Tuesday, January 17, 2017


  1. The day of the Big Shame is approaching to CCOG, Sablan, Rohr and the other war mongers. They pushed themselves into a corner from where there is no escape. This corner is the manner NCW is serving the Eucharist. This is their stumbling stone. They cannot get around this stumbling stone anymore because they pushed the issue of distributing the Eucharist too far.

    First of all they have to confront Archbishop Byrnes as soon as he is back on island on their 2 questions:

    Is it against against the regulation of the Catholic Church that at NCW Eucharist celebrations
    1. the body of Christ is consumed while the faithful is sitting?
    2. no distribution on-the-tongue is available? 

    These two questions were raised at JW and very are specific attack lines against the NCW. Only on Guam! Why? Because nowhere else on this wide earth is NCW attacked under the same charges. It was a novelty of Rohr to push for these things. You don't hear the same charges not even from his international comrades anywhere else. Why? They know that these 2 questions are simply invalid and will be laughed off. These questions don't deserve the time and effort they invest into it. 

    Of course, Archbishop Byrnes will have to tell them. He will tell them to back off because the answer for both of these 2 questions is NO! No, the practices of the NCW do not violate any regulation. 

    1. There is nothing wrong with sitting down before you consume the Eucharist.
    2. Eucharist on-the-tongue is available at other masses where you are free to go.

    When these people will hear the answers from Archbishop Byrnes, this will be the day of Big Shame for them, because of their stubbornness and unreasonable plots against their sisters and brothers. CCOG, JW. LFM and other church misfits of Guam, be ready for the day of your Big Shame. Then repent and ask forgiveness from your brethren in the communities for all the untrue accusations! We are here to show you a true way toward Jesus that is worth of waking on. 


  1. "This corner is the manner NCW is serving the Eucharist." Interesting choice of words. "...serving the Eucharist." Would you like some fries with that?

    1. Good point Andrew. No regard for the Eucharist as THE Body of Christ. Rather, just mere bread in which to share at a community meal. Heretics!

  2. All over the world lay people and priests have fought against ncw in any possible way, alerting bishops, clerics and the Ope himself about ncw illicit practices. JPII and BXVI tried to correct Kiko while having care not wto cauee a schism among faithfuls.
    BXVI tried to stop them with famous december 2005 letter.
    The letter and the following investigation conducted by Congregation for Doctrine of Faith were a heavy stop to the Kikos, but we know that Devil has still some power over the world so....
    Anything said by anon in Dianas blog is bullcrap. You kikos can't even imagine that Rohr is the last of an army of people that fight for Truth and Goodness

  3. Do not be mistaken. The NCW Saturday evening celebration is NOT a mass or a celebration of the Eucharist. It is merely a gathering of the followers Kiko's cult.

    It is not a valid mass or Eucharistic celebration.

    How could it be valid?
    1. The "priest" are not real priest especially if they are products of the RMS factory.
    2. The faith of the people gathered is tainted by heresy.

    This NCW Saturday evening celebration is a Protestant-Judeo gathering that tries to portray the characteristics of the Mass but is actually empty of any divine content and therefore they are not consuming the Body and Blood of Christ at this gathering.

    It is not a Mass.

    1. The greatest indication that their Saturday evening is incomplete is that the NCW are instructed to attend Mass at least once a month to fulfill the obligation in one of the tenets of the Church. If their Saturday service was valid, there would be no need for that instruction.

  4. “Mediator Dei indicates that this view is in error when it states: “The liturgy of the early ages is most certainly worthy of all veneration. But ancient usage must not be esteemed more suitable and proper, either in its own right or in its significance for later times and new situations, on the simple ground that it carries the savor and aroma of antiquity” (n. 61). Moreover, since information on the liturgical practice of the early centuries is not so clearly attested to in the written sources available to us from that era, the danger of a simplistic arbitrariness in defining these practices is greater and runs the risk of being pure conjecture. Also, it is not respectful of the natural process of growth of the traditions of the Church over the subsequent centuries. Neither is it consonant with the belief in the action of the Holy Spirit in the Church down the centuries…”

    Reid, ed., Sacred Liturgy: The Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church (San Francisco: Ignatius Press), 2014.

  5. Who are these Church misfits?
    Catholics are baptized into the life of Our Lord and His Holy Catholic Church.
    Obvious misfits here are neos.
    Movement that caused division.
    Trash movement of church misfits.

    1. 700 or 800 hundred STRONG on Guam, one million around the world. Wow! You guys are killing it (NOT!) Why don't you doctors, business people, professors, homemakers, educators etc. walking in the way ask yourselves this? Why after 50 years has your movement not grown larger within the Catholic Community? There's an estimated 1.2 billion Catholics and your cult comprises about .00083%. If it was truly the only way to Jesus Christ, why aren't more people running, racing, clamoring to know more about THE WAY? You know why? Because it's the WRONG WAY! The only way to Jesus Christ is through the Church that he establish 2,000 years ago and not through the church of Kiko. Open your eyes people. Read the testimony of the former members of the way who have thankfully found their way out and who are helping others understand the rotten fruits of the way. A big thank you to them. They have helped to keep the numbers at .00083% around the world and on Guam. I haven't seen any Invitation To Joy billboards recently. But then again, Who would wan to walk in the way now knowing what they know from the Jungle, La Paz and others who have enlightened the world!

