Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Actually the above meme is a paraphrase of what he really said. And what he really said is more on the mark:
Thus speaks the sheep in sheep’s clothing.  Thus speak men without chests.  They are in our legislatures, and universities and corporate headquarters and sometimes sadly in our churches, for offensive to the Good Shepherd is a sheepish shepherd who has no chest on which to hang his pectoral cross.  


  1. How true. For decades Apurun beat his own chest - applauding his "goodness" and pushing his Chamorro identity while trying to hide his Filipino DNA.

    Apparently he beat his chest so much it got completely deflated. Off he runs, like a scared little girl.

    No place to hang his pectoral cross - let us hope Rome removes the right for him to even have one!

    But even if they don't, we made it impossible for Apurun to return. Run, Apurun, run. And don't come back no more!

  2. Fr. George Rutler is a brilliant priest in the Ven. Abp. Fulton Sheen mold. I knew him years ago. NY's corrupt, disgracefully gay-friendly Cardinal Dolan kicked him to the curb and he treats him like dirt.

    Same thing NY's homosexual pedophile Cardinal Spelman did to Abp. Sheen. Now Dolan has viciously halted Ven. Abp. Sheen's beatification process by refusing to release his remains to his home diocese of Peoria IL.