Saturday, July 8, 2017


"And it’s not just because of the allegations of sexual abuse. Byrnes says when he stepped in to take over, the archdiocese was in such disarray that the disgraced archbishop’s poor leadership skills were enough to warrant his removal." - Pacific News Center

"There was a very widespread disarray, ineffectiveness of many of the operations that you would expect to be going on in a regular archdiocese," Byrnes said. -  Pacific Daily News

Along with Apuron, the two priests tasked with correct running of the Archdiocese of Agana, by virtue of the offices to which they were appointed, were Msgr. David C Quitugua (former) Vicar General, and Fr. Adrian C. Cristobal (former) Chancellor.

And if the disarray was so great so as to "warrant (Apuron's) removal," from the Archdiocese of Agana, it also warrants the removal from the Archdiocese of Agana, Apuron's two sleazy lieutenants who were not only "ineffective," but misused their offices to threaten us, to lie to us, to mislead us, and even to manipulate, manufacture, and perhaps destroy critical records required to be kept by Church Law.

In March of 2013, Msgr. David C. Quitugua baptized a baby in a local school gymnasium where his neocats were holding their Easter vigil. He had no authority to do this and thus could not issue a baptismal certificate. So he didn't. Several months later upon being confronted by the parents about the missing baptismal certificate, Quitugua, the Vicar General, the dude whose very office exists to make sure the laws of the Church are kept, simply made one up. I wrote about it here and here

Also, tt is clear that critical records from the chancery archive are not only in disarray, but many are MISSING. The Vicar General, and especially the Chancellor, are canonically required to safeguard said records. Here are the relevant provisions of canon law in this regard: 

Can. 486 §1. All documents which regard the diocese or parishes must be protected with the greatest care.

§2. In every curia there is to be erected in a safe place a diocesan archive, or record storage area, in which instruments and written documents which pertain to the spiritual and temporal affairs of the diocese are to be safeguarded after being properly filled and diligently secured.

Can. 487 §1. The archive must be locked and only the bishop and chancellor are to have its key. No one is permitted to enter except with the permission either of the bishop or of both the moderator of the curia and the chancellor.

By the way, a particularly hilarious provision, given that the position for several years was occupied by The Adrian, is: 

Can. 483 §2. The chancellor...must be of unimpaired reputation and above all suspicion. 

If there are missing records - and there ARE -  only Apuron and Adrian could have removed them. 

The manufacture and manipulation of records, especially something as critical as a baptismal record which is the gateway to the other sacraments, and the removal and/or destruction of required records, are both ecclesial crimes, and David and Adrian both MUST be investigated, if not immediately invited to "find a more benevolent bishop or suffer a more painful and arduous closure to their priesthood." 

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