Monday, March 13, 2017



  1. More power to the protestors. However, I don't see filthy Apuron being defrocked by the canonical tribunal if his victims refuse to testify.

  2. Someone said a while back that you have an Oceania bishop's conference. If so, why are they remaining silent about this Apuron nightmare?

    1. Apuron was the president of the Oceania Bishop Conference, not sure if he is current or past president, besides these bishops look out for each other, doubt that they will go against one of their brother bishop. With the victims not testifying, Apuron stands to get away with his acts against innocent boys.

    2. Agreed on all points, Anon 2:30.

  3. Last February 17, Lujan filed a $5 million lawsuit against Saipan's pedophile-bishop emeritus Camacho. No updates available.

    Reportedly, Saipan's former altar boys, including some who are now its legislators, were also heavily abused by homosexual priests. However, they won't come forward for fear of being ostracized by their families. Hopefully, Lujan will be successful and that will change.

  4. SLIGHTLY OFF THE SUBJECT OF THE PICKET, BUT......I saw this in a KUAM comment. AnonymousMarch 8, 2017 at 3:24 PM
    PDN just published that the archdiocese is hurting badly. When will the church start acknowledging that the NCW has caused all this and they need to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" and hold all those responsible for hiding these pedophiles.

    To Anon at 3:24. March 8, 2017 at 3:24pm..
    While not indicting the NCW for the original sexual abuse scandal in Guam (it had been here before they came in the 1990’s), it certainly has a super-major role in endorsing, hiding, and perpetuating it. Had Apuron not found his niche to hide his pre-1990’s shenanigans, to seek and find shelter and protection in the NCW, perhaps most of this could have been ameliorated much earlier.

    But witness the turning the other way that the NCW offered Apuron and his cronies. “Just let us in into your archdiocese and let us proliferate the NCW, and we will protect you from all your sexual abise enemies – we have the strongest of support in Rome, especially through the patronage of our “Red Pope” ( Cardinal Filoni), who can easily twist Francis’ hands, the Roman Curia’s hands, the Canonical Tribunal’s hands. We can hide you, we can shelter you, we can support you – and your cronies like Fr Edivaldo, Fr Luis Camacho, Fr Madeson, and anyone else of your ilk.” That’s the strength, and the evil of the NCW. And until Archbishop Byrnes gathers up enough guts to stand up against Cardinal Filoni and his NCW, the healing process of the archdiocese will continue to be an ethereal dream! So wake up, Archbishop Byrnes. You say you don’t take sides! You just did by your concession to the Neos to receive Communion simultaneously – in violation of the GIRM. A lot of people are looking up to you to be the redeemer who is to come, but you are turning out to be just another hireling. Wake up, and smell the coffee! To yourself, be true. Archbishop; to Filoni “screw him!” – instead of us!