observing the comings and goings around us. It did not take us long to identify several groups of Neos who were attempting to jockey for the front pews, en masse, as to corner a piece of real estate. These moves were not surprising as we have grown accustomed to such behaviors, but still quite disturbing.
One thing that was particularly interesting to me was the presence of the seminarians, who had gathered in the little meeting area to the right side of the nave.

While everybody was mindful of the pomp and circumstance and very respectful of the environment, the attitude and the behavior, I was shocked to witness the total lack of decorum and the poor behavior of many of the seminarians. While a small group waited patiently at their assigned seats, obviously  reflecting and/or praying, the majority of them were coming and going and carrying on as if in a high school cafeteria, chatting, bantering, obviously not touched at all by the solemnity of the place, the environment, or the discomfort of people trying to pray around them.

I was astounded that after all the controversy about their "institution" and the poor publicity they have been facing, that nobody, had even prepped these young men as how to behave properly outside of their walled compound, especially in such a solemn and very public venue.

If this is an example of the quality of education dispensed at the fake seminary, the jeremiads of poor little Ricky Eusebio, about RMS being the equivalent of Harvard, are even more grotesque than one could ever imagine.

The fruits!!!
We have heard it a thousand times from the Kikos: "judge us on the fruits we produce". As they want us to believe what they churn out is a like the picture above, we know better. Last night was a perfect example of the rot that has permeated this Archdiocese.

Obviously Pius and Apuron are not on island. This is why Eusebio has apparently taken the public lead in representing the sect here.

The last few weeks, the former public representatives of the NCW locally have made themselves sparse in public, or in the media.

The trained lawyer, the useful mouth pieces, and other facilitators, have disappeared back into the cocoons of their respective communities

So last night, what did we see in the Cathedral?
Well arriving just a few minutes before the start of the celebrations, little Eusebio entered through one of the side doors, desperately scanning the crowd to look for his people. Once he identified his little cadre of responsibles in the row behind the Italian missionaries family, he started towards them.

Once some of the seminarians saw him, several rushed towards him, for some inappropriate high fives and other bear hugs. He was then retrieved by the lady that used to sit on the RMS board, who sat him next to her. As always he was dressed in his potato bag outfit. He plumped himself on the bench and started chatting with his "people".

While crossing in front of the Altar, he never once bowed, stopped, or genuflected, just strutted around as if in a movie theater.

He was then hugged again and "high fived" by some of the goons sitting there.

(Please note the unintended banner of the Sisters over his head. The Lord does work in strange ways)

This was more in line with what you see at a stadium, before a game, rather than in a holy place.
Of course, they most likely do not see the Cathedral as a holy place.

After the first set of prayers, the procession of banners, orders and priests started.

This is steeped in tradition and obviously the participants are very attached to the celebration.

Like many of the participants, I felt privileged to be there and among fellow Catholics to share Holy Communion. Well except for a few among us who were just interested in seeing the seminarians walk by at great speed as if walking a gauntlet.

This is when I noticed something difficult to ascertain at a greater distance. From the look of it, most of the poor young men, were disheveled, with hair unkept, poorly groomed beards and in an obvious state of poor hygiene.

I am sure that most people did not notice too much since, they filed by so fast and with their albs on. My whole military and professional upbringing shuddered at the display. It was obvious that the influence of the Putrid Pius is still being felt in more ways than one. What a sad display.

My first thought was: "Mens sana in corpore sano" which my old teachers had drummed into our minds from a young age. This display of poor minds in poorly kept bodies, could not have been more striking. Another rotten fruit in display.

This unfortunately was only the beginning of the demonstration of rot brought on by the NCW.

Soon the Clergy filed in to take their place in the celebration area, leading the attending Bishops who closed the entrance.

Some notable absences:
While Bibi Arroyo,  Julio, Deacon For Sure For Sure, and several other "gifts" of the NCW presbyters were in attendance and took part in both the ceremony and the following Mass, there were several notables absences: Cristobal, Msgr David (the younger), Edivaldo, and Fr Rude were among the most blatant absences.

We shall see how Archbishop Byrnes deals with these problem priests. But the slight was well noted.

The rest of the Mass went on in a good spirit for the most part.
The pageantry and the reverence of the service were beautiful throughout. The homily by the Archbishop was pastoral and reaching to all.

The body language of Eusebio, and in turn his cadre of faithful, was very telling.

During the Homily the Doctor received a back rub from one of the ladies sitting near him, the rest of the time he showed his arrogance and boredom by the way he sat, and also by not rising and applauding when after the Mass, the delegate thanked Archbishop Hon.

On that latest occasion, most of the audience rose up to applauded the departing Administrator, except for a few rows around Eusebio, as well as the seminarians.

The old adage, tells us that actions speak louder than words:
The childish attitude and lack of respect from the members of the NCW, on this day and during that occasion, which should have been an opportunity for reaching out, or at least have a cease fire of sorts, as did our new Archbishop, is once again a clear demonstration that this barrel of rotten apples has no intention to offer an olive branch to anybody. They insulted the envoy of the Pope himself, they already insulted the New Archbishop, as they have insulted the majority of this island's Catholic Community.

Instead, as Tim wrote yesterday, it is more of the same arrogance, sufficiency, and total lack of compassionate warmth .

Something will have to give, sooner than later.

So for once I shall agree with the NCW, a tree should be judged by the fruits it bears.

This is what we have inherited from the Neocatechumenates:

I felt very sad, that this blight tarnished an otherwise beautiful celebration. I am glad most people attending embrace the spirit of the Mass, and the welcome of our new Bishop.

I shall continue to pray for the conversion of these wretched souls.

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