Sunday, March 5, 2017


Boy Scouts says it banned priest who admitted he molested Guam kids

The Boy Scouts of America banned from the scouting movement a priest accused of pedophilia who faces multiple sex-abuse cases in Guam, according to the head of the organization's Aloha Council.

The council, which has jurisdiction over the Boys Scouts' Guam chapter, was commenting on recent court cases filed in federal court against Louis Brouillard, a former Guam priest and former Boy Scouts troop master. CONTINUED


  1. Guess there will not be any more boys scout cookies for Brouillard. I give this guy credit for admitting his despicable acts and destroying the lives of many young boys, perhaps now these men can start the healing process and at the same time seek justice for all their pain and sufferings. Our prayers go out to all the victims, May the Lord grant you healing and peace, may he also have mercy on Brouillard.

  2. As terrible as Brouillard's acts were, I can quite imagine - from the statements made about him thus far - that some of the boys probably looked at him as a kook. It's quite different with Apuron. Each of Apuron's victims - according to their accounts - were attacked, forced, physically forced, and then psychologically manipulated into silence.

  3. How did Broulliard ever wind up as a priest in Guam? Anybody know???

  4. Like a few notorious US dioceses, Guam was classified as a pedophile dump because Apuron is a known homosexual pedophile. He intentionally incardinated perverse priests because they wouldn't rat him out. He, in turn, enabled and protected them. Guam is located in the middle of nowhere, so Apuron's atrocities didn't attract any attention for 30 years.

    Interesting that there don't seem to be any surviving photos of Brouillard. I'll bet a lot of people are still gunning for his ass, age 95 and all.

    1. There are photos of him in old FD year books from when he "taught" there. Around 1976 or so. I posted a picture from one of those year books at this post:

      Also, if you type in BROUILLARD in the search box at the top left corner of the blog, you'll see how many times I mentioned him long before Leo Tudela testified, which was the first public mention of him.