Wednesday, February 8, 2017


A canon law expert from Rome who also works at Boston College has directly contacted three victims of sexual abuse to seek their depositions. The attorney who represents the victims has called for answers, threatening to file an ethical complaint if communication with his clients continues without his consent.

In a letter to Rev. James J. Conn, attorney David Lujan questioned why the religious professor contacted three of his clients – Roland P.L. Sondia, Roy T. Quintanilla and Walter G. Denton – to discuss their cases for a matter “not related to the lawsuits on Guam.” CONTINUED


  1. Teaches at St. John's Seminary is Boston where the Neocats get their education. Rev Conn-artist, who you working for?

  2. If a civil lawyer pulled stunts like that, he'd probably be disbarred.

    Even if the victims approached this so-called canon law expert independently, he knows damn well not interrogate them because they're already represented by civil Plaintiff attorneys for their Federal and Guam cases.

  3. He is a civil lawyer admitted and active in Maryland an D.C.

  4. From all appearances, he most likely is investigating for the tribunal (in the Vatican) the Charges against Apuron.
    I believe one of the most recent newspaper articles on the subject, even named him as the likely person to do so.

    The issue here is his connection to "Cardinal Sean" as he likes to be called. O'Malley has been entrusted by the Pope with many of the sexual misconduct cases.
    He is kind of his to go guy in the USA.

    In itself that would be ok, but for the fact that O'Malley is very very close to Genarrini, and is even sitting on the Board of Domus Galilae. That in itself, should be a disqualifying conflict of interest.

    1. Big gigantic point on Sean , Frenchie.

  5. Buffoon O'Malley has been totally useless in the abuse crisis. He's just a figurehead and the Pope's American flunkie.