Monday, December 12, 2016


posted by Jose M.

It's an exercise of patience; an exercise of endurance; a display of righteous resolve.  Sunday after Sunday for over 30 weeks straight, we have picketed in front of the Cathedral, only retiring some of the signs as concerns have been met and addressed.

However, what we give freely of our time pale in comparison to what Apuron's victims were forced to give up against their will.   They had no say. They had no voice. They could not protest. His victims were silenced.

Our "power," our "authority," our contribution are our voices, are our signs
Silent No More.

Some of us have been mocked for our age.  We have been mocked for our persistence. While the messenger is attacked, there has been little resistance to the message; some have attempted, but it's been difficult for them to counter the truth.

That message? It's been very clear:  Apuron Out!

For additional photos of Sunday December 11th's picket, click here.

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