Monday, April 24, 2017


By Tim Rohr

From today's PDN article
Wall said he challenges those who say the Roman canonical system is the only means of justice for Apuron. 
“In fact, the only reason the pope ordered the inquiry of Apuron is because the civil judicial system in Guam exposed Apuron. Rome is simply trying to get out in front of public scandal, doing damage control with the canonical system that previously failed to act and was following the old Roman method of letting sleeping dogs lie,” he said.
Little Mr. Wall makes his living drumming up business for his "super-lawyer" friends, so what else could we expect him to say. And since I am the only one publicly saying that the "Roman canonical system is the only means of justice for Apuron," that means he's challenging me. So I will personally take on this pathetic little ex-priest here. 

The fact is that Apuron was exposed LONG BEFORE there there was any ability for the civil judicial system to do anything. Apuron was exposed by the people he raped and molested months before there was any law in place to hold Apuron accountable. In fact, because there was NO civil law to protect them from Apuron suing them at the time they came forward, it was extremely dangerous for them to do so. (He had already threatened John Toves, Roy Quintanilla, Doris Concepcion and myself.)

The law lifting the civil statute of limitations was not enacted until late September 2016, and in great part, the law was introduced, passed, and enacted primarily due to what had already been exposed about Apuron, especially at the public hearings (there were three of them) where Apuron's victims themselves publicly testified. 

Now, here is what I mean when I say there is no justice for Apuron outside of the canonical court.

The law only lifts the civil statute of limitations, not the criminal. This means Apuron can only be found liable, not guilty. He'll never go to jail for his crimes. The most that can happen to him civilly is that he will be fined. 

Apuron doesn't care about that. He has more personal assets than most clerics but that's not saying much. In any event, he will be well taken care of by his supporters the rest of his life. In fact, he will be a hero to the Neocatechumenal Way where he'll be carted around the world to all the Kiko events where he'll sit on the stage next to his prophet and held up as the persecuted bishop from Guam. 

The only thing that can stop this is the canonical court. More than money, Apuron loves his robes. Defrocking him is the only justice for Apuron. And only Rome can do that. Short of defrocking, publicly removing him as Archbishop of Agana will have to do, and the civil court cannot do that either. 

Rome is NOT trying to "get out in front of this" as the pathetic little ex-priest claims. Rome is responding to the monstrous amount of work many people did both on the street and behind the scenes, and are STILL doing. We built the case against Apuron LONG BEFORE the civil system did anything. In fact, so much for a civil system where every local judge has recused themselves. 

For those of us who fought for Apuron's victims, who fought these four long years to expose all the other excrement Apuron created over his thirty year reign of terror, WE DON'T GIVE A CRAP what the civil court will do to Apuron if it even gets there. We want him GONE!

So Mr. Wall, get your head out of your wallet. It wasn't attorneys and legislators who made this happen on Guam. It was us. 

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