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Joelle has left a new comment on your post "HEY PATRICK WALL, YOU DON'T KNOW CRAP": 

Patrick Wall is a good man who has no financial interests in Guam. I was the one who suggested Haidee talk to him, because he is an expert on canonical trials. In fact, he was a priest on the Tribunal in St. Paul. He now helps victims because he was tired of being a "fixer" - a priest forced to clean up messes left behind by abuse and cover-up. Patrick is also a member of the Canon Law Society of America and completed his degree.

Jeff Anderson also has no financial interests on Guam. 

Patrick is an expert who knows more about the canonical trial process than anyone on the island. He has nothing but the utmost of respect and admiration for what Catholics and victims have done to rid the Archdiocese of corruption, abuse, and cover-up. Instead of directing anger at him, why not engage him in dialog. He's the guy who can tell you where Apuron hid all of the money and the secrets. He wants to help. He's an expert on untangling webs of diocese corruption ... especially when that corruption is written in Latin or funneled through third parties (ie the NCW). All you have to do is ask. This is NOT a money thing. This is his passion: helping people like you and survivors like me.

I'll give you his phone number and email. Instead of calling him names, maybe he knows where Apuron buried all of the bodies. He KNOWS those things, because he's helped survivors and Catholics dig them up all over the country: Alaska, Delaware, Minnesota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, the list goes on and on ... 


Well, well, well. It appears that Miss Joelle Casteix is upset that I called her little ex-priest friend out over at the super lawyer’s office. So let’s go over what ex-priest-turned-Buddhist ("I probably would have stayed a priest...if I had been smart enough not to follow the fucking law") Patrick J. Wall(et) said:

Wall said he challenges those who say the Roman canonical system is the only means of justice for Apuron. (PDN, April 23)
Okay. Let’s stop there. That “challenge” was to me and only to me since I am the only person saying so publicly as I did in the PDN on April 16:
"The only court that can find Apuron guilty is the canonical court," Rohr said Sunday, adding that the civil cases filed against Apuron and other clergy can only find them liable.
As you can see, Wall quotes me almost exactly. 

Wall goes on:
“In fact, the only reason the pope ordered the inquiry of Apuron is because the civil judicial system in Guam exposed Apuron. Rome is simply trying to get out in front of public scandal, doing damage control with the canonical system that previously failed to act and was following the old Roman method of letting sleeping dogs lie,” he said.
And this is where I called out Wall for being full of self-serving crap, and Joelle Casteix knows it. (It doesn't matter that Wall's firm doesn't have a case on Guam. He's promoting his industry.)

There was NOTHING in “the civil judicial system in Guam” which flushed out Apuron. There was NO law, no bill, no nothing when Apuron’s accusers came forward. In fact, on May 29, 2016, Casteix herself called into Patti Arroyo’s show on K57 proclaiming how unique the Guam situation was since it was the island’s Catholics themselves that brought the issue to the fore. 

And what Wall and Casteix both don’t know is the amount of work that had already been done with and through the Vatican that gave us, the supporters of Apuron’s accusers, the confidence that we could help them come forward when they did. 

One of the prime indicators for us that the Vatican had taken the accusations against Apuron seriously was the Vatican’s assignment of Bishop Olmsted from Phoenix to personally visit with Walter Denton. I can’t reveal the content of the meeting (as Walter shared with me) but for us it was a green light that the Vatican was taking this very seriously. 

Now remember, there is STILL NOTHING of Wall’s “civil judicial system,” - you know, the one which pays him - in place to help us do anything. But let’s take a look at why we, the Catholics on the streets and in the pews, took matters into our own hands and changed a bill that would have only held individuals liable to holding institutions (i.e. the archdiocese) liable. 

At the time, the apostolic administrator, Archbishop Hon, was still a Filoni stooge, and Filoni was an Apuron-Kiko stooge. Hon publicly mocked our efforts at holding Apuron civilly liable, saying in his July 10, 2016 message:
"Modern societies have sharpened the tools of the law and people may be led to the belief that wrongdoings can be solved simply by lawsuits or the passage of certain Bills."
Realizing that under the Kiko-Filoni-Hon administration that the archdiocese was never going to take responsibility, those local Catholics, led by former Senator Bob Klitzkie, rallied around an amendment to the bill inserting institutional liability. 

Those who were at the three public hearings, and then at the legislative session at which the bill was passed, can tell you that there was an immense amount of public pressure to pass the bill. In fact, former Senator Klitzkie said he had never seen anything like it. 

So here's the deal. Our goal in supporting the passage of the legislation was NOT to punish the archdiocese because the archdiocese is US! WE have to pay the bill. Not Apuron, not Hon, not any member of the clergy. WE, the same Catholics in the street who have been at the root of this purification of our church from the beginning...WE have to pay the bill. 

And we were willing to pay it for one reason and one reason only: TO FORCE the then-current administration of our church to take responsibility and ultimately to force them OUT. 

It worked. Hon eventually converted to our side, and David and Adrian are out (though the clean up is still ongoing).

And now here is the bottom line. 

The civil judicial system CANNOT hurt Apuron. 

At most it can find him liable and for Apuron that is no biggie. He has his vast neocat network to support him and he will live like a king/persecuted hero for the rest of his life. There is NO justice for Apuron in the civil judicial system. In fact, since all the bad guys are already gone, the only people the civil judicial system can hurt (as already stated) is US, the people in the pews (which is ultimately who pays guys like Wall-et). 

The only possible justice for Apuron is in the canonical system. If Apuron is stripped of his archbishop title, and even more so if he is "defrocked," Apuron will be USELESS to his neocat handlers and he will be completely stripped of the only thing he really loves: POWER. 

The civil system CANNOT do this. Only the Church's canonical system can do this. So we don't need guys like Wall-et impugning the only hope we have of bringing Apuron to justice. But then the Church doesn't pay guys like Patrick J. Wall-et. 

Casteix was right. GUAM IS UNIQUE. And guys like "I probably would have stayed a priest...if I had been smart enough not to follow the fucking law" Wall-et don't have a clue when it comes to Catholics like the ones on Guam. March on. 


  1. Joelle is right. At this point, Tim is just a conceited ass. Wall should sue him for libel.

  2. Watch out Tim, that t guy will come at you like a Mack truck. There is a reason he's called Wall. 😂

    1. 10:18 walls don't move you idiot!! How can he come at Tim like a Mack truck if he were inert? Are you playing with "Hot Wheels" toys again?

  3. Tim is right. We don't need a bunch of outsiders telling us the faitbful in Guam how to clean up our own Church. They do not live here and they will not have to pay for the costs of the damage inflicted by Apuron and others. So SNAP and the law firms that have them on the payroll can go find other suckers elsewhere.

  4. I heard SNAP is getting paid by the super law firms for referring cases to them. Yup. They are just a bunch of blood suckers.

  5. When an Archbishop is no longer an Archbishop what is he?

    1. The scumbag that he's always been.

  6. SNAP's Joelle Casteix was abused worse than most of the California victims.

    In addition to serial rapes, a lay teacher at her affluent Catholic high school made her pregnant, had her aborted, gave her a STD, then left her with a nervous breakdown. On top of all that, she had to deal with hostile, alcoholic parents.

    Joelle deserves the $1.6 million settlement she received from the Diocese of Orange. Much of it is used to help other abuse victims. As opposed to other Catholic SNAP principals, she didn't leave the Church.

    1. After reading what happened to abused Noelle Casteix, Tim is sarcastically indifferent to what she endured. He sounds like a woman-hating creep.

    2. LOL. You guys really don't get it. Probably because you're just as narcissistic as Apuron.