Sunday, February 19, 2017


Ex-altar boy refuses to testify at Vatican Guam abuse trial

A former altar boy who accused Guam's longtime archbishop of sexually abusing him refused Thursday to testify before a Vatican court headed by American Cardinal Raymond Burke on the grounds that he couldn't have his lawyer present. CONTINUED


  1. Somebody better do something and have those guys, the victims, testify with or without their attorneys or this monster will get away with it! We want him ousted, defrocked, you name there any other way? It didn't think so either. I feel this is our only chance...testify.

  2. Apuron's canon lawyers and the prosecutor were not allowed to question any witness. Only Cardinal Burke as the presiding judge asked questions. It's an ecclesiastical trial and not subject to civil law. It would have been good for Cardinal Burke to hear Roland Sondia so that his credibility can be enhanced. It is unfortunate that the prosecutor and attorney Lujan were not able to work out something. This is the victims' opportunity to help find Apuron guilty of his church crimes so that he can be defrocked.

  3. Dear Anon at 4.25 pm. I am addressing this issue in my latest post.
    I am also making some recommendations, which would be viable and acceptable.