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Really Now? The truth shall come with prove. Where is the prove,
AnonymousAugust 1, 2017 at 2:27 PM!

AnonymousAugust 1, 2017 at 2:27 PM
Sadly or maybe stupidly, both Hon and Byrnes made and make the same mistakes. They want to appease the violent party that has been destroying the church in Guam by giving in to their blackmail. That is either you destroy the NCW in Guam or we will file lawsuits against the diocese, accuse you of sexually molesting children and insult you publicly with picket lines and blogs. 

The mistake is that if these bishops succeed in destroying the NCW in Guam and make allies of the violent, then the violent will turn against them, and the bishops will discover themselves standing alone against the demonic violence of rohr and his allies. They are destroying the ones that defend church hierarchy. Who will side with Rome, with the bishop, with the churc?certainly not time rohr. 


  1. Must be a neo follower who has no clue how the English language works. Gosh, and I would think that ESL would be a requires subject for these knucklehead neo-wannabe-priests. It's no wonder why these neopriest are stupid.

  2. Did this clown just come out from hibernation, or just came out from under his rock? He should be protesting Pope Francis who initiated removal of Apuron for his great management skills. Hon and Byrnes are just finding the same ol disaster that Apuron, Quitugua, Adrian and the NCW have placed the Archdiocese in. The NCW is doing a great job of destroying itself with the divisive nature of this cult evident where ever it exist in the world. Not to mention all the lies, deceit, heretical teaching, and brainwashing that is inherent in their cult.

  3. There is considerable talk on the KAKA Filled NEO Cult Dungbats Blog that the NEO Cult Half Baked Presbyter Factory will be closing. Finally, no-more ESL presbyters incardinated on this beautiful island. Asking for off island priests to fill our needs, yes as long as they are not formed in RMS...

    Latest from Diana's Blog:
    AnonymousAugust 2, 2017 at 2:30 PM
    This past weekend at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Yigo, one of the seminarians from the Malojloj seminary was seeking donations for study off-island. Is the John Paul the Great Archdiocesan Seminary closing?

    There is a need for vocations on Guam. It is a shame if the RMS and the John Paul the Great Seminary are being forced to shut down. Reality is that few local men answer God's call for a vocation to the priesthood. The RMS has produced several priests for our archdiocese. I think 3 seminarians at the Malojloj seminary have become acolytes and are progressing in their formation.

    Why would the archdiocese regress backwards regarding promoting vocations? Should our local seminaries close, the archdiocese will have no problem begging for priests from other countries?

    1. John Paul II has closed. Three local seminarians are going to St. Patrick.

    2. @5:22PM, AMEN! HALLELUJAH!

    3. Just a question, will their RMS credits transfer to Saint Patrick's??

    4. Well, if the credits don't transfer, doesn't that mean shut the RMS down? Thought it was under the POPES college? You mean that's not true? No Lateran after all? Send drone over Yona see what's going on. Who supplies cigs and vino?

    5. If those guys can't use credits from RMS where they were forced to go, it will be a big test for their vocation to do it over again for first time.

    6. If those guys can't use credits from RMS where they were forced to go, it will be a big test for their vocation to do it over again for first time.

  4. Study for the priesthood on the mainland, in Rome, or abroad.

    There is no law school or medical school on Guam, and we have several orders of magnitude more lawyers and doctors on-island than priests.

    Why should priestly studies be any different?

    Most dioceses on the mainland do not have their own seminary. A critical mass of population and financial resources is required to support a competent faculty -- theological, medical, or legal.

    A local seminary was more about episcopal self-aggrandizement than truly promoting and nurturing needed vocations.

  5. Another ESL idiot. SMH. This writer's mind is going too fast. Cool your jets, bro.

  6. Time Rohr? Lmfao. He must've been looking at his watch when he wrote that. What a knucklehead.