Sunday, April 16, 2017

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Diocesean program offers compensation, alternative to courtroom battles


  1. Janet B - MangilaoApril 17, 2017 at 7:17 AM

    Everyone knew that Apurun could not be trusted. And he openly covered himself by surrounding himself with compromised weaklings that would do whatever he said.

    People like David Quitugua the Lurch, Adrian Cristobal the cross-dress queen of Menlo Park, Dakon Frank Tenorio, and newcomers Edivaldo the monkey doctor and Harold pretty boy Colorado.

    Weak idiots being led by a weak idiot. And a perfect storm arose when the vile/evil Pius arrived on Guam and saw an opportunity. No idiot could refuse him.

    But now we have a real bishop in Byrnes, who has surrounded himself with real professionals and dedicated Catholics.

    I hope the people of Guam, and especially victims of abuse, can find the strength to trust in Abp Byrnes and the Hope and Healing program.

    Because of the idiots first mentioned above we now have 49 lawsuits and possibly more to come. These idiots will have cost our church many millions of dollars.

    But there is a bright side. There are 49 victims we now know about. There are 49 victims that can offered counseling and spiritual help. Without the former idiot leaders these victims may still be suffering in silence.

    My Hope and Prayer is that these victims and all other victims trust the new leadership and take advantage of the program designed to help THEM.

    God bless all the victims, and may the hope that comes from the Resurrection also bring them to a new stage in their lives.

  2. Hopefully, Cristobal won't be assigned to that program when his canon law studies are completed in June.

    What does Byrnes plan on doing with the dirtbag when he returns from Canada? Since he destroyed critical chancery records, he certainly can't be trusted to work for the Archdiocese again.