Saturday, December 31, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

When you love the Neocatechumenal Way more than Jesus, then you are able to disobey the Pope in turn.

Neocatechumenals, please, do not tell us fairy tales.
Do not show us more pictures of Kiko and Carmen with the Pope in turn.

It is only a matter of who do you obey. All of us know you are obliged to obey Kiko Argüello over the Pope in turn.

But Jesus is not represented by Kiko Argüello. Jesus is represented on Earth by the Pope.

If you love the Neocatechumenal Way over the Pope, say it openly once and for all.

Just ask yourselves and be honest. Once and for all. The Pope or Kiko Argüello?

Jesus or Kiko Argüello?

It is very simple!

Please, consider it.

Do not get entangled with if Fr. Pius told you what Kiko said what the Pope told him.

John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I have told in public the NCW TO OBEY. All of them had given several instructions and recommendations, oraly and written.

If you do not obey, then ask yourselves who are you obeying at least?

Do not look at others, just look at you. Who do you obey? Who do you want to follow?

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