Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Yesterday, after a status conference at the District Court of Guam, the "trained lawyer" said this:

" client is not considering settling any cases until such time as a canonical trial is complete."

If Apuron did not commit any of the abuses he's accused of, then why is "settling" even on the table? If Apuron is clean, then his "trained lawyer" would have said:

"My client is not considering settling cases because there is nothing to settle. He did not do the things he has been accused of." 

But she didn't.


  1. She sees the MACK Truck heading her way. She be jumping out of the way as soon as it is close enough and will let it hit the monster instead. Remember, She's Trained......

  2. That's the rookie mistake of a trained lawyer vs. a REAL lawyer. I wouldn't even bother trying to settle but rather I'd sue the pants off that pedophile tony for everything he has. I've seen his property in adacao. It's starting to look abandoned and grass is overgrown. Just like that beard he's grown

  3. She's trained alright, only problem is she puts on such a fake appearance during the interview, her lips tells it all. Once the canonical trial delivers their decision on brother tony, she will throw Apuron under the bus and make an attempt to save her reputation, or whatever is left of it.

  4. John C. Ada TovesJune 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM

    FINALLY I get to see the face of the dumb ass! She is so stupid to appear smug. A "trained " lawyer would know a promising and defensible case. Stupid is as stupid does! So clear and obvious is she.

  5. Not nice. fake! 馃槣 Soooo FAKE. Rather nauseating, trained Terlaje. Can see the furrow in your brow. A little worried, eh? Phony as they come. Apuron could've done better. Poor guy.

  6. I saw the short interview on TV. She made her case sound like a movie trailer, when she told the reporters, what then would she do with her client when the Canonical trial of Apuron is over; she said we'll have to wait and see. . . Then she gave that sly smile that a manipulative woman would give a man whom she knows wants more than the smile. . . Geez!

  7. What's with the smile. For reals-----Geez!

  8. Have a little respect for Apuron fake attorney. President of the Guam Bar Association. Holy Shite!

    1. The only reason she got elected by her peers is that the other candidate's father was very controversial to many of their colleagues. Guam's vicious clan politics, at its worst. We get the leaders we deserve. Apuron proved it. This is another reminder.

  9. Persecuted as they say. Courage with a SMILE!