Wednesday, December 28, 2016


 posted by Jose M ...  a real person.

So why even bother?  I demonstrate the important reason  at the end of this post.

The anonymous coward blogger named "Diana" has fabricated a post and created a boogeyman in order to generate  traffic and garner sympathy for their losing cause.  It's an old trick by propagandist to rile up their fervent yet gullible supporters with unsubstantiated claims.

To point . . .
  • A fictional blogger . . .
  • creates fictional comments . . .
  • fabricates a narrative . . .
  • in order to generate a baseless emotional response.

Prove me wrong "Diana,"  . . . but I'm sure you can't.  You would have to reveal who you all are and you would have to produce hard copies of the supposed  comments.  But I am confident that you will all remain anonymous cowards and continue to fabricate and falsify narratives in order to maintain the lies regurgitated in the communities. 

Why does any of this matter?  All this matters because "Diana" was created and is maintained by one of the Barrigada NCW communities.  More concerning is that the head catechist for the NCW, Pius, advocates and sanctions "Diana." Pius links to "Diana" from his own website.  

To that:  All NCW communities are instructed by their catechists to follow "Diana."  

Disturbed by the actions of this clergy man yet?  

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