    2. The NCW know that they do not have the numbers. That is why they are setting-up RMS factories everywhere to produce many NCW "priest" to fill up the parishes everywhere. These bogus “priest” will force the NCW heresy down the throats of the unsuspecting faithful in the parishes that they are assigned to.

      This is the NCW strategy, we must not let them succeed, inform your fellow Catholics about this cult and prevent this evil from spreading.

    3. The invitation to joy billboards are UP in Malesso this week... ugh!

    4. It's that time already? How time flies! It seems like only yesterday when I stood up and walked out of the cathedral with my choir and some parishioners at the start of the "Invitation to Joy." Here we go again!

    5. It is time to produce an information brochure for our unsuspecting fellow Catholics to inform and expose this cult and prevent this evil from spreading.

  6. Fr. Frederick William Faber:

    “If we hated sin as we ought to hate it, purely, keenly, manfully, we should do more penance, we should inflict more self-punishment, we should sorrow for our sins more abidingly. Then, again, the crowning disloyalty to God is heresy. It is the sin of sins, the very loathsomest of things which God looks down upon in this malignant world. Yet how little do we understand of its excessive hatefulness! It is the polluting of God’s truth, which is the worst of all impurities.

    Yet how light we make of it! We look at it, and are calm. We touch it and do not shudder. We mix with it, and have no fear. We see it touch holy things, and we have no sense of sacrilege. We breathe its odor, and show no signs of detestation or disgust. Some of us affect its friendship; and some even extenuate its guilt. We do not love God enough to be angry for His glory. We do not love men enough to be charitably truthful for their souls.

    Having lost the touch, the taste, the sight, and all the senses of heavenly-mindedness, we can dwell amidst this odious plague, in imperturbable tranquillity, reconciled to its foulness, not without some boastful professions of liberal admiration, perhaps even with a solicitous show of tolerant sympathies.

    Why are we so far below the old saints, and even the modern apostles of these latter times, in the abundance of our conversations? Because we have not the antique sternness? We want the old Church-spirit, the old ecclesiastical genius. Our charity is untruthful, because it is not severe; and it is unpersuasive, because it is untruthful.

    <b.We lack devotion to truth as truth, as God’s truth. Our zeal for souls is puny, because we have no zeal for God’s honor. We act as if God were complimented by conversions, instead of trembling souls rescued by a stretch of mercy.

    We tell men half the truth, the half that best suits our own pusillanimity and their conceit; and then we wonder that so few are converted, and that of those few so many apostatize.

    We are so weak as to be surprised that our half-truth has not succeeded so well as God’s whole truth. Where there is no hatred of heresy, there is no holiness.

    A man, who might be an apostle, becomes a fester in the Church for the want of this righteous indignation.”

  7. Hold on to your horses there AnonymousJanuary 16, 2017 at 3:56 PM? Shhss! Archbishop Byrnes cannot be disturbed at this time cause (unknown to me)Church' in Detroit Michigan is under fire with the Church Militant. Archbishop Brynes seems to be in the topic lately. Do you actually know him that well Anon. 3:56 to say "Of course, Archbishop Byrnes will have to tell them. He will tell them to back off"

    Check this out in FB. Timing off to maybe 10mins.
    Church Militant
    13 hrs ·
    Beware Catholic theatrics substituting for the Faith.

  8. Anon @1/16/17 03:56PM, The only shame that has come is the fact that Rome has given your disobedient cult a command to follow the approved liturgical books of the church, and like disobedient Adrian your NCW cult has outright disobeyed the Church. You caution us to be ready for AB Byrnes to shut us down, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but AB Byrnes nor any bishop for that matter has the authority nor the competency to change the approved liturgy of the Church. So AB Byrnes does not have any choice except to obey the Church in following the approved liturgical rubrics. What you should be concerned about is the fact that your NCW Bishop Apuron, Prebysters Cristobal, Quitugua, Rudy, Deacon Claros, Pius are habitual liars, deceivers, money and power mongers, and teachers of heretical doctrine, and are instrumental in covering up sexual abuse in the church in Guam. The Day of shame has already come for all these NCW clown. It is for that reason that they have been removed from their office. Now Who is the bringer of Shame?

    1. To Anon 1/16 @3:56pm - Look forward to Tim Rohr’s reply to your “Big Shame Coming to CCOG, Sablan, Rohr and Other War Mongers” because when Archbishop Byrnes comes back to Guam he will simply say to us “church misfits of Guam” to BACK OFF because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the doctrines and practices of the Neos, that we are just being unreasonable and stubborn in our plots against the brothers and sisters of the communities who are here (in Guam) “to show us the true Way toward Jesus that is worth walking on, and that we will eventually repent and ask forgiveness of the brethren for our untrue accusations. It will be the Day of Great Shame for us!” Wow!! Such fire-and-brimstone pronouncement and prophecy. Such an apocalyptic prophet deserves a better name than “Anon”, so we can give him/her the credit/debit it deserves. I (and others too) would like to chime in on this “Comedy of Errors” (aka “Full of Crab”) but I prefer to wait for Tim’s sharp knife. === Zenon A. Cruz.