Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Posted by Webster.

The swamp on San Ramon hill has been polluted and contaminated by Apuron and his Cronies (certain clergy, religious, and laity)) for over 30 years. The swamp was used by Apuron and his cronies for their personal gain and pleasure, a private playground to play out their perverted sexual fantasies and debauchery. The swamp has become toxic, putrid, and infested with foul matter.

The swamp has permeated all aspects of the Catholic Church in Guam, particularly the leadership and certain members of the clergy and religious. The swamp has stifled and battered the rest of the clergy and religious, at least those who had and still have integrity and a desire to maintain holiness in themselves. For many others, they were swept into the swamp of passiveness or denial. Finally, the swamp has mistreated and neglected the laity, who sacrificed and gave generously to build and feed the swamp.

The swamp has become a cesspool of filth.


The laity (LFM, CCOG, Silent No More) rose in indignation, fighting for Justice and the Truth. They want, no Demand, and Rightfully so, that the swamp be drained and refilled with holy water. Only then will the Church in Guam be able to regain its credibility and rightful position as the moral compass for its faithful Catholics. Anything less is a white-wash, much of the same thing as in the past, where injustices are ignored, swept under the rug, and the perpetrators simply reassigned, expecting the laity to accept without question.


This is why we picket, and shall do so until the swamp has been drained of all its filth, and the fragrance of decency, cleanliness, and holiness swamps our senses again.


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