Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Posted by Frenchie

Earlier this year, Pius the Putrid Monk and the main actor for the NCW on Guam, snuck back on the island, (he had been sent packing by Archbishop Hon)  taking advantage of Archbishop Byrnes return to Detroit, for the Holidays, in order to finalize his move to our shores.

Not long after, we witnessed an all out offensive by The Putrid, who encouraged the presbyters not to follow instructions, and organized his yearly "call to joy".

A week after the Call to Joy at the Cathedral, the Rector sent a memorandum to all staff and parishioners, in regards to what the rules and celebrations were, as well as the use of the premises.
That memorandum basically reaffirmed the GIRM and clarified a few housekeeping issues at the Basilica.

While Fr Paul went for a well deserved rest, he left very specific instructions for Fr Jucatan, regarding his duties and other recommendations.

Tim, myself and several others warned at the time about the two speeds the Archdiocese was now functioning under. The one at the Cathedral, and the rest of the island, where parishioners were left hostage to an endless list of heretical developments mostly at the hands of the presbyters.

In the meantime, we found out that not only had Pius been back to rally his troops, but that he also celebrated Mass instead of one of the Presbyters, (without the Bishop authorization) who had decided, without asking to take time off.

It was also discovered that Jucatan, had decided on his own to attend one of his community's get-togethers, and asked Edivaldo to replace him for a Sunday Mass. Problem being that Edivaldo, had been instructed not to partake in any activity at the Cathedral, and that Jucatan never got authorization to do what he did.

What the Archbishop had on his hands was a full blown challenge of his authority by the presbyters.

He acted swiftly.  Pius was sent packing back to Malta, with correspondence about Pius' misdeeds to all the proper authorities.

The Archbishop also very publicly reached out to the NCW with an open letter, reaffirming the need to follow the GIRM, and giving a two weeks period to get in line.

An Aviso told us that Edivaldo was on leave until October, and Jucatan is known to be off for three months. I am sure we will find out more later.

The new Head Catechist for Guam is now David Atienza the amateur Historian, Guam University professor, and professor at the RMS. He met with Archbishop Byrnes to assure him that the NCW will comply with his instructions and be respectful of his office.

So far so good would you say. But as the old English TV series Title was: " Keeping up appearances", this is all that was happening.

Chuck White gave us a hint a few days back, regarding Kiko's instructions to his troops. Please refer back to Chuck's posting.

So.....what do we have now?

I shall tell you what: unfortunately more of the same.

It appears, that rather than follow the Archbishops instructions as promised, the Neos decided to  follow their Guru's.

So on Easter, instead of celebrating with the parishes, they celebrated at David Atienza's Residence.

If that is not a direct disobedience of the Archbisop's instructions, and the recommendations of the Pope himself, then I sure do not know what it is.

How long is this charade going to continue? Until someone decide to let the hammer down?
We know from experience that the Neos believe they are better than most of us, and that rules do not apply to them. Now we have another proof of their total disregard for the true Church.

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