Sunday, March 5, 2017


posted by Jose M.

All too familiar to us.
Wednesday 1 March 2017 14.33 GMT 
'It is devastating': abuse survivor quits Vatican child protection body 
Resignation of Marie Collins, commission’s last remaining member who had suffered sexual abuse, is a setback for Pope Francis 
A prominent survivor of clerical sex abuse has resigned from a special Vatican commission that was created by Pope Francis to tackle the problem, saying the church’s most senior clerics continue to put “other concerns” before the safety of children and vulnerable adults.
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Collins said one of the reasons she decided to resign was the Vatican’s failure to establish a tribunal recommended by the commission to hold negligent bishops to account when they ignored reports of abuse.

Thus, we march on . . .

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Click on the following link to view last week's activity,  Feb 26 - Week 32.


  1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaMarch 6, 2017 at 7:06 AM

    Someone over at the Delusional Dingbat Diana's blog might not be too happy to see this post, which includes a link to the 26 February picket line. The absence of the 26 February photos on JW was noted …

    "Anonymous March 2, 2017 at 12:03 PM

    Notice for the first time that no photos of their protest last Sunday was published in JW. There was no mention of it in any of the news. Let's hope that many of the manamkos wised up and stop their protesting."

    1. If it didn't get posted on Jungle Watch, it didn't happen? This statement of "reality" they felt compelled to submit is "Exhibit C" as to their propensity to exploitation and manipulation. It's also an affirmation for this sanctioned blog of Pius to readily publish anything that seems to promote their fictitious narrative, even when it can be easily substantiated (and positively debunked).

      Although it solicits a chuckle or two over this humorous display of their tunnel vision, I mostly feel pity for them. Kiko, Pius and all the other ncw catechist have conditioned these poor folks into an existence of denial and delusion.

  2. It's just unfortunate that Ms. Collins left the commission. Those that won't do the right thing in order to protect themselves and the assets of the Church are happy when people like her walk away. So, yes, we march on for our own - Roy, Sonny, Walter, Roland and all the others. Thank you, Jose M., for documenting the prayer protests.

  3. What's the use...DEFROCK not gonna happen unless the boys testify. Somebody please prove me wrong!!

    1. Let us hope for principle and justice to win over a legal that may produce income but possibly derail the laicization of this demonic evil man.

    2. Let us hope for principle and justice to win over a legal advice that may reap some revenue but possibly derail the laicization of this demonic evil man.

    3. sikaduka is right. If Burke's bunch has no direct evidence against Apuron,they'll have to acquit him of the canonical charges.

  4. Patience my friend...ApurUn will be DEFROCK,DISROBED AND DIS-SECTED when all is said and done..Those involved with him better start packing ,Running or puckering your dagans...BIG GRIN..

  5. Our Lord hear and Answers everyone prayers..Everything we have done and still doing ( pretesting,Rain or shine) will NOT be in Vain...It may be a slow Process but'THY WILL BE DONE" in HIS way and HIS time..Trust in the Lord and WE WILL prevail..