Thursday, June 22, 2017

GUAM DAILY POST: Lawsuit: Boy abused more than 100 times, victim was 7 when it started

“Don’t worry, my boy. It won’t hurt. I’ll make sure I put a lot of coconut oil.”

A former Guam resident filed a civil lawsuit in the District Court of Guam yesterday alleging he was sexually abused by a priest “more than 100
times” beginning on his 7th birthday.

Now residing in Oregon, the plaintiff, using his initials J.A., sued the Archdiocese of Agana, alleging he was subject to three years of sexual molestation and rape by father Ray Techaira, who is now deceased. CONTINUED


  1. Thats so sic reference to Coconut oil.

  2. No words can describe the "pain" and "suffering" that J.A. has suffered. We pray for his healing. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil."

  3. What demonic possession afflicted these "men of the cloth" to exert their power over innocent children they were meant to protect? Unthinkable what went on in Guam these past decades! Why? Why? Why? Why innocent little boys? No one escapes God's justice, so I pray that God has done (and will do) what God does for the sake of justice. God hears the cries of the innocent and trampled upon, may God's holy angels strike down the unrepentant and the arrogant of heart. In human justice these horrible acts are unforgivable, and perpetrators have forfeited their place in the realm of respectability and honor.

  4. It's sad that every victim is getting revictimized again each time they have to tell their stories yet the Diana's seem to believe only their brother tony is being crucified or that the stories are made up. Just sickening that the archdiocese decided it was best to cover up or hide these pedophiles all these years.

  5. Tim it is getting out of hand. On today's PDN page 4, victim S.N.J.C claimed he was raped for 2 years by Antonio Cruz in 1960 - 1962. This so called victim is now 71 my age. I am a former altar boy in the 1960s and yes Antonio Cruz tried to molest me but I did not give in. The question is why did he keeps coming back if he got raped for 2 years? Are there accusers in it for the money? I believe Deplatas allegation when Cruz tried to get lure him and also witnessing Apuron in the act.

    1. I believe Doris Concepcion's testimony sheds some light on this. According to the account, Sonny was 9 years old at the time Apuron was alleged to have molested him. His mother didn't know this, and admitted to punishing Sonny when he refused to obey Apuron. A young boy, especially a prepubescent boy, and especially one in a culture where you never disobeyed authority, especially church authority, may not have understood anything other than obedience.

      However, upon adolescence, things are different. This is why we see Apuron's other victims, Roy, Walter, and Roland running away and NEVER going back. For those who are adolescent who do go back, then there was probably some very long term "grooming" going on.

      In any event, this is why there are laws protecting minors.

  6. That is a horrifying story. Every Catholic school in every diocese should be required to give self-defense classes as part of Physical Education. Pedophile priests and religious would think twice if they knew thousands of kids were fully trained to take them apart and hand what's left of them straight to the cops.

    A couple of high school football players could have pulverized Apuron and his filthy crew long ago. The candy ass child rapists wouldn't stand a snowball's chance against serious muscle power.