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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

It's time to continue with Fr. Thomas J. Hennigan's comments on the Neocatechumenal Way. If you liked part one, I am sure you will enjoy this new post yet more. As with the wedding fest at Cana, the best wine has been saved for the end: in our case, those comments related with the Neo Second Scrutiny, the hard core of the neocatechumenal itinerary.

Source: El Segundo Escrutinio en los mamotretos secretos y el "recuento del botín" (The Second Scrutiny in the secrets mamotretos and the "count of the booty"), by Vade Retro, September 1 2012,

Eso de hurgar en la vida íntima y lo relacionado con el sexto mandamiento no sólo es contrario al Derecho Canónico, sino al mismo Derecho Natural. Claro, ellos dirán que su directorio está aprobado, pero hacen la interpretación que quieren. Es gravisimo.
Thomas J. Hennigan29 January 2016, 3:25 p.m.
That of rummaging in the intimate life and that related to the sixth commandment is not only contrary to Canon Law, but to the same Natural Law. Of course, they will say that your board is approved, but they do the interpretation they want. It's very grave.

Estos escrutinios como se llevan son una barbaridad y totalmente contrarios tanto al Derecho Natural como al Derecho Canónico. Nadie, nadie tiene facultad para hurgar en la vida íntima de otras personas, y menos en la presencia de 30 o más personas, cosa reservada en la Iglesia para el Sacramento de la Penitencia y la dirección espiritual, pues se trata de cuestions de fuero interno, sea sacramental o extr-sacramental, protegidas por sea por el sigilo sea con la obligación moral grave del secreto encomendado. No está permitido ni nunca lo ha sido. De hecho, hay una prohibición del Papa San León Magno, 440-461 de que se declare públicamente los pecados, o que se presione a las personas para que lo hagan. No hay más prohibiciones de este tipo porque siempre ha parecido a todo mundo cosa de sentido común ni se ha dado este problema en la Iglesia hasta la llegada del CN. ¿Qué hacer? Pienso que si un gran número de personas escribe cartas a sus obispos manifestándoles lo que sucede, no pueden pasarlo por alto, sin un abandono grave de sus deberes y del bien de los fieles encomendados a su cura pastoral. También se puede hacer una carta con una gran cantidad de firmas. También conviene entregar tales cartas a la Nunciatura del país para que las envíen a Roma para que tomen cartas en el asunto porque esto es de suma gravedad. Si podría acudir a la prensa católica para que publiquen esto y adviertan a los fieles acerca de lo que sucede en este grupo que procede de esta manera nefasta y perjudicial para ellos para que eviten formar parte de tal grupo. Para tener pruebas sugiero que se grabe estas sesiones con un teléfono móvil y hacer un transcripción de lo que allí sucede y entregarlo al obispo y a la Santa Sede. Que se haga también con declaraciones juradas, porque ya está bien y es urgente acabar en estas barbaridades que tanto hacen sufrir a muchas personas. Me han dicho sacerdotes que trabajan en la Santa Sede que si hay una queja de parte de muchos fieles los altos jerarcas simplemente no pueden ignorarla.
Thomas J. Hennigan January 30, 2016, 1:09

These scrutinies, as they are carried out, are an outrage and totally contrary to both Natural Law and Canon Law. No one, no one has the power to search the intimate life of other people, and less in the presence of 30 or more people, something reserved in the Church for the Sacrament of Penance and spiritual direction, since these are questions of internal jurisdiction , Whether sacramental or extra-sacramental, protected either by secrecy or by the grave moral obligation of the entrusted secret. It is not allowed nor ever has been. In fact, there is a prohibition of Pope St. Leo the Great, 440-461 to declare sins publicly, or to pressure people to do so. There are no more prohibitions of this type because it has always seemed to everyone common sense and has not given this problem in the Church until the arrival of the CN. What to do? I think that if a large number of people write letters to their bishops showing them what is happening, they can not ignore it, without a serious abandonment of their duties and the good of the faithful entrusted to their pastoral care. You can also make a letter with a large number of signatures. It is also convenient to hand over such letters to the Nunciature of the country to be sent to Rome to take letters in the matter because this is of great gravity. If I could go to the Catholic press to publish this and warn the faithful about what happens in this group that proceeds in this way harmful and harmful for them to avoid being part of such a group. In order to have proof I suggest recording these sessions with a mobile phone and making a transcript of what happens there and handing it over to the bishop and the Holy See. Let it also be done with affidavits, because it is already well and it is urgent to end in these barbarities that cause so much suffering for many people. I have been told by priests who work in the Holy See that if there is a complaint from many of the faithful, the top hierarchs simply can not ignore it.

At this point, I remain silent to listen to you, people of Guam, since the moment that Rome does not hear us, former members of the NCW, if we stay just protesting "in the sacristy". Of course if we join efforts the clamor will be louder.

With all my respect, I considered I have been doing that for many years and it is enough. Before coming here, to Jungle Watch, I felt I was closed in a nice "virtual" sacristy, with its "virtual" door properly closed to ensure other people who were at the other side of that door could not hear me. 

Then I decided I had to start shouting out of there. The NCW is a global danger. It is so dangerous for a Italian young as for a Chinese mature woman. My sufferings in the Way are exactly the same as a Guamanian former member's one. Our experience is letter by letter the same.

It also means Bishop Byrnes is as responsible of the damages caused by the NCW as any other bishop around the world where the NCW grows up with their consent. This is not a pain in a finger, this is a pain disseminated by the whole body.

As it happened with the scandal of the sexual abuses committed by priests for decades, if the Catholic Church hierarchy does not want to open the thunder box then the secular society will open it. 

No matter how much Cardinal Schonbörn insists on saying there are not cults within the Catholic Church by definition, because more and more victims of cultic catholic groups do need the help of experts in cults -as it already happens- and again the Church will have to apologize some day badly and late, as always, with the evidence in front of the noses. 

This is a magnificient hot potatoe. If Rome just does not move a finger, secular society will make Rome ginger up. 

I do not want to be an accomplice of omission. I do not want even my worst enemy suffering as I did in the NCW.

Again, thank you, Thomas J. Hennigan.

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