Friday, July 7, 2017


Hafa Adai, Faithful Catholics,

At Thursday's press conference Archbishop Byrnes announced that if  apuron returns to the Archdiocese of Agana: "It would be a disaster." That  is exactly why we hit the street 13 months ago. It would be a disaster if apuron returns. 
 Let's meet at the Cathedral at 9 AM on Sunday for our last picket. We'll end the picket for the 9:30 Mass and fill up the pews with our presence. Let's show support for Archbishop Byrnes in that way. This day will go down in history!   

Come Holy Spirit!
Si Yu'us Un Fan Binindesi,



  1. Let's all join on this last picket. . .an historic moment in our local Church's history. . . Consider it like Christmas or Easter Sunday, when we all come out and go to mass. . . only, let's picket first for 20 minutes!

  2. Another blast from the past:

    The Laity Forward Mesdames
    Are most often sweet gentle lambs.
    But their roar is ferocious
    Against actions atrocious
    Like Apuron's lies, cheats and scams!

  3. God willing I'd be present on this special memorable day to give myself and to all closure to the purpose of the Sunday peaceful prayer and wonderful walk, to say ADIOS to all those beautiful faces young and old I've met on the days I was able to walk with. BIBA SANTA MARIA yan BIBA Katoliku!!