Wednesday, December 28, 2016

THE NCW: AN INSIDER'S VIEW (From Bosnia and Croatia)

The cheap cowards over at The Diana title their blog "An Insider's View." However, there is a lot that they don't want you to see. We receive quite a few accounts like the one you are about to read. Most of what we are sent, we are asked not to publish, even anonymously, for fear that the account will be recognized by the sender's former community. It's hard for us on the outside to imagine what they could be so afraid of, but, nevertheless, their fears are real and some have suffered severe personal tragedy from the psychological harm endured while in the NCW and the fears they take with them when the try to leave. The sender of the following account agreed to have his account published, albeit anonymously.


I am in contact with a man who needed counseling by the church following his exposure to the Neocatechumenal Way and a Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Bosnia and at another in Croatia. He was told by this church counsellor  that he had experienced verbal, emotional and spiritual abuse at their hands and having read his sworn statement I would add physical abuse to these.

All of his experiences were denied by the NCW national responsible team in the UK and, probably by the European coordinating rector at their London house of formation.

Many of the experiences were witnessed by his fellow seminarians at RMS Bosnia and at a RMS in Croatia and some have subsequently emailed him to establish  what exactly happened and to report that an itinerant catechist  from another country working in the seminary in Bosnia had been made the scapegoat for the events and had suffered some form of breakdown. His fellow seminarians at RMS Bosnia were concerned about the “bad mouthing” that was taking place after the man left the seminary and wanted to establish the truth for themselves.

It appears that many of the RMS rectors around the world originate from the mother house in Rome and adopt the same modus operandi. 

In this man’s case the basic method employed was as follows;

ISOLATION. No mobile phones or internet contact was allowed. Personal phone calls to the seminary phone were discouraged and monitored.

PHYSICAL DURESS. 12 hours hard physical labour every day in cold dangerous conditions.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION.  Billeted in crowded dormitories and cramped cold conditions.

STARVATION RATIONS. This man lost 1/6 of his body weight over a 9 week period.

DESTRUCTION OF SELF ESTEEM. Constant denigration, humiliation and ridicule from the rector and dean.

REINFORCEMENT OF NCW. Banging on about being better formed than diocesan seminarians. Claiming to be the only ones in the church who know about  catechesis, evangelisation, family life etc.

NO PRAYER. This man was alarmed when told not to pray the Rosary or the Divine Office as he hadn’t reached the NCW stage of Initiation to Prayer.

RESTRICTED FREEDOM. Having become convinced that something was not as it should be and not of the Holy Spirit he asked to leave the seminary. His departure was frustrated by personnel in RMS in two countries and he was detained against his will. He was constantly verbally abused during this time. He had to make good his escape against the will of the seminaries.

DEMONIZED.  Upon his return to the UK his catechists made up all sorts of untrue stories to tell his old community why he had left.

These are not the fruits of the NCW that they would want publicized but they are what the Church and the public need to see so that appropriate action can be taken.

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