Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Today, the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa (Saipan) released a statement regarding the accusations against Bishop Emeritus Tomas Camacho. More interesting than the statement is the status of the priest who released it:

Greetings and Peace,

Attached is the Official Statement of His Excellency Ryan P. Jimenez
on the sexual abuse allegation against Bishop Emeritus Tomas A. Camacho.

Fr. Jason A. Granado
Fr. Granado was one of the first "fruits" of RMS, one of the much-promised "priests for Guam," except that he isn't. Word down here in Agat, where he was made a pastor after ordination, is that he was too much like a real diocesan priest and not a rabid neocat presbyter, and thus a failure in the eyes of Pius the Putrid. Having failed to get the NCW going in Agat after a couple years, he was shipped off to Saipan and replaced by Alberto the Hammer.

Note to Archbishop Byrnes: Can you please advise us (since apparently you want to keep the RMS fruits growing), why the faithful of Guam are asked to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to form "priests for Guam,"who are then shipped off to other dioceses? A recommendation: Tell Saipan to give us Fr. Jason back and trade him for the Bishop Emeritus' nephew, that is if you can find him.

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