Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

Dear people of Guam, I would like this post would arrive your neocatechumenal brothers and sisters' ears to allow them knowing better Kiko and Carmen, founders of the Neocatechumenal Way, in that facet of their saint life that nobody ever talks about. Mainly because nobody dares to it.

In Spain, during some decades along the XIX century, Civil Law defined the status of "pobre de solemnidad", literally translated "poor of solemnity", to certificate who was actually a citizen poor among the poors, it is, who was worthy of social charity, naturally in a country where poverty was endemic. As the saying goes: "mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos", translated "evil of many, consolation of fools". It is bad to be poor, much worse to be "poor of solemnity", poor with a title.

Maybe the most of neocatechumenal members around the world do belive Kiko, Carmen and Mario do live as "pobres de solemnidad" by their love for JesusChrist and their zeal for the evangelization. Maybe they do imagine three of them shivering in the middle of the blizzard, without a sad match to light a bonfire under a bridge and of course without a crust of bread to be carried to their mouth. 

Yes, Kiko, Carmen and Mario do live, in neocatechumenal fairy tales, such a modern version of that "poverello of Asis", with no place where to lay his head. Today I will tell you an anecdote which shows the extent to which these three saints have lived in absolute precariousness, always dependent on divine providence. I will translate it as it appears in Cruxsancta's blog (here). 

It is a letter sent to Gloria, one of that blog administrators and former member of the NCW in Spain, by another neocatechumenal former member who was close to the founders. He allowed her to publish that letter in Cruxsancta. Here it is:

"One day I met a doctor of those who were in the surgery operation of Carmen's one leg. (...). He told me that when he reached the operating room, Carmen punched him. He assumes that the woman would have some disorder (I told him that her sister, Elisa, of my parish, died with Alzheimer's) and he said that sometimes patients with some disorder and in situations of tension can behave a little irrational. But Carmen was still not "drugged" when she punched him, because preciselly that doctor was the anesthesiologist and he still had not administered her anything.

This man (the anesthesiologist) went to see her later in the room and Kiko was with her. The doctor introduced himself and said that Kiko introduced himself in a very "solemn" way, giving himself a lot of airs of grandeur . He said that they were going to pay in cash, then the doctor went to ask a colleague: "How much are you going to charge?" And his colleague answered: "Look, charge enough because they have a lot of money and they come here so arrogant and assholes". He also told me that they "required" a calendar of cures and instructions because the next day they will take a private jet to Rome.

Just add to the anecdote that my friend (he is homosexual, fortunately he did not tell Kiko) told me that when he saw Kiko in Carmen's room all dressed in black, he looked like a "lugubrious and dirty" person".

NOTE: I am sorry if "asshole" is a bad word to say. The original in Spanish is "gilipollas" and I am not sure if it is a good translation, since the moment I do not know about English slang. Google translator used "asshole".

It is enough illustrative the fact that Kiko was perceived by those doctors, non neocatechumenals and I suposse even not catholics (then not familarized with Kiko as a religious leader) as a complete arrogant person, showing off their high level of life (able to pay cash for the surgery and with a private jet). His lugubrious image is quite distant from the radiant shine of a humble servant of God. Kiko, for non neocatechumenal people, looks more like a son of darkness. 

About Carmen punching the doctor, it does not surprise me. I am not able to say if she had an Alzheimer or a Parkinson disease, but I am sure she had an undiagnosed psychiatric illness because Kiko and herself had always been enemies of psychiatric doctors and similar. They had always tought that any depression is caused by a hidden sin, as well as the lack of desire to speak -one of its common symptoms- is caused by the mute devil. 

Anyway, it is such a bad joke that Kiko and Carmen used to live as millionaires trying to make appear they did not. Carmen was a real millionaire. By the way, her sister Elisa, that one who was mentioned above with Alzheimer's disease, left in heritance enough money to hold the Redemptoris Mater and the neocatechumenal university in Ecuador through Elisa Barreda Foundation. I am sure Carmen's heritage had gone entirely for the NCW too. She could afford a private jet every day to go to the supermarket if she wanted. 

If they lived as millionaires because Carmen was a legal millionaire, why did they have to lie proclaiming left and right they were like "poor of solemnity"as if they had never left the barracks in Palomeras? It is so sad the absolute lack of compassion with wich the bags of fillthiness roll in every community in the world clamoring for the tithe!

Yes, God gives it for their friends while they sleep...until Kiko and Carmen take it while they sing and dance! 

Talking about neocatechumenal dancing, here you have a video of the funeral of twenty members of a neocatechumenal community in Ecuador, who died when they were travelling by bus to the place where they were to have their Second Scrutiny Convivence. 

This video shows the neocatechumenal dance around the table with the present body of the twenty died persons. Just horrible!

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