Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Poster from Piti has left a new comment on your post "THE PRIEST AS PUBLIC PERSON": 

UGH. The four pictures of evil above remind of the Book of Revelation, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death.

It is up to AB Byrnes to figure out which is which, but we can definitely do without all four. Their poison has nearly ruined our Church, and their remaining presence will only continue the divide.

Apurun, the monster serial sexual predator. And he's not even being put to trial for these crimes, but for the many other crimes committed against his office and the flock he was supposed to serve and protect.

Cristobal, the evil mind who has used his knowledge of Apurun's past to insure he held positions of power and money. So rabid in his kiko religion he believes all priests should be formed/deformed by the RMS seminaries. If you refuse to submit to the kiko cult, as vocations director he will stop at nothing to keep you from pursuing God's calling. Vengeful and evil if you get on his wrong side. Not a smart man at all, but a decent manipulator, at least enough to manipulate Apurun and his cult followers.

Egivaldo, a perverse man hiding behind a white collar. Promotes sexual deviancy by suggestive language about daily primate masturbation, and his warped idea of male/female relationships. Went to Rome for studies. Came back with no more knowledge but his ego seemed to have swollen to epic proportions. Thinks he is a modern day Romeo, and an aspiring media manipulator.

Quitugua, this is the one we really have to be careful with. He is like Lucifer. He doesn't get in your face and berate you and talk smack to you. He is a quiet one, but as Apurun's #2 guy, he insured all the dirty deeds were done and hidden. He was certainly aware of Apurun's past and did everything possible to hide these hideous offenses and completely neglect the victims. By his very deeds, we can see that Apurun is a very sick person. But by Quitugua's deeds, we can see he is the most dangerous: sly, cunning, deceitful, and quietly vicious. Many people think of David as a kindly priest, so he has done well to mask his wolfish nature with a fine covering of lambs wool. People think he is stupid because it took him 8-10 years to get his canon law degree. True, he has no mind for legal matters. But make no mistake, he has learned well the work of darkness.

All four have different characteristics and evil skills. But, they do share one common trait. They each believe they are smarter than everyone else. They believe that we will stupidly believe every lie they say, just because they are priests and people will believe whatever they spew from their evil mouths.

But Tim and the Jungle Nation have taught us all a valuable lesson. Evil knows no borders. Even priests can fall to the dark side. And as laity, we are called to look and judge actions, and not titles, to see the reality behind a person's words and deeds.

These four horsemen of the apocalypse have lied so often, they probably believe the $h!t that rolls off their tongues. But one by one, the Jungle Nation has revealed those lies, with documentation and proof.

to be continued ...


Archbishop Byrnes, you are getting a lay of the land. I pray my acidic analysis of these four people does not turn you off, but helps you to fully understand who the people are that you are responsible for.

Archbishop Byrnes, most people understand that you have no control over what happens to Apurun. All you can do is verify the actual acts that he has committed from evidence you have gathered from the Jungle Nation and your own research. That will be enough to remove him from our concern.

But, your grace, you are fully able to determine the fate of our local Church, and the fate of those other three men. Perhaps a canonical trial is in order on the local level to determine what are their actual crimes and how to direct their future ministries, if any. It seems that this suggestion is fully within your authority, and might be a wise path to bringing peace back into our household.

Again, I pray for your successes, which will then be our successes as well. The Church on Guam awaits.


  1. When KUAM NEWS-PACIFIC DAILY NEWS rounds up the 2016 Top Stories on Guam it won't be surprising this, and the Catholic Church news hits #1 . Merry Chrismas to all!

  2. Poster from Piti - thank you. You hit the nail on the head with your analysis of these four men. You obviously know them well. Are you a hidden member of the clergy?