Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Concerned Catholics questions priest’s canon law studies
A group of Catholics is raising concerns about a recent decision to send a priest to Canada to study canon law. The priest defied an archbishop’s decision to reassign him to Umatac and has been accused of a string of alleged misconduct throughout the years. Canon law governs the Catholic Church. CONTINUED


This is one of the lowest accusations against the Catholic Church on Guam that we have to read and endure from a newspaper that is supposed to give a balanced reporting on all issues of public interest. PDN is directly tied to the extreme liberal worldview of its mother mainland organization, the USA Today. Accordingly, it has a vile agenda of destruction of religious belief.

David Sablan's CCoG is one of the most despicable organization on island with a vested interest of causing extreme monetary damages to the Catholic Church. David Sablan is acting on this monetary interest, promulgated by the so-called Jungle hate group, to drag the church to court on both valid and invalid charges. 

We still have to learn about the validity of any accusation against Father Adrian who was sent to pursue canon law studies by Archbishop Byrnes. PDN is not doing well to promote a witch hunt mentality serving a handful of extreme liberal church radicals whose aim is to take over church governance from the rightfully appointed authorities of the Catholic Church.

Cristobal made it easy. He documented for himself his own lies in the media. We only had to compile them. LOL

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