Monday, June 19, 2017


Well here we are dear Archbishop. We have arrived fairly fast to the famous cross in the road.
Now you have to decide which one of the "way" to follow.

You gave us hope that things will change, and  that the evil that almost toppled our Church on Guam,
would not prevail.

You have made a few mistakes, specially in regards to Adrian Cristobal, for which I was quite critical, but overall, until now, despite some poor advises and some confusing situations, you have made the best of a bad situation.

That was until last week. Then came the inane appointments to the Presbyteral council. It was closely followed by the disastrous presentation of Fr Jeff on K57.
What the heck has bitten you both?

After making so much progress , regarding the predatory clergy, and your answers to the victims.
After trying so hard to clarify the financial situation of the Archdiocese.
After reorganizing the clergy as best possible for the time being.
After finding the beginning of solutions to complex problems.
After reaching out in good faith to different concerned parties.

Appointing the likes of Msgr Quitagua (the younger) to any kind of responsibility in this diocese after all the evil he facilitated, abetted and often led, is tantamount to a huge slap in the face to all the Catholic faithful, who have welcome you here since you arrived. It is in total contradiction of your pastoral letter in this weekend's Umatuna.
In one swift move, you managed to burn all the bridges you had built.

To add icing on the cake, what do we find?
Nothing less, that your intention to keep this failed institution called Redemptoris Mater opened.
It is rumored that you even accepted the arrival of new seminarians.
Many of the local priests had welcome, your decision to allow three seminarians to go study at St Patrick in Menlo Park, but I don't believe they have been informed of the price to pay.

Some in the community have accused you, to be the agent of the much despised Cardinal Filoni.
Your latest actions and decisions would appear to give them confirmation of their worst fears.

What is next? The return of the loathed Adrian Cristobal, while you are on vacation?
Or perhaps another visit of  Mr Genarrini to Guam?

It looks like you want to be the nice guy.
Being from Detroit, and being a former football player you should know the value of not caving in to bullies.
The NCW has failed to follow your direct instructions, their presbyters have defied you every steps of  the way, the leaders of the Way on Guam are whispering in your back against you.

It is time to go Onward like a true Christian soldier, not an appeaser.

While making peace is a lofty and recommendable goal, it takes two to tango. Here the Neocatechumenal Way, does NOT want peace, it wants capitulation, and nothing less than capitulation.

So far you are giving them a lot of hope, that they are going to get away with it.
By doing so, your are setting fire to a powder keg, and you shall start nothing less than a civil war within our Church.



  1. I said before and Tim got a little cross. It's a wasted effort. The neos pull strings in high places. They will win. Byrne's will be bought if not already. god help us...

    1. You said, "god help us..." WE NEED TO HELP OURSELVES. Attitudes like yours, Mr. Anonymous, don't help US. Take an active role unless you think you can take enough satisfaction out of being "right" to make you attitude worthwhile.

    2. Sorry BOB! It's my opinion. Which I'm allowed. My other opinion is that your anger BOB isn't helping either... Sure keeping fighting all you want... I'm simply saying the NEOS pull strings. I think they have beaten us and we have looked bitter and angry.

    3. Anonymus at 5:52 PM. . . You've given up already?! I am not bitter or angry, but I am disappointed in you. We need more people willing to stand up for what is right. Archbishop Byrnes needs to know who these priests and presbyters are who are at the root cause of division and problems in our Church. The NCW hierarchy and their presbyters as well as blind followers like Eusebio, Jackie Terlaje, Dakon Frank Tenorio, and others need to be removed any and ALL positions of authority or advisory positions. These people are not looking out for the good of the Church, because they are elitists and narcissist who think they are better Catholics than the rest of us. This is not the way to reconciliation and unity within our Church. So, let's face the truth and kick these people out of our Church leadership--even down to the parish levels.

    4. Dear Anon at 5.52, history is full of apologist and conciliators like you, who give up, and also who rationalize, their cooperation with evil, because of appearance, and perception.
      As you say it is your privilege to do so.
      That certainly does not give you any leeway to criticize those of us who have chosen to keep up the good fight

      Perhaps you should revisit the parable of the talents.
      On judgement day, when you are asked: "what have you done of your talents?" I hope you have a better explanation, that the one you are advancing now.
      In the meantime, please stay out of the way of the courageous few who have chosen to do the heavy lifting.
      Have a great week, while you anchor down, under whatever little rock you chose as your haven.

    5. Anon 5:52PM.ANGER. Damn right I'm angry. "Anger…is praiseworthy to impose restitution 'to correct vices and maintain justice.'”…Catechism 2302. Your "opinion" shows that the way you look in defeat is of prime importance to you. The tenor of your "opinion" is that "smart people," like you, should give up so that they won't spoil their appearance as losers.

