Tuesday, January 17, 2017


  1. The day of the Big Shame is approaching to CCOG, Sablan, Rohr and the other war mongers. They pushed themselves into a corner from where there is no escape. This corner is the manner NCW is serving the Eucharist. This is their stumbling stone. They cannot get around this stumbling stone anymore because they pushed the issue of distributing the Eucharist too far.

    First of all they have to confront Archbishop Byrnes as soon as he is back on island on their 2 questions:

    Is it against against the regulation of the Catholic Church that at NCW Eucharist celebrations
    1. the body of Christ is consumed while the faithful is sitting?
    2. no distribution on-the-tongue is available? 

    These two questions were raised at JW and very are specific attack lines against the NCW. Only on Guam! Why? Because nowhere else on this wide earth is NCW attacked under the same charges. It was a novelty of Rohr to push for these things. You don't hear the same charges not even from his international comrades anywhere else. Why? They know that these 2 questions are simply invalid and will be laughed off. These questions don't deserve the time and effort they invest into it. 

    Of course, Archbishop Byrnes will have to tell them. He will tell them to back off because the answer for both of these 2 questions is NO! No, the practices of the NCW do not violate any regulation. 

    1. There is nothing wrong with sitting down before you consume the Eucharist.
    2. Eucharist on-the-tongue is available at other masses where you are free to go.

    When these people will hear the answers from Archbishop Byrnes, this will be the day of Big Shame for them, because of their stubbornness and unreasonable plots against their sisters and brothers. CCOG, JW. LFM and other church misfits of Guam, be ready for the day of your Big Shame. Then repent and ask forgiveness from your brethren in the communities for all the untrue accusations! We are here to show you a true way toward Jesus that is worth of waking on. 

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