Saturday, January 14, 2017


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

By the time, I am increasingly convinced that it is impossible for Rome to stop Kiko's feet. 
We should be more realistic and assume once and for all the lesson from Tim Rohr: 

Do not look at Rome. Do not turn to Rome.

Maybe it is time to look at every diocese's responsible: the bishop.
Then, why do not ask the bishop about every breach trust committed by neocatechumenals in his diocese every time it occurs?
Ask your bishop every time in black and white.

For example: the Eucharist celebrated during the "Nochevieja", as we call in Spanish the last night of the year, New Year's Eve. 

In Spain, the Nochevieja is one of the very familiar celebrations during Christmas time. Despite in pure catholic terms the main festivities are December 24th and 25th, at least in Spain, from where Kiko is, people use to celebrate also December 31st and 1st in a family context.  It means people -catholics and atheists as well- use to organize those festivities dividing those days of celebration among one's family of blood and one's family in law. That is our tradition, I think it is quite similar in several places around the world. 

I want to underline the fact that that is the tradition knowed and lived by Kiko Argüello since the moment he is Spanish. I do not care if he lives more time in Italy. I am sure in Italy they have very similar traditions, if not identical. 

Why did Kiko worry about those traditions of centuries until the point he wants to change them? 
In the beginning it was just the celebration of 24th and apparently moved by a "formative" reason for those who had reached the "Iniciation to Prayer" step in the Neocatechumenal Way. Later, he extended his "recomendations" for every neocatechumenal member, despite his/her step in the Way. 

As it happens with every recomendation gave by the leader for all members of a cult, his desires are automatically translated to orders. That is a fundamental test to value when a group becomes a cult: the degree of "tolerated" disobedience against a given recommendation by the leader. In this case, the tolerance of desobedience is zero. If Kiko says this, this becomes a law instantly.

Kiko Argüello said every neocatechumenal member, to be considered as a real christian, had to celebrate Christmas Night in a christian way. What did it mean? In a neocatechumenal way, of course. And it had nothing to do with attending "Misa del Gallo" (Rooster Mass, literally in Spanish, at 24 h in Christmas Eve, I don't know if you call it like that in English or if you have that tradition during that special night), precisely what had distinguised fervent Catholics forever. 

No, Kiko Argüello didn't care that "Misa del Gallo" (Christmas Eve Mass), of course. That was a thing related with natural religious people. Kiko had to innovate supposedly returning -as always- to primitive first christians. In Kiko's mind, those members of the very primitive Church used to celebrate Jesus birth as follows: the family head, it is, the father, pater familias, proclaims the Gospel of the day -using the Jerusalem Bible, of course- and gives a catechesis (inspired by Kiko, of course). 

After that, the benjamin of the family puts the little Jesus figurine in the portal of Betlehem installed in the living room, while all of them sing Christmas carols (of course, composed or/and arranged by Kiko). Then they sit around the table for Christmas dinner. 

The most important thing for a neocatechumenal is making the difference. If a neocatechumenal family have to move to another family member's house for Christmas dinner, then the father, the head, has to suggest to perform those neocatechumenal rituals as well. But maybe he finds the refusal of the homeowner...maybe his brother in law does not agree with him. Of course, in that case the neocatechumenal pater familias would have to consider to not celebrate Christmas Night anywhere next time, as it often happens. 

Far from being a reason to be worried about, if you, neocatechumenal, have to stay alone at home because nobody of your family wants to pass through your neocatechumenal hoop at Christmas, it means you are a truly and authentic follower of JesusChrist, willing to be prosecuted and abandoned due to your faith. A new dramma to be added for your eternal life. 

About Nochevieja or New Years Eve, it is common for young people in Spain to go out for a great party with your friends until the sunrise if possible. We use to have the secular ritual of eating 12 grapes, one per each of the last seconds of the "old" year, after the family dinner. 

Then we use to have a toast for the New Year starting and after it everybody uses to come back home, except if you are young, because it means the party time has just started! In Spain every young dreams with that night during all year...

Of course, some intransigent and fundamentalist neocatechumenal adult members started complaining to Kiko about those pagan habits and of course Kiko, for whom it was extremely urgent to invent a new neocatechumenal tradition to replace that orgy of debauchery. Remember Kiko understands party only in terms of sex, drugs and alcohol. Then he, the new prophet re-invented how the ancient christians used to celebrate New Year's Eve: with an Eucharist at the responsible of the neocommunity's home, of course. Somehow he is the pater familias of the neocommunity. 

And here comes my question for the bishop in turn. 

Because it is not allowed for anyone to celebrate a mass whenever and wherever he/she wants and likes, without an objetive need and the impossibility of assisting to a sacred place to worship. For example, when a person is very ill and eventually a priest celebrates a private mass in a hospital room, or at home because there is a real lasting impossibility to leave home, etc. 

If neocatechumenals want to celebrate their own private eucharists at home during New Year Eve, I supposse they have the permission of their bishop, who accepts there are some objetive reasons for them to explain why they can not assist any sacred place to celebrate it with other catholic people. 

I throw the ball for Frenchie or Charles or any other Jungle Watch "citizen": please, remind us which are the teachings of the Catholic Church about who, why, when and where it is allowed to celebrate a mass in a living room of a particular home, for example, or in a nice garden or in the beach!

Diana was so proud to have a particular eucharist during last night of 2016, in the living room of somebody of her community, maybe in the same table where they had dinner before or they will have their neo-agape after the eucharist. Here is her explanation:

"We held the Eucharist last night at one of the homes of the brothers.  Earlier in the day before New Year's Eve, we helped the couple set up at their house.  The couple had already moved some of the furniture the day before, but they needed the community's help in moving the bigger furniture such as the sofa.  

The Eucharist started at 10:00 pm.  By the time, it was finished, it was a little past the new year.  Firecrackers and a lot of noise were heard outside.  After the Eucharist, everyone sat down for dinner.  In the Way, we called this dinner "agape".  It is always great to start out the new year with the Mass and a formal dinner with the community.  

The next day, my family and I went to a new year party held by close relatives.  Many of our relatives do not walk in the Way, but we find some time to get together with them.  This year, the new year fell on a Sunday so families were able to get together for a party especially since most of them have the day off tomorrow.  This new year have me and my family eating a lot of food.  We also took some balutang home so I do not need to cook breakfast and lunch tomorrow. 

My new year's resolution: Exercise and eat healthy......that is after the balutang is all gone".

Nice, Diana! 
I would like to invite Tim Rorh and every Jungle Watch's reader to have their own privates eucharist next Christmas Night, New Year Eve, why not next Easter Night and why not every time they want or like more...It would be so nice to have a lot of different masses every single Sunday to choose the best one. Surely it would be fantastic for some people who have left the parish and find more comfortable to join a private mass only for their friends, the members of their Baseball Club, etc., etc.

Maybe every bishop should consider it. Mass at la carte! So many different private mass at several homes for every consumer!

If neocatechumenals find the best way to do what they want with the permission of the bishop, let's try to ask him for similar activities. That is a real challenge. Maybe it is the real challenge to brake the Way. If Diana has permission, why Tim or John or whoever should not have it? 

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