  2. Dear anon, if you surrender half way through the fight, you surely won't win. This is true here as in anything you do in life. Doesn't matter who the opposition is

  3. The island's Catholic majority will never be appeased until the NCW is driven from our shores. They are a cult with a different belief set that continue to defy Church authority. Until we see the closure of RMS & removal of Quitugua, Cristobal & remaining presbyters from our parishes, we will remain a divided Church. I can't see a middle ground.
    St. Michael, help us remain steadfast as we continue to battle the
    evil that lurks within our Church. Give us strength, courage &
    keep us fron becoming weary as we continue our fight for what is right, AMEN!
    Ann A.

    1. Yes, let's continue to battle the evil within our Church. And let's pray that St. Michael will help us see beyond the Neo's who are only the symptom of the real evil.

  4. YES, ARCHBISHOP BYRNES: “SO WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE?” Are you WITH us or AGAINST us? Remember the admonition: “You cannot serve two masters!” We had hopes in the beginning that you had come to rescue us “from the clutches of our enemies”, but it seems you are simply playing “footsies” with us, throwing us a few crumbs here and there and making us believe you are indeed the “savior”, come to bring healing to the Church. To paraphrase the Bible account of the frustration of some who came to Christ to ask ‘Are you he who is to come, or shall we look for another’, many of us are starting to get the same frustration and confusion from you. At least Christ had some answers to be relayed to John: “The blind see; the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed; and the poor have the gospel preached to them”. AND WHAT ARE YOUR ANSWERS? “I’ve slapped them (Neos) on the wrist; I’ve slapped them (the Catholic Faithful) in the face; I’ve restored them (defiant Neos) to pristine positions!”

    You’ve been advised many times by quite a few of us to cut the evil from its roots, else it will come back to haunt you (us). Instead you are applying fertilizers on the remaining vestiges of a dying tree. Instead of purging your Councils of bad elements, you give these Neos positions on your Councils as an attestation that you think they didn’t do wrong to our Church – that they are assets, not liabilities. No! Please don’t take us for charlatans, Archbishop! Many of us did not come out of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Duke or even Univ of Michigan, but we can detect right from wrong. And what you did with the composition of your Councils is WRONG!

    So what are you going to do, Archbishop? Keep ‘em or kick ‘em out? Please don’t ask us to live in peace with heresies and heretics - the “kumbaya” mantra. Stop being nice for nicety’s sake. Be true, brave and resolute, as well! Show us some more muscles! Don’t cave in and surrender – you would have already lost: like Frenchie said.

    1. Filoni owns Byrnes. What Guam desperately needs is a kick-ass archbishop. Rome deliberately sent a weak one the Apuron faction could manipulate.

    2. He an Alpha.

      Alpha + NCW = Non Traditional.

    3. Dear Anon at 2.48, from all what I know, Archbishop Byrnes is not owned by anybody.
      While Filoni is a great manipulator and politician, he certainly can influence our Archbishop, that is true.
      On the other hand, they certainly have chosen a Bishop that they knew was a man of conciliation and an advocate for peace.

      It is the main reason for my challenge to the Archbishop.
      You cannot make peace with people who are of bad faith and actually want you to capitulate.

      Hence, some difficult choices for him to make, in the near future.
      Now on the bright side, is the fact that unlike Apuron, Cristobal, Lurch and the other sycophants that ran this diocese for over thirty years, Byrnes seem to have an honest heart. It is partly why I wrote "a glimmer of light" the day prior.

      Now it is time for him to make a choice. It is not an easy one, as he is also human. This is the main reason he must feel reassure that the true defender of our faith, will back him up, if he decide to pick up that fight.
      Because as you point out, the opposition is mighty and dangerous.
      The question for us becomes: Dear Faithful, what is it going to be?

  5. Archbishop Byrnes disatified with his own local priests! Think about it?

    1. If Byrnes doesn't like his Neocat fake priests, he has the authority to get rid of them on several canonical grounds. Their intentional, heretical teaching is #1.

    2. You might not be that far off. But unlike Apuron, who accused priests he did not like, of everything but the kitchen sink; I suspect that the Archbishop is the type who will patiently build his cases, one by one.
      Apuron even went as far, as manufacturing false allegations, and slandering his own priests.
      I do not believe this Bishop is cut of that cloth.
      Therefore steadiness and patience, are required.
      It is up to us to note every lapse coming from the half baked presbyter, and report them to the proper persons.
      In this case Fr Gofigan, who is the delegate for the clergy.
      I would suggest, you are detailed, and thorough, and not report rumors and innuendos.

  6. I really don't know what the meaning of the "price to pay" is, so can someone explain!

    More seminarian coming in means more money for these boys if incardinated in the Archdiocese. We already spend X amount of dollars in stipend for those incardinated and are not serving on island. This is a bunch of horseshit.

