Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Lawsuit: Apuron tells altar boy to 'pray, get over' sexual abuse by another priest

Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron allegedly told an altar boy that he will get over an evil situation if he prays about it, after the boy told Apuron that Father Raymond Cepeda sexually abused him from around 1992 to 1999, a lawsuit filed in federal court on Tuesday says.


  1. The ultimate sex lawsuit against some clergy on Guam will come from Apuron himself. He will accuse both Quituqua and Cristobal of screwing him over. Lol.

    1. Lol anon at 11.50, very funny. Or as Luis would say: very tongue in cheek.

    2. Sorry Frenchie, but that's not where his tongue was. But even though she was just a child, at least it was a girl!
      That makes two Camacho seminarians that are avowed heterosexuals!

    3. Hello anon at 8.58, we all now where his tongue was. Obviously you never heard of irony....
      As far as sexual abuse, it does not matter who the victims are, they remain victims, some move on to survivors, others don't.
      Sexual abuse, like physical abuse is really not about sex, it is about power and control. Who cares what their preferences are, they remain abusers.
      You really think that labels will matter on the judgement day?
      Actions certainly will.

    4. Power and control is the reason for the leading questions at so-called "scrutinies". Even though they didn't consider me "material", I still noticed what was being done to the others.

      That sort of thing always creates a diseased bond, which is why they are slow (so far) dropping out.

  2. Someone should have shot that fat bastard long ago.

  3. Adrianne and David screwing over Apurun, technically, is not sexual abuse since they are all supposedly adults who gave their consent to the action.
    It seems more like base stupidity to me. But then again, Apurun was never really known for his intellectual prowess.

  4. Apuron took a canonical Vow of Chastity. Breaking that a bazillion times is sufficient grounds to defrock him regardless of his prey's age or sexual orientation. He could have been dumped as soon as he was suspended in 2016.

    However, the Vatican really couldn't care less about raped children. The age of consent in Vatican City used to be 12. Now it's only 14. Very convenient for pedophile bishops, clergy and religious.

    The Swiss Guard Commander Francis suddenly silenced and fired last year probably knew exactly what was going on in Vatican City and he might have threatened to go public with it. Reportedly, Francis,wants to get rid of the popular Swiss Guard altogether because they know too much.