Sunday, March 12, 2017


posted by Jose M.

Last week, an op/ed penned by a Mr. Pat Olivia was published in the Pacific Daily News.

In that essay, he wrote (emphasis mine):
I understand members of both esteemed organizations [CCOG & LFM] want retribution for those who may have done wrong. But do they realize that each time they picket and each time they speak up in the media or are seen out in public as a group, they are nourishing that same division in our church that they themselves are praying to heal? They drag the face of our Catholic Church — the whole church — in the mud in the eyes of everyone, even in front of the Protestant churches and their members.

I won't be writing a seething retort in this post (Although I did respond to him on the comment section of the page of said op/ed - see link above) but I am reminded of John 9: 6-7 and offer this:

Our Church has been tainted by the heinous sins of those clergy who not only engaged in sexually abusing innocent youth in their care, but also systematically hid known abuse by shuffling these priest around, suppressing any reports of abuse, and intimidating anyone who dared expose the molestation and rapes.

Our Church has also been tainted by those who, even with great knowledge of what was going on, turned a blind eye, looked the other way, kept their mouths shut and remained silent when they should have been protecting the poor victims from their attackers. (Even victims of their own flesh and blood.)

These are the sins of our Church here on Guam.

If anything, God has graced the CCOG & LFM to rub "mud" in the eyes of our Church. God has blessed these good people to stir up the dirt and rub the eyes of all of us with this new

Yes, mud is being rubbed in the eyes of those of the Church and outside the Church.

Now,   "Go, wash in the pool of Silo′am."

....      ....      ....      ....      .... 

Until then, we picket; we protest; we hold up our signs.  And if you remain steadfast that our activity in front of the cathedral is the source of what is bringing down our Church,  here's mud in your eyes . . .

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