    Rumor has it that I will be paying the price for the mess in the diocese . First rumor is the assessment going up for each parish. Second rumor is that by sending my children to a Catholic school I will be assessed X amount of dollars per year, not to mention X amount of dollars monthly per child as if tuition isn't already sky high.

    Is it my fault that the archdiocese is in the hole ? Is it my fault that I don't or didn't qualify for free tuitions like the NEO missionary children? Is it my fault that people stop giving? Is it my fault that the NEOs do not pay their fair share? The answer is NO!

    Archbishop Brynes, why are you penalizing me for the stupidity of others? Now I have to pull my children out and place them in an overcrowded public school system. As much as I would love to home school, I can't . I, too, need to work just to make ends meet.

    Take your assessments from the presbyters who do not serve the archdiocese and are on mission. Take your assessments from the black trash bags. From here on end I now refuse to give the Archdiocese X amount of dollars or even X amount of horse shit.

    1. only answer is to Home School your Children or send them to another private school. I certainly would no longer support Catholic School system. Each Everybchild will be taxed $25 monthly to pay neo. No.Its time to remove your Children from a failing Catholic School system.

    2. Agreed about Catholic schools. They're a joke in the US too. Academically, good secular private schools beat them by a country mile, especially in math and sciences.

      However, I do not like homeschooling unless people live in isolated areas where there are no conventional schools.

    3. My referral to "the price to pay", had nothing to do with any amount of money, but rather to the pound of flesh the local priests have been taxed with for succeeding in sending three measly candidates to the priesthood to St Patrick; while we still receive more fake students at the fake seminary.
      We have proved the dismal level of education, and the poor caliber of the graduate of RMS. The common understanding was that this circus would be closed.
      This is what is referred to as the price to pay.

  7. From what I understand, the Chancery is doubling the assessment fee for each parish. I suspect it is to pay off debts that Apuron and his band of misfits racked up on the Archdiocese's bill before flying the coup. Here we are left picking up the pieces of the destruction and footing the bill to bail out our church. It is for this reason that we cannot allow Apuron, Quitugua, Adrian, Alberto, Uduvaldo, Tenorio and the NCW to continue to function coexist in our Guam Church. Boot the whole lot of them out of Guam.

    1. Dear anon at 4.42:
      You need to double check your sources. The Bishop had assured the faithful, that the parishes would no longer be assessed.
      Unless you have newer news, which I encourage you to share.

    2. Frenchie,
      This news is from the horse's mouth. Our pastor announced it was announced it to the congregration at Sunday mass. 200% increase in assessment fee. Unless AB Byrnes is not forthcoming, someone is lying? or perhaps someone is pulling the wool over our eyes again.

    3. Frenchie, when did Brynes state no assessments from parishes? My understanding is that a certain percentage of the parish collections go to pay for the operations at the Chancery to include salary.

      I heard the same thing about the new assessments for the parishes as well as the schools. What is floating in the air regarding the schools, is that each family will have to pay an extra $25 for the year PLUS an addition X amount of dollars monthly for EACH child.

      I too would like to know what the hell is going on. First it's this, then it's that.

    4. Parishes are normally required to assist the operations of the Archdiocese through yearly assessments. In these extraordinary circumstances, more will be required from them especially those who have been delinquent over the years. Yes, some parishes have not been paying their temple tax, which is mandated by church law - and by sensibility. Due to the past leadership, it was understandable.
      What the Archdiocese is saying, however, is that none of the assessment resources will be allocated towards paying off the alleged victims of clergy sexual abuse. The monies for future compensation of settlements will come from a separate source, namely the sale of church properties. Again, parishes and schools are being asked to support the operations of the Archdiocese but none of these will be for the current pending lawsuits. It goes without saying, however, that it behooves the Archdiocese to be thoroughly transparent with financial statements and with allocations, otherwise the clouds of doubt will continue to hover.

  8. Dear Anons at 12.29, 12.40 and 6.05:
    Thank you for your corrections. My mistake.
    We all appreciate your contributions. Thank you for the participation.
    This is how we move forward.

    1. Frenchie let me know when your cardinal.Your pathetic.

    2. 11:06 AM, you do not make any sense at all. Get some lunch first and a grammar book to help you with your pronouns and spelling. YOU are pathetic.

    3. That's the NCW for you......mud slinging and name calling....if all else fails, deflect....Hahaha

    4. Raymond, you are totally right. Nothing surprising here.

  9. Our local churches receive extortionate assessments via the Annual Diocesan Appeal. We're talking huge 6-figure bills sent to parishes in chronically poor neighborhoods. Wealthy parishes and Pastors who kiss the corrupt bishop's ass aren't billed nearly as much.

    Almost everyone hates the elitist, reactionary bishop, so his special collections always fall short. We fund our parish social services directly and that's basically it. Pastors are left to find any balance due. If the wimps won't stand up to the useless snob bishop and make him serve his neglected flock, it's their problem.