Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS. Archdiocese: Dismiss clergy sex abuse lawsuits

Posted by Tim

This is an unfortunate headline and I believe we will get the rest of the story this afternoon at a press conference. The archdiocese is actually very near working out an agreement with attorneys for the plaintiffs that will be more beneficial to both sides than going through the courts (except for the Apuron cases). 

Yesterday, April 10 was the deadline to file to defend or dismiss. The archdiocese had asked for an extension because of what it had planned to announce today, but it was denied. Also, from what I was told, filing a motion to dismiss is pretty much a requisite action for the counsel representing the defendant. 

As you may be aware, this blog has been the force behind all of this, and I personally pushed and fought for the law lifting the civil statute of limitations. The law needs to stay in place as it is what protects the victims as they come forward. However, the court process is not always best for the victims and an alternative is in the making.

This is especially true in the Brouillard cases where the 95 year old priest with nothing to his name has already admitted guilt, and in the cases where the perpetrators are dead. I make an exception for the Apuron cases. Those cases DO need to go to court. And Apuron also needs to be held liable for his thirty years of covering up the abuse cases like Brouillard's. 

Note: There will NOT be a picket on Easter Sunday as stated in the article. The PDN was notified and a correction will be printed.


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