Monday, June 26, 2017


In his desperate attempt to get Pope Clement II to do something about the evil bishop of Pesaro, St. Peter Damian wrote:
"Therefore, most blessed lord, endeavor to raise up the justice that has been trampled and cast aside, thus apply the discipline of ecclesiastical vigor, so that the party of iniquity will be cast down from its place of arrogance, and the soul of the humble faithfully recover in anticipation of the good to come."
So what did Pope Clement II do? 

The Introduction to the Book of Gomorrah tells us that while trying to eliminate the practice of simony (one of the practices of the bishop of Pesaro), his pontificate was "cut short by his unexplained death while traveling through (you guessed it) the diocese of Pesaro."

(My note: Do not think that things are any less vicious today amongst the hierarchy. They may be far worse. And there is no St. Peter Damian in sight. BTW, for a brief history of that mad period in the Church known as "The Iron Papacy, a 94 year period in which there were 24 popes, seven of whom were assassinated or died under suspicious circumstances, a period which provided for the evils St. Peter Damian would later attempt to correct, read THE STRANGE TRIAL OF THE GOOD LOOKING POPE .

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