Sunday, July 23, 2017

HEY DIANA! WHERE'S I Familian Mangatoliku Siha Para Si Apuron?

Hey Diana, since Tricky Dick appears to be active again, why don't you ask him whatever happened to  I Familian Mangatoliku Siha Para Si Apuron. It seems to have disappeared. Just like that! Or maybe it never really existed in the first place?

In contrast, the CCOG and the LFM continued to march on, toppling over every one of your lies. And we're not done. 

Here's a reminder of the few times your shameful "families for Apuron" made the news:

Oh yah, and then there's this:


  1. F. Leon GuerreroJuly 23, 2017 at 3:58 PM

    Dang, Tim, I can hear the mike drop from here! Take that, dear Diana. Don't mess with the pros, lady, because we are legion, we are watchful, we document, we archive, we cite our evidence and we follow our words and speeches with action. We may be taking a well-deserved break but we are ready, willing and able to spring into action when needed.

  2. How's the family in Baldwin Park California Timmy

    1. LOL. Shithead. None of my family has lived there for 30 years.

    2. Know anybody from Yonkers?

    3. That's right I forgot about your brother

    4. You obviously don't know anything. But I know you:

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  3. Catholic Families for Apuron sounds like a pedophile network.

  4. Sad, neos talk about how how God has changed their lives yet idiots come on here bullying and trying to scare as if it will prevent the truth and lies from coming out. They are so desperate that their network is crumbling before their stupid eyes. Typical mob tactic

  5. The NEO's got a free ride when Apurun was in charge and they relished in the freedom conducting their illicit practices and basically doing whatever they pleased . Now that the walls are crumbling down around them, they scurry like the roaches they are trying desperately to salvage what's left. Sorry, it's too late. The veil has been lifted and now this island and the whole world knows about Kiko and his cult. It's just a matter of time before the Archdiocese of Guam will be rid of this cult. #winning

    1. Yes we are. I've dealt with some really nasty, unethical characters in my time, but never have I come across such cowardly scum as the kikos.

  6. Sorry to say but Eusebio didn't learn a damm thing in the community. Instead of humbling himself, he is still has a rotten bedside manner as a doctor. As for his leadership within the community his ass went to his brain.

    Eusebio still loves the POWER! The Power to prove that he's the man will always be in his blood!


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