Thursday, April 6, 2017


Posted by Tim

(courtesy Jose Martinez)

Actually, Diana, with the exception of Apuron, I have treated the accusation against Mr. San Agustin the same way I have treated every other accusation: by posting the news stories. 

I treated the accusations against Apuron differently because I personally got to know his accusers, heard their stories from them first hand, got face to face with them, and determined they were telling the truth - which was necessary for me since I was going to go to war publicly for them. 

And there was something also very different about the accusations against Apuron: his accusers came out BEFORE there was any law to protect them or any potential for compensation. In fact, when each of those 4 people came forward, there was every reason, given Apuron's threat against John Toves, that Apuron would use all the resources of the church to sue them into silence. 

The willingness of these three men and one woman to risk a certain law suit from Apuron - which in fact Edivaldo threatened to do on May 31, 2016 - with no law lifting the statute of limitations in sight to protect them or potential compensation, was proof enough for me to call out Apuron on this blog and in the media. 

I have no such proof for any of the others who have come afterward, all of whom have come forward with both the protection of the new law and the potential for compensation.

One last thing. We hardly needed to condemn Apuron. He did that to himself by running. And he's still running. 

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