Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Newcomers to this blog may have been taken aback by my post claiming to be right about everything so far and why I/JUNGLEWATCH will be proven right about "Hope and Healing Guam" (despite my dislike for the name). So let me explain (again) why I have been right about Fr. Paul and Msgr. James, the Yona property, the neocats lack of an indult for their illicit communion rite, etc., etc. 

I mentioned in my post that I have access to information that most don't have, and that I can't always share. Here's why. 

For three decades Apuron used his episcopal power to step on people's necks. Behind the pomp and circumstance, which he loved, he treated people, especially the powerless, with a vicious brutality. He had no compunction about it because he knew that no one would speak against him, at least not very loudly. He counted on the inculcated deference of the Catholic population to his office and counted it a license for him to act as he pleased. 

He never even envisioned that one day there would be a blog where he would be exposed before the whole world. Not even I knew the potential damage to Apuron when I started to use this blog to expose his injustice against Fr. Paul in July of 2013. 

However, I was soon awakened to just how much Apuron feared what I was doing in October of 2013 when I received a letter from Rome, demanding that I cease and desist. (READ THE WHOLE SERIES HERE)

For FORTY YEARS Apuron's skeletons lay safely buried in the cemeteries of the hearts, minds, and souls of those who he abused, with the cemetery gates fiercely guarded by FEAR in the presence of Apuron's own crozier and miter. 

But JungleWatch put a crack in that FEAR, a very small one as you can see by the number of people who prefer to remain hidden, but a crack nonetheless. And through that crack seeped tons of intel and information that I formulated into posts which evoked more intel and information. 

The bottom line is that Apuron had so abused so many people (and not just sexually) that once there was an avenue to fight back, that seepage became a torrent of information that I have used to lay the foundation for every argument and every case that I have made on this blog. I simply have the facts. Lots of them. 

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