Saturday, August 19, 2017


New “Spotlight” Report Says There Are Thousands of Secret Children of Priests

The other "child abuse" crisis (that has so far been ignored):

“The sons and daughters of priests often grow up without the love and support of their fathers, and are often pressured or shamed into keeping the existence of the relationship a secret. FULL STORY


  1. I don't know what's happening on Guam, but Catholic priests fathering children isn't news. It's been going on for centuries. For decades, there have been specialist law firms in the US that represent women and children abandoned by playboy priests. Most of them are still in active public ministry.

    The most notorious case in recent history involved wealthy Bishop Eamon Casey of Galway, Ireland who died a month or so ago. His scandalous affair with his emotionally disturbed, divorced American cousin produced one son now in his 40's. Casey brutally abandoned him and his sick mother, prompting her to write a bestselling book chronicling the sordid story. At last report, the frail woman was living in a San Diego CA trailer with her painter-boyfriend and her son was selling home vacuum cleaners in Massachusetts.

    When the scandal erupted, disgraced Casey was removed from office and stationed at an impoverished South American mission. Pope JP2 effusively praised Casey's Christian works, but Rome refused to recognize the deadbeat bishop's penniless former mistress and their son.

    The Archdiocese of Los Angeles also had a major scandal 4 or 5 years ago. The mistress of a popular Hispanic auxiliary bishop and 1 or 2 teenage children he fathered with her were discovered. He was immediately laicized and Archbishop Gomez had educational trust funds set up for the kids.

    Then there was that glamour boy TV celebrity-priest from the Legionaries of Christ who fathered a special needs child with the slutty art historian-daughter of Mary Ann Glendon, the Vatican's former UN Ambassador under B16. She already had 2 or 3 daughters fathered out of wedlock by 2 or 3 different men. The LC priest was laicized and he married the arrogant woman who teaches art history at the North American Seminary in Rome. A great role model for seminarians who are having celibacy drummed into their heads.

    1. Yes, of course its not new. Pope Alexander VI was notorious for his many affairs and several children. But it IT IS time we start calling out the women as demonstrated in the comment below at 12:19. Some of us on Guam are quite aware of how the ladies love to flirt with priests, and the neocat presbyters and seminarians are notorious for their harems.

    2. If some of you know about the NCW priests' harems, why keep it a secret? Inform Bp. Byrnes. That will give him grounds to have them suspended and defrocked. Fewer fake priests for the Faithful to deal with.

  2. Reportedly, over 20,000 children in recent years were fathered by Catholic priests in the US alone. However, the sins of reprobate clergy are often abetted by diabolic Catholic women who get their kicks out of seducing them.

    Priests in my parish have been shamefully flirted with. One Pastor had an affair with the married church receptionist, a mother of three. She was quite brazen about her trips to the Rectory during working hours. The Charismatic Pastor was reassigned to a parish in the boonies and the receptionist was fired. No one has mentioned them since their departures.

  3. Yes this is so true. This goes back to the Spanish missionaries. I come from that bloodline. The Spanish priest had an affair with his maid.

  4. It's true what Tim says. One of my former principals here on Guam said years ago she and other young women enjoyed flirting with a certain priest who eventually left the priesthood and got married.

  5. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)August 20, 2017 at 4:43 AM

    My point to contributing this my comment above is to express my gratitude for the work of the “Spotlight” team on clergy sexual abuse and on its newest report on illicit relationships by clergy in the U.S., some of which resulted in, in effect, fatherless children. I’m grateful also for Mr. Rufo’s work in "Altar" chronicling the same subject matters in the Philippines Catholic Church. Tim Rohr's work for maintaining JungleWatch and Mr. Rufo for writing "Altar" are demonstrations of their natures in being steadfast in Catholic faith yet ache for and are hopeful in its reforms. I’m almost certain both believe that reporting on the failings and frailties of some of its clergy and some of its systems, their local Church would eventually be strengthened. Like them, I pray for the same.

  6. Story wildly reprinted in Hong Kong's Sunday paper. Another far reaching ripple effect.We know of several cases on Guam unfortunately.