Friday, December 16, 2016


Dear Archbishop Byrnes,

In case you do not understand the revulsion against the boy you've been seen palling around with (that's what it looks like) the last few days, here is but one example. 

While we understand that you are a good man and a good priest and want to bring healing and forgiveness, for several years the boy you've been palling around with has used his exalted position in our Church to harm the faithful, especially the young, by psychologically masturbating out his pent up sexual frustration from pulpits your archdiocese (it's yours now) gave him.

Everybody fornicate.
I don't.
I don't.
Everybody masturbate.
I don't. And if I do, I confess.
Because it's very important these things, see.
They make a scientific research.
They say, monkeys, monkeys, monkeys or monkeys? monkeys.
They say that 98% of monkeys masturbate everyday.
Therefore it's very normal for young people to masturbate.
That was the scientific research they did.
This is a lie.
This is a lie. First, are you a monkey?
You can look like one, but you are not.
You are not.
You are not.
Swimming against the tide (?) means
That we stand for what we believe.
That if my boyfriend is treating me like a touchscreen.
He touch me here, he touch me there.
I slap him.
I'm not a "bome-bo"
I'm not a pizza.
I'm not a orange
You know, one day I spoke about that 
and some people misinterpret me 
but I have no fear.
You know, an orange.
How we treat an orange.
You cut it.
You skin it.
You skin it around.
At least in Brazil we do like that.
Then you cut in half.
And then we squeeze
Then we squeeze.
Then we squeeze.
And when we lose the taste, then we throw it.
We throw it.
Many boys, not all.
But many boys treat women like orange.
They squeeze you.
And when there's no more taste
They throw it.

Any "real" seminary would have seen the problem early on and found him another path in life. But RMS is not a "real" seminary, and the boy you've been palling around with is a greater condemnation of what happens there than that "ad hoc" committee report.

Our apologies, Archbishop Byrnes. We want to give you time to do the right thing. We want you to win. We want you to be our Archbishop. And we understand that making things like this public makes your job harder. But we also want you to know what we have had to suffer under for decades. 

And we are NOT willing to let aberrations like "Fr." Edivaldo da Silva Oliviera continue to be a danger to our children. While you may believe you can simply "make him a priest" with a good talking to, he needs some serious psychological help and probably needs to be laicized before you are sorry.

Archbishop Byrnes, this is NOT about forgiveness and reconciliation. This is about a desperate person who needs HELP, not a Roman collar and a place on the altar behind you. This is about a person who was taken advantage of by Kiko Arguello and his system of human trafficking wherein poor souls like Edivaldo are recruited off the streets of poor countries and pounded into bishop-buying currency regardless of what is right for their souls. 

And NOTE to the lawyers looking to overturn our hard won law. Up till now we have had NO defense against the ravenous animals with collars like the one on this recording. We have been hit in the face with this kind of filth for a very long time. The law WE passed is our statement that WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. 

Get it?

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