Sunday, March 26, 2017


By Haidee V. Eugenio, Pacific Sunday News, March 26, 2017


  1. God bless David Sablan.

    Bishops who ignore David's warnings should be defrocked for deliberately endangering their dioceses. Guam's desperate plight caused by criminal Apuron's NCW has been documented in detail.

    Also, the newspaper needs to correct its Guam abuse lawsuit count. It currently stands at 33, not 30, for around $165 million.

  2. It's sad how the NCW has caused so much division that ROME still cannot see or turns the blind eye to. Guam's diocese will have a hard time rebuilding its trust with all the faithful Catholics as long as the NCW still exist within this diocese. Until there is a clear reassurance of who is running the diocese, the faithful won't support the diocese. The neocult can pretend that tbey align with the Catholics but we in Giam know better. Brother tony brought this island down and he really needs to be defrocked.

    1. As big of a problem the NCW is, it is still a wart on an elephant's butt in the overall scheme of things in Rome. The NCW is not alone. The "ecclesial movements" are notorious for developing into cults of personality wherein strange theology evolves. Rome tries to provide guidance, but there are hundreds of these things and most of the policing is entrusted to the leadership of the movements themselves. It's another one of the sad effects of the "spirit of Vatican 2," a label under which much nonsense and damage has occurred including the early outright illicit abrogation of the Traditional Mass (Benedict 16 made this clearly known in 2007).

      The good news for us though is Apuron. Apuron has brought a costly cloud of shame to the NCW and by extension to its Roman protectors. Believe me, they are now scrambling to dump him. When things come out, and they will, the NCW will be seen as an international syndicate trafficking in fugitive priest perverts. And then it will be the end.

  3. Thank you David Sablan and the CCOG for having the foresight and courage to contact and write letters to our neighbor dioceses warning them about the NCW. Exposing the NCW to our island neighbors is truly love in action!