Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Concerned Catholics questions priest’s canon law studies
A group of Catholics is raising concerns about a recent decision to send a priest to Canada to study canon law. The priest defied an archbishop’s decision to reassign him to Umatac and has been accused of a string of alleged misconduct throughout the years. Canon law governs the Catholic Church. CONTINUED


This is one of the lowest accusations against the Catholic Church on Guam that we have to read and endure from a newspaper that is supposed to give a balanced reporting on all issues of public interest. PDN is directly tied to the extreme liberal worldview of its mother mainland organization, the USA Today. Accordingly, it has a vile agenda of destruction of religious belief.

David Sablan's CCoG is one of the most despicable organization on island with a vested interest of causing extreme monetary damages to the Catholic Church. David Sablan is acting on this monetary interest, promulgated by the so-called Jungle hate group, to drag the church to court on both valid and invalid charges. 

We still have to learn about the validity of any accusation against Father Adrian who was sent to pursue canon law studies by Archbishop Byrnes. PDN is not doing well to promote a witch hunt mentality serving a handful of extreme liberal church radicals whose aim is to take over church governance from the rightfully appointed authorities of the Catholic Church.

Cristobal made it easy. He documented for himself his own lies in the media. We only had to compile them. LOL


  1. if the presbyteral council had a say, or gave advice to byrnes, in sending adrian to canada, they have a lot of explaining to do. which members supported it? which members opposed it? and it would be even worse if there was some wheeling and dealing involved--in which case, so much for reform and justice.

    1. Presbyteral Council was never consulted.

    2. Presbytetal council divided on " Cristobal to Canada" Case.
      In First premise. Presbytetal Council member Fr.Lito proposed Cristobal's appointment to Umatac.
      Presbytetal council members by simple majority advised sabbatical.
      Prebytetal Council members divided Canon Law study. Majority against.

  2. Do bad and be rewarded....S-A-D... Why didn't the Catholic Church send Fr. Paul or Monsignor Benevente to study canon law when they were assumed to have done mismanagement in their parishes?

    1. Send a layman or laywoman instead. No need to send clergy these days. They are too busy working for souls.

    2. Agreed. What Guam needs is a lay female canon lawyer like brilliant Dr. Jennifer Haselberger. Blog: canonicalconsultation.com.

      She's the former chief canonist and Chancellor who crashed the US Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota by exposing its long history of covered up pedophile priests.

      In the process which caused her to be horribly mistreated by other Chancery officials, Jennifer caused the resignation of closet queen Archbishop John Nienstedt and bankruptcy of the Archdiocese due to lawsuits filed by victims of pedophile clergy and religious. Over 500 victims, if I recall. She voluntarily resigned what had been her "dream job" in 2013 and now works independently.

  3. "David Sablan's CCoG is one of the most despicable organization on island with a vested interest of causing extreme monetary damages to the Catholic Church." Thanks, Zoltan. You have given us our new mission statement.

    The Catholic Church has done the job all by itself. It doesn't need CCOG. It seems to shoot itself in the foot at every opportunity.

    It might be necessary to establish a new list of rules for priests. Here's a suggestion:

    RULE # 1: Keep your pants on at all times.

    Please add your suggested rules for priests. Maybe we can salvage what remains of the church.

  4. Tim, I could only make a comment here. I cannot open the "Adrian Watch" post from "Recent Comments" (since yesterday)- the response is the page does not exist on this blog. As there are several comments not everyone seems to get the response I do.When you have a free comment could you check this out. Thank you. David,Melbourne,Australia.

  5. Harold is in the Photo todays PDN. Does anyone Know if Harold is still in Honduras? Surely Archbishop Byrnes will know where Harold resides?

  6. with adrian's "assignment" to Canada to study Canon Law (?), Byrnes has shown that the Church has not changed its policies (tactics?) from the past. Out of sight, out of mind seems to be the Church's solution for errant priests. That may have worked in the past, but with the internet and social media of today, cover-ups are being exposed regularly. Truly, "Silent No More" and "Stop the Money" (let me add: "sue the guilty parties") are the appropriate battle cries of today's enlightened Laity.

  7. civil courts most reasonable medium to look into the scandals of Archdiocese.
    Sooner trial opens lies of NCW will be exposed.

  8. One would think that a mathematics professor would try to be logical, since this is the base of his discipline.
    Unfortunately one can see the damage kiko's kaka can do to a brain.

    For a couple of years the Zoltan unleashed a barrage of attacks and insults against Tim and the CCOG, the LFM and every brave soul resisting his sect and their facilitators, accusing them of being radical traditionalist who were opposed to the NCW because they were against Vatican II and the wonderful "reforms" which allowed the growth and development of Kiko'so Inc.

    Without batting an eye ( you know these teeny little slants hiding behind those wire glasses) he now claims this is a liberal conspiracy against all Christianity.
    I will be sure to tell the ladies of the LFM that they have been branded as liberal hacks by the Magyar from Afar.....poor Zoltan. ..

  9. Archbishop Byrnes not even in his Archdiocese. No capacity to lead local church.Archdiocese remains in disorder.

  10. I think it is an absoloutely appalling reflection on the Archdiocesan leadership to have sent this individual to study canon law.
    As regards zoltan he really needs to shut his mouth and go back to his embalming classes.

  11. Mr.Zoltan chosen to make CCOG appear like Church liberals against conservative church values. This is not the case. CCOG LFM traditional catholics in communion with catholic faith. Zoltan gives the impression such groups are against catholic teaching. They are not.Zoltan twisting thinking to make this appear like a group of conservatives against liberal church.

  12. If Byrnes thinks rational Guamanian Catholics will trust a pervert-canon lawyer like Cristobal, he's intentionally insulting your intelligence.

    You need to let him know right now that whether or not Cristobal completes his studies, he'd better not bring the freak back to Guam. Unless you seriously stand up to Byrnes, he'll treat you like a bunch of dumb rice Christians.