Saturday, July 8, 2017


Posted by Tim

SNAP, Joelle Casteix, and her little friend, Patrick Wall, have persistently bashed our attempts to solve our own problems out of court. 

Their only aim is "the courts, the courts, the courts." And for obvious reasons. Not that there is justice there, but because there is money there. So much money that they are blinded to any understanding of the reality of our situation. So they should shut up about it. 

The prospect of justice for clergy abuse victims in this diocese through the "justice" system is already a mess. 

All eight Guam Superior Court judges have already recused themselves from hearing any of the cases already filed last year. And based on what? "Based on "their relationship to the church." 

(Ummm, who on Guam doesn't have a "relationship to the church?")

So subsequent lawsuits were filed in federal court, but now concerns have been raised by the U.S District Court Magistrate on "whether the federal court has jurisdiction over the cases." 

Additionally, many of us know situations where our local justice system has fallen short, and sometimes gravely. (I am personally aware of a recent verdict in a very serious case which was rendered by a jury, some of whose members had to be twice awakened by the bailiff!!)

The penultimate example of why we do not want to leave justice to the "justice" system is what happened in the CERTIFICATE OF TITLE FIASCO.

In the case of an errant (bogus) certificate of title - like the one procured by The Trained Lawyer and published in the Umatuna by David C. Quitugua in November 2015, the law required the Director of Land Management to "petition the court" to make the correction:

The Director never petitioned the court. Apparently he was later instructed not to. And when Bob Klitzkie found out about it, he suspected something fishy. And when there is something fishy, you can bet that the dead fish smell will lead right to The Trained Lawyer.

After it was learned that the Director had NOT petitioned the Court, Bob Klitzkie requested a meeting with the Director and the AG. Klitzkie memorialized the meeting thus:

And guess who that "her" was? Right. Thus the "dead fish smell!"

All of this is drawn out in great detail in CERTIFICATE OF TITLE FIASCO. The foregoing is reposted as reminder as to why we cannot trust our justice system to do the right thing any more than we can trust the Vatican. 

Once again, we can only look to heaven and to ourselves. 


  1. Wall and Casteix did a good job in the US, but why they're meddling with Guam beats me. The US never had to deal with a similar situation. They're totally out of their depth.

    1. I can tell you exactly why. If it ever gets out that the laity of a diocese can fix their own church, as the laity of Guam are doing, then the services (and fees) of the "experts" will no longer be needed. The whole industry comes crashing down. Their meddling isn't about Guam. It's about the preservation of what has been a very lucrative business.

      The real threat here is not Mike Caspino and Hope and Healing. It's David Lujan. It is well known that Lujan is the most feared lawyer on Guam. If there is anybody tough it's David Lujan. However, Lujan is not out to destroy the Church as SNAP and the big fat cats Wall works for. Lujan is out to get rid of the bad guys and get justice for his clients which is why he is willing to work with Hope and Healing - under very strict conditions of course, which is as it should be.

      Lujan is setting the example. He has the ability and the resources to take everyone of his almost 80 cases through court and kill the church financially if he wanted to. But he's not. He's smart enough to use the threat of his ability to do it to make sure the new Church leadership does the right thing. And we're glad he's doing it.

      It's Lujan who is the threat to SNAP and their lawyer friends.

  2. And its Lujan who stands to make mega-millions from $530 million+ in abuse settlements. The SNAP bunch couldn't make anything near that kind of money if their lives depended on it.

    Do you remember the crooked games Lujan played with the DHL heir?!

    1. Yes, he does (stand to make millions). However (unlike SNAP's lawyer friends), Lujan is willing to accept much less should his clients opt for an out of court settlement and much quicker closure. I'm not interested in his other business.

  3. John C. Ada TovesJuly 8, 2017 at 2:32 PM

    Joelle Casteix was never a help but a hindrance. She did not seem to want to do the work. But I'm sure she would be in there in front of the victories. She was nothing more than a nuisance...and glory hound dog,

    Go Bob Go! It's he and David Lujan, and not to forget Tim, who will bring final justice to the victims and our island church. Just as long as Apuron is out here and away from our island is a blessed thing. Toying with the idea of saying boo to him.

    Everyone stay vigilant until he's behind bars.

  4. We don't need a bunch of sharks outside their territory, circling around before a feeding frenzy. Guam is a community of people with beating hearts and working minds, not a cash cow for opportunists. We are family, and we cannot allow our people getting re-victimized by relentless interference of greedy business people. We are NOT a business, we are not a case number - we are in relationship, and we communicate what would work best for our island and for the players involved. Surely perpetrators of abuse must have their day in court and given their just desserts, and survivors with legitimate claim given just compensation, yet more important are the restoration of trust, the healing of memories, setting up safeguards to ensure that lecherous sense of invincibility is never repeated, and to move forward with a renewed sense of hope. In the end, we will be gratified by having reached solutions on our own, and not feel devastated by greedy sharks who swam away as stealthily as they suddenly appeared when they smelled blood and took off with their